Amuro Ray
Kanji アムロ・レイ
Rōmaji Rei Amuro
Aliases White Devil [MSG]

White Unicorn [MSG-Z]

Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliations Earth Federation [MSG]

Karaba [MSG-Z]
Londo Bell [MSG-CC]

Relatives Tem Ray (Father)

Kamaria Ray (Mother)

Anime Mobile Suit Gundam #1
Film Mobile Suit Gundam I
Japanese Tōru Furuya
English Brad Swaile (MSG and MSG-CC)

Michael Lindsay (MSG I-III)
Matthew Erickson (MSG-Z)

Amuro Ray is a New-type from the Universal Century saga of Gundam.


Amuro was originally born on Earth to Tem and Kamaria Ray, and for a short period of time lived with them on earth, until one day Amuro's father, Tem Ray, was called up by the Earth Federation Space Forces to begin work on a mobile suit development project for the federation. Amuro left with his father and began a life on Side 7. As an electronics genius, Amuro spent much of his life on the Space Colony Side 7 tinkering with various computers, and other sorts of technology. His best friend, Fraw Bow, was largely responsible for the only social activity that Amuro would partake in. A recluse by nature, Amuro prefered tinkering as opposed to actually getting involved with anything to do with the war, including his father's work on Project V (The Gundam).

Character Creation

Amuro Ray was created by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Major Story Arcs

Mobile Suit Gundam (The One Year War)

In the year 0079, Side 7 comes under attack by the Principality of Zeon. Amuro, along with his friend Fraw Bow, were attempting to evacuate when the fighting came extremely close. Amuro, who by accident had stumbled across the operations manual for a new prototype Federation mobile suit known as the Gundam, found himself inside the cockpit of the mobile suit and defeated the Zeon forces attacking Side 7 single handedly. This sole action placed Amuro and many other citizens on Side 7 on a path that would directly involve them in the events of the war taking place between the Earth Federation and Zeon.

Shortly after the attack on Side 7, Amuro and the Gundam were placed aboard the White Base, a new style of space battle cruiser capable of atmospheric flight, commanded by Ensign Bright Noa. During their escape from Side 7, Amuro was forced into combat with a foe that would rival him throughout the entirety of the One Year War and Beyond: Char Aznable. Amuro defended the White Base from Char's pursuit all the way through space and down to Earth, where after the death of Garma Zabi, youngest son of the Zeon leader, Char for a brief period of time stopped chasing Amuro and the White Base.

On Earth, the mental stress of battle after battle, which had already started to manifest itself in space finally took it's toll on Amuro, so he stole the Gundam and deserted the White Base. It was during this time that Amuro came into combat with a Zeon soldier name Ramba Ral. Who's words changed Amuro's outlook on running away from the fight, and Amuro returned to the White Base and fought along side them. The stresses of Earth changed Amuro continually as he was forced to kill and watch people die. Amuro changed from a frightened boy, unable at times to truly pilot the Gundam, into a more stoic and reluctant man who fought in battles to protect the people aboard the White Base. During this time Amuro was not alone in his fight as he was joined in battle with his crew mates. Kai Shiden, Hayato Kobayashi, and Sayla Mass.

Amuro took part in Operation Odessa, which was an Earth Federation push to capture Zeon territory on Earth. There Amuro managed to defeat the Zeon Ace team, the Black Tri Stars, and their new Zeon mobile suits (Rick Dom). During the mission they failed to stop the feeling General M'Quve and Lady Kycilia Zabi, but Amuro was successful in stopping M'Quve's plan of detonating a nuclear warhead in the city. After Odessa Amuro and the White Base headed to the Earth Federation's headquarters Jaburo, where they were outfitted to return to Space, and once again Amuro would find himself face to face with Char Aznable.

Amuro and the White Base flee Jaburo and make it into space, where they find themselves combating Zeon's newest weapon's: Mobile Armors. Amuro at first has trouble fighting against the Mobile Armors, because during his time fighting as the Gundam's pilot his reflexes have become near-psychic, and the Gundam's own reaction time is not able to keep up with Amuro. The rumor begins to spread that Amuro might be a Newtype, a human being who has spent enough time in space to become super-aware and is capable of telepathic abilities. The Gundam is refitted with new magnetic plates, which increase the Gundam's reaction time allowing him to effectively use it in combat again.

