Beelzebub (Franchise Logo)

Kanji べるぜバブ
Rōmaji Beruzebabu
Light Novel
Manga Staff
Writer Ryūhei Tamura
Artist Ryūhei Tamura
Anime Staff
Director Nobuhiro Takamoto
Music Yasuharu Takanashi


Beelzebub is a franchise created by Ryuhei Tamura. Beelzebub was first introduced as a one-shot manga, however, it became highly popular and was soon written as a full fledged franchise. Its serialization began in February 2009 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Shueisha published the Beelzebub manga into Tankobon volumes in July 2, 2009. Later, an anime version of the popular manga was produced Pierrot + and directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto on the network, Yomiuri TV, and it first aired on January 9, 2011. Also, Crunchyroll started its simulcast of Beelzebub.


Beelzebub is the tale of a delinquent named Oga Tatsumi, who finds a man floating down the river. He quite literally splits into half, revealing a baby carried within him (nope, we're not kidding). Oga then discovers that this baby is Baby Beel, youngest son of the Demon King and destined to destroy humanity. Now, Oga must either herald the coming of the Antichrist, or find another unlucky soul to hand him over to. Problem is, that's not so easy. Only someone more powerful and more evil than Oga would be able to handle the baby, and people like that are in short supply.

Now, Oga must find a new parent for Baby Beel, while juggling his opponents, both human and not, and trying to keep himself alive. In the beginning of the story, it was shown that Oga was trying to give the baby to other students at Ishiyama High, and after that the attempt failed. Soon, however, Oga figured that someone could take the baby, he/she would just have to be more evil and stronger than he.


  • Oga Tatsumi: A cold, brutal teenager who takes great pleasure in getting into fights for the fun of it, Oga Tatsumi gives no mercy to those he fights. One day, after he wraps up dunking some punks into the river shortly after they lose to him in a fight, Oga notices a strange thing floating down the river and goes to investigate it. When he discovers that it is a body, he pauses to think over what he should do, but before he can finish his thoughts, the body "splits open" and a green haired baby emerges. Unsure as what to make of this situation, Oga makes several attempts to scare the baby, but his actions only result in the wide-eyed baby taking more interest in him. He later finds out from Hildagarde (the cold, indifferent wet nurse for the baby) that it is Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, the child of the powerful Demon King and that he has been "chosen" by it to become it's surrogate father. Not wanting to be burdened with raising the child that will one day destroy humanity, Oga decides that if he can find someone else tougher and more evil than he is, perhaps he can hopefully dump off Baby Beel on them.
  • Beelzebub: The youngest child of the powerful Demon King, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV (or known better as Beel) was sent to the human world to be raised by someone evil enough that could groom him to become the future Demon King who will bring a end to humanity. When he first arrives in the human world, he sees a perplexed Oga staring at him and becomes interested in him. When Oga tries to scare him, Beel becomes fascinated with him and decides that Oga will be the one who raises him. From that point on, Beel becomes involved in Oga's everyday life and in his daily routines as well. When saddened, angered, or scared, Beel will begin to cry, discharging massive amounts of electricity into the air around him, shocking whoever is unfortunate to be within range.
  • Furuichi Takayuki: The only "friend" that Oga has when the series starts, Furuichi does his best to survive life at the brutal Ishiyama High by sticking close to Oga, who terrifies the majority of the delinquents there. He isn't very tough or the type to make trouble, but he does have a perverted side that can get him into trouble from time to time. He constantly fascinates about being with Hildagarde, the wet nurse that came to the human world with her young master, but never will get the chance to do so (since she regards him as Oga's lowly servant). He considers himself the "strategist" behind Oga's actions.
  • Hildagarde: The cold, serious wet nurse who was assigned to make sure that the upbringing of Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub in the human world is as successful as possible, Hildagarde (or Hilda for short) becomes involved in the everyday life of Oga when Beel takes a liking to him when they first meet by the river. When she comes home with him for the first time, she introduces herself as the "one who bore his child" to his family, and manages to move in with him because of his parent's reaction to the news. Hildagarde is quite powerful, being raised in the violent realm that the Demon King has under his banner, and has quite the temper if made upset or when she feels that Oga is avoiding/ignoring her.
  • Aoi Kunieda: The tough, powerful leader of the all female Red Tails gang from Ishiyama High, Aoi Kunieda is one person that you do not wish to get angry with you. She is one of the four elite TKKH members and a master of powerful attack using only her wooden sword. Unknown to most, she has a second identity (Aoi Kunie) that she uses whenever she is out by herself or when she is taking care of her younger brother (who most mistake as her child). She uses this alias around Oga whenever she wants to be close around him without him knowing that it is her.

Oga, Baby Beel, Furuichi, Hildagarde, and Aoi (Left to Right)[1][2][3][4][5]==Manga== Ryuhei Tamura Its serialization began in February 2009 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Shueisha published the Beelzebub manga into Tankobon volumes in July 2, 2009. For the North American release, there are no licensing yet.


Directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto and produced by Perriot+, the anime started its run on the network, Yomiuri TV, and it first aired on January 9, 2011. At the same time, Crunchyroll started its simulcasts of Beelzebub for audiences outside of Japan. There are no licensing of the anime for the English dub yet.



Sound Tracks Songs
[6]Tsuyogari Shoko Nagawa This CD is released on June 8, 2011.

  1. つよがり
  2. 星屑ロマンス
  3. Dangerous wild,you are!
  4. つよがり (TV Edit)
  5. つよがり -Instrumental-
  6. 星屑ロマンス -Instrumental-
  7. Dangerous wild,you are! -Instrumental-
  8. つよがり (TV Edit) -Instrumental-
[7]Tomato n Pine CD Cover Tomato n Pine releases a CD, Beelzebub ED3 Single - Nanairo Namida, in August 17, 2011.#なないろ☆ナミダ
  1. 渚にまつわるエトセトラ
  2. FAB (Free As a Bird)
  3. 旅立ちトランスファー -Supersonic Hydro Guitar Remix-
  4. なないろ☆ナミダ -Instrumental-
  5. 渚にまつわるエトセトラ -Instrumental-
  6. FAB (Free As a Bird) -Instrumental-
[8]Papipepu Papipepu Papipupepo Anime Edition This CD is released on 10-26-2011. It's from Nozomi Sasaki.

  1. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪
  2. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ (Piano Rock ver.)
  3. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ (tofubeats “SHAKE” remix)
  4. Papepipu ♪Papipepu♪Papepipupo♪ (Instrumental)