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Aki Sora (Japanese: あきそら?, lit. Autumn Sky) is a franchise based on Masahiro Itosugi's manga series which ran in Akita Shoten's seinen manga magazine Champion Red from September 5, 2008 to April 5, 2011. The tankobon for the series started publishing on December 19, 2008 and ending on May 20, 2011 with a total of 6 volues. There are two OVA adaptations. The first one was produced by Hoods Entertainment, directed by Takeo Takahashi, written by Jukki Hanada, and released on December 17, 2009. The second OVA adaptation, Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka~, is produced by Hoods Entertainment and licensed by Media Blasters for North America distribution. It had two episodes released on July 30, 2010 – November 17, 2010. In April 2011, Masahiro Itosugi announced that there will be no more printings of Volumes 1 and 3 due to Bill 156, Tokyo Youth Development Ordinance bill which prohibits depictions of incest in published materials.


Sora Aoi, who has always cared deeply about his elder sister, Aki, finds himself unable to say the same words of affection he had for her years ago during his coming of age. Meanwhile, his twin sister, Nami, has problem of her own with her affections for her best friend, Kana, who has affections for Sora.


Aoi Family

Aki Aoi

The main female protagonist of the story. Sora and Nami's elder sister. Sora's first love.

Sora Aoi

The main male protagonist of the story. Aki and Nami's only brother and the elder twin of Nami. Aki's first love.

Nami Aoi

The younger twin sister of Sora and Aki. Is often mistaken for Sora due to their similar appearances. She's in love with her best friend and classmate, Kana Sumiya. An unstable girl due to her unhealthy crush on Kana, she once threatened to emasculate Sora after raping him, then reaches to have consensual sex with him.

In the anime, her hair is a shade darker than Sora's and given red eyes to differentiate them.

Aoi Family Mother (false)

The twin sister of Aki, Sora and Nami's mother, therefore their aunt. After her sister dies, she takes the place of her children's mother. There are times where she's hardly home, resulting in the children having to look after themselves. Sora has sometimes wondered if she's really who she says she is, once trying to recall that his mother had a burn mark on her arm, resulting in his aunt burning her arm in order to ease him (although she burned the wrong arm). Only Aki knows that she's their aunt.

In the manga, her hair is blond like Sora and Nami's, but in the anime, it's similar to Aki's hair color.

Aoi Family Mother (true)

The twin sister of Aki, Sora and Nami's aunt. At some point in the past, she died and her position as the mother was taken over by her sister.

At some point in the future, Sora (who didn't know she was dead for a long time) visits her grave where he meets Aki after some time apart.

Aoi Family Father

The mysterious man that isn't seen until towards the end of the manga, Aki, Sora and Nami's father. At some point in the past (possibly after his wife died), he left his family to avoid them being looked down upon by society. When he returns, he tries to take Aki with him, discovering her and Sora's romantic relationship, prompting him to take her away with him. It's later revealed that he's dying of an unknown illness and that his sister is the children's aunt.

When he passes away, Aki and Sora separate, despite Sora wanting to stay with her.

Classmates and Other Characters

Kana Sumiya

A classmate of Sora and Nami. Alongside Nami, they are the only members of a cosplay club. She has feelings for Sora, but is too shy to tell him. Eventually, it's revealed that she's in love with Nami.

Runa Satsuki

Runa is Sora's senior at school. Ever since she had to walk home in her swim suit one day, she became a bit of an exhibitionist. She once invited Sora to a party where she made him watch her lose her virginity to one of the other partygoers.

Natsumi Nosaka

Natsumi is one of Sora's classmates. She was also present during the party where Sora saw Runa lose her virginity, and has had her eyes set Sora, who didn't remember her at first sight. There was some degree of resentment when she believed that Sora was romantically involved with his sister Nami and Kana.

Alice Himekawa

Alice is one of Aki's classmates. Has a boyfriend named Miharu Mihara, a friend of Sora's, but can't quite satisfy her because of his ED, requiring Sora to do so in place of him.

Yuna Asana

Yuna is the president of the school's art club. She was revealed by Runa to be embarrassed being around nude males when she allowed her to be a sub nude model for her art class and was encouraged to have sex with Sora in order to overcome this.

Miharu Mihara

A friend of Sora's that once in the same building as the Aoi family. Cross-dresses as a girl sometimes and has an effeminate appearance like Sora. Unlike Sora, however, Miharu enjoys cross-dressing. Is the boyfriend of Alice Himekawa, but can't satisfy her because he has ED, and thus asks Sora to do so in his place.

Ria Sumiya

Kana's little sister. She wants Kana and Sora to get married one day so that she and Nami can be sisters.

Hitomi Tomozaki

A friend of Runa's that attended the party that she and Sora went to. It was her boyfriend that took Runa's virginity while she had sex with Sora. She was invited to attend other parties with Runa, but didn't ever since because Sora was the only one that she liked during that time.

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