Amuro and the White Base travel to Side 6, a neutral zone, where the crew of the white base take shore leave, much to the distaste of the Side 6 government. While on Side 6 Amuro is reunited with his father, who disappeared after the attack on Side 7. Amuro is heartbroken again, when he sees that his father has lost his mind from oxygen deprivation from being sucked out into space, and Dementia. Amuro also meets Lalah Sune for the first time, a Newtype that makes a profound impression on Amuro from not only her beauty, but also from her presence and her understanding of the universe. It is also during this time that Amuro finally meets Char Aznable face to face for the first time.

Amuro and the White Base leave Side 6 where, they join up with the Earth Federation Space Forces and take part in Battle to Capture a Zeon strong hold, the Space Forteress Solomon. Amuro launches in the Gundam where he plays a crucial part in taking down the Zeon's new Mobile Armor Big Zam and killing the Zeon General Dozle Zabi. After the Battle Amuro found himself fighting against M'Quve, Char, and even Lalah Sune. Amuro managed to defeat M'Quve first on Texas Colony. Then Later engaged in Battle with Char and Lalah. Amuro who had fallen in love with Lalah did not what in kill her, and instead tried to convince her that Char was only using her. Amuro who had begun to awaken his Newtype abilities tried to reach out to Lalah with telepathy, but this only caused her to react in pain over two conflicting emotions. Char who was distracted by Lalah's cries of pain and the attack of a core booster piloted by Sayla Mass, fell vunerable to Amuro's attack. In a last second move Lalah moved her mobile armor, the Elmeth, in the path of the Gundam's beam saber. Amuro unable to stop accidentally kills Lalah and the telepathic backlash from her death washes over both Amuro and Char, changing and haunting them both forever.

Amuro devastated by Lalah's death, and enraged over his belief that is was Char's fault for involving her in war in the first place still finds the means to press on and participate in one last fight, where the Federation Forces plan to capture the Zeon stronghold A Baoa Qu. During the fight, Amuro fight against Char one last time, who is enraged over Lalah's death and seeks vengeance against Amuro. Amuro fights against Char's mobile Armor, the Zeong, but the capabilities of Char and the Zeong, are too much for Amuro and the Gundam to handle, and the resulting battle destroys both the Gundam and the Zeong. Amuro and Char attempt to continue the fight in hand to hand combat, but after Sayla Mass begs the two of them to stop, the two men go their separate ways for the time being. Amuro is reunited with the crew of the White Base and the One Year War comes to a close.

Char's Counterattack

In the year 0093 of the Universal Century, Amuro is a member of Londo Bell, and serves aboard the Ra Cailum as a mobile suit pilot fighting against Neo Zeon forces, who are being led by the recently emerged from hiding Char Azenable. Amuro who had been allies with Char during the Gryps Conflict, is now forced to become rivals with Char once again as Char intends to render the Earth uninhabitable by dropping large asteroids on it, and force humanity to flee Earth, and escape gravity, so humanity can ascend into space and evolve into Newtypes.

Amuro highly disagrees with Char’s philosophy, believing that humanity shouldn’t be forced to evolve, but rather do so on its own. Amuro fights against Char attempting to stop him, but he is unable to stop the first asteroid Luna V from being dropped onto the Earth Federation Forces base on Earth. Amuro, piloting a the mobile suit Re-GZ, a variant of the Zeta Gundam, was not quick enough in its reaction time to allow Amuro to combat the Sabazi and Jagd Doga’s funnels, which were controlled by the mental brainwaves of their pilots.

Amuro travels to the moon with his lover Chan Agi, and retrieves a new Gundam mobile suit developed in collaboration with Amuro and Anaheim Electronics called the Nu Gundam. Amuro uses the Nu Gundam in the operation to stop the asteroid Axis from being dropped on the earth. Amuro fights against Char’s Sabazi, and manages to defeat him. Char attempts to escape by ejecting from the downed Sabazi, but Amuro catches the jettison pod before he can get away, and Axis is stopped by the Londo Bell forces.

The battle seems over untill as series of explosions sever the Axis in half causing the larger portion to fall towards Earth. Amuro, crazed from being tricked by Char again, attempts to use his Nu Gundam to push Axis out of Earth’s atmosphere. This valiant attempt inspires other Mobile Suit pilots from both Londo Bell and Neo Zeon to join Amuro in attempting to push away the asteroid. Amuro sees their attempts be in vain as their mobile suits are unable to stand the strain and either explode or shut down. Eventually the “Psycho-Frame” in Amuro’s Nu Gundam overloads and a bright green light emerges from the cockpit of the Nu Gundam and the jettisoned Sabazi pod. The light pulls Axis away from Earth’s atmosphere stopping it’s fall, but both Amuro and Char disappear in the aura, and their true fate is never known. Amuro Ray is marked MIA, and never seen again.