Annie Leonhardt
Annie Leonhardt
Kanji アニ・レオンハート
Rōmaji Ani Reonhāto
Aliases Female Titan
Race Human, Titan Shifter
Gender Female
Birthday March 22nd
Height 153 cm
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Affiliations 104th Trainee Squad (Former)
Military Police Brigade
Manga Attack on Titan #1 Ch.2
Anime Attack on Titan #2
Japanese Yu Shimamura
English Lauren Landa

Annie Leonhardt is a character in the Attack on Titan franchise.


When she was a young girl, her father trained her hard in the martial arts. Then, her father broke down in tear, and he told Annie that he was raising her to hate the world.


Annie Leonhardt is created by Hajime Isayama.


Her strike form is flawless, but she works poorly with others and tends to isolate herself. Keith Shadis (Episode 4)


She is fair-skinned woman who has blonde hair that is fashioned into a short ponytail at the back. She has a left bang longer than her right bang at the sides of her forehead. She has light-blue eyes. Annie is 153 centimeters tall and weights 54 kilograms.


Annie is a loner who does not interact with a lot of folks except for Eren.


  • Eren Yaeger - After Annie beat Eren in a training exercise, she is impressed by Eren, who copied her move and used it on Jean. She remarks that Eren did a sloppy job and offers to teach it to Eren. As the Female Titan, she attempted to kidnap Eren. When Levi took Eren away, Annie as the Female Titan is seen with tears running from her eyes. In the Stohess District, Annie chats with Marlow about Eren and how he was able to stand against the flow.
  • Armin Arelet - With their relationship being mutual, Armin notes that Annie is a good person. When Armin learned that Annie had slaughtered their friends, including Marco, Armin viewed Annie as the enemy.

Powers & Abilities

Annie is well-educated in the martial arts that her father taught her. She can easily overpower someone considerably larger than herself. According to Keith, Annie is one of the best in using her 3D Maneuver Gear. She is in the top 10 of the 104th Trainee Corps.

As the Female Titan, Annie possesses the Titans' primary power of regeneration, but possesses great strength and speed. Her unique abilities include temporarily hardening sections of her body, such as her arms, legs and nape in a crystalline material for defensive and offensive purposes and the ability to call upon mindless Titans and cause them to go into a feeding frenzy.