The Clow Cards were magical cards created through a mix of Eastern and Western magic revolving around concepts of natural forces and elements from the powerful sorcerer, Clow Reed. To contain their power, Clow sealed the cards within a magical book until they were released by Sakura Kinomoto who came across the book within the basement of her household. With all the cards released, Sakura became tasked with sealing the beings representing each Clow Card and was eventually successful in gaining possession of all of them. Through her magical power, Sakura eventually converted all the cards into Sakura Cards which gave her full control over their power as she surpassed Clow Reed.

The Clow Cards take on varying forms and possess differing personalities ranging from good-natured to violent. To gain ownership of a captured card, the owner must sign their name on the back of it or else they will eventually go free again with time. Yue and Keroberos are their guardians, with the cards each being aligned to the guardians based on their affiliations with the moon or sun. The Hope and Nothing cards are not associated with the two guardians since Nothing was created as a counterbalance to the other Clow Cards and the Hope was made as a result of Sakura's power.

There are some differences with the plot and elements to the Clow Cards between the anime and manga. In the manga, there are only 19 cards and Sakura had ownership of all of them. In the anime, there were 53 cards and ownership of them was divided up between Sakura and Syaoran until the former gained complete control over them after defeating Yue in a battle to prove her worth as master of the Clow Cards.

The Clow Cards in the manga include The Windy, The Wood, The Jump, The Fly, The Watery, The Illusion, The Flower, The Sword, The Thunder, The Shadow, The Mirror, The Shield, The Maze, The Erase, The Glow, The Dark, The Light, The Firey and The Earthy.

When Syaoran was able to gain control over whatever Clow Cards he defeated in the anime, he became capable of utilizing the powers of The Dash, The Dream, The Freeze, The Return, The Sand, The Storm, The Time and The Twin.

All Clow Cards

The Arrow

A card with an aggressive temperament that takes on the form of a little girl. Has the power to fire a volley of arrows.

The Big

A tall and slender young woman with a benign personality who possesses the ability to increase the size of objects and living things.

The Bubbles

A girl appearing like a mermaid that can take on the form of a mass of bubbles to wash things.

The Change

A card appearing as a chameleon that has the power to switch the minds of two people. The ability can only be used once a day and Change must be sealed within a day in order to undo the effects of its power or else the mind swap is permanent.

The Cloud

A card appearing as a child dressed in harlequin-like attire. Having a playful personality, Cloud is capable of creating thick clouds and moving about in the air with them. The Create

The Create

A book that possesses the power to bring existence to anything that is written about within its pages. Anything made with Create is able to interact with its surroundings and continue to exist so long as Create remains open and its writer continues writing ideas.

The Dark

One of the strongest Clow Cards, Dark takes on the form of a young woman dressed in black who possesses the power to warp space and envelop darkness within its surroundings. It is capable of nullifying non-magical beings if its darkness is cast for a prolonged period of time and can only be sealed if captured simultaneously with the Light card.

The Dash

A fox-like creature capable of running at superhuman speeds for short distances and can bestow this ability upon others. Dash is shy and prone to flee when in confrontational situations, but will become loyal to those that earn its trust.

The Dream

A card taking on the form of a blind prophetic woman capable of creating dreams for those in its proximity, including giving magicians prophetic dreams of events yet to come. While Dream lacks a malicious nature, it can be difficult to capture as it is hard to identify its location.

The Earthy

One of four elemental cards, Earthy takes on the form of a giant serpentine dragon made out of stone that turns into a woman upon its capture. The card has complete control over the element of earth as such that it can trigger earthquakes and other geologic disturbances.

The Erase

A tall woman dressed in court jester attire with the power to make nearly anything, including memories and magical elements, vanish. The effects of the card can be reversed when Erase is captured. However, any person or object that disappear under Erase's power will be gone permanently if its effects are not reversed after a long period of time.

The Fight

A teenage girl with a love for fighting opponents to test their skills, Fight possesses the power to bestow fighting abilities to its owner.

The Firey

Another of the four elemental cards in the form of a winged cherub that possesses an aggressive and arrogant nature. As to be expected of its name, Firey has the power to manipulate fire.

The Float

A card taking on the form of a hot-air balloon that has a mischievous, yet gentle, nature. It possesses the power to cause objects and people to levitate in the air.

The Flower

A formally-dressed girl with the power to create flowers and blossoms. While a gentle and fun-loving card, Flower can get too immersed in its fun as such to cause anything within its proximity to be buried in flower petals.

The Fly

A giant winged bird that can bestow others with the power of flight through the form of wings. It is Sakura's most commonly used card as she would first use it to fly on her staff. After turning it into a Sakura Card, Fly would manifest wings onto Sakura's back thus allowing her to make free use of her wand while in flight.

The Freeze

A giant koi fish possessing a crafty personality and the power to emit cold enough temperatures from its body as such to freeze its surroundings and form glaciers or blocks of ice to attack its foes.

The Glow

A tiny fairy that can create hundreds of tiny glowing orbs.

The Hope

A new Clow Card created from the merging of Sakura's Nameless Card and the Nothing. While its powers are unknown, the merging resulted in cancelling out the Nothing's price of capturing it through making Syaoran forget of his love for Sakura.

The Illusion

A card lacking a fixed shape with the power to create illusions based off whomever a viewer expects or wants to see.

The Jump

A rabbit-like creature known to be very aggressive yet rather stupid. Jump possesses the ability to possess inanimate objects and cause them to move, as well as bestow anyone with the ability to jump long distances. It is one of Sakura's most frequently used cards as she uses it for evasive means against other Clow Cards or to travel across long distances through manifesting as a pair of wings cast on Sakura's ankles.

The Libra

A card having the form of a pan-scale possessing the ability to tell if anyone is lying.

The Light

One of the strongest Clow Cards appearing as a woman dressed in white. She possesses the power to create and control light, as well as bring about the sunrise. It can only be captured when it is sealed simultaneously with Dark.

The Little

A tiny girl dressed in jester-like clothing with a mischievous and sadistic personality. Little possesses the power to shrink any living being or object that it comes into contact with and its power can be undone by touching it a second time.

The Lock

A card appearing in the form of a winged padlock with the power to lock nearly anything as such that it can seal off entire rooms, diffuse magical senses and can not be unlocked via conventional methods. It attacks by generating a psychokinetic storm to drive back enemies.

The Loop

A card in the form of a simple loop shaped in an infinity symbol possessing the power to warp space and time through creating a continuous loop within a fixed area. Loop's ability can be undone through finding the points in which it is using its power and severing them, coming in the form of red lines.

The Maze

A card that is not visible to others unless they are trapped within it. Maze is capable of creating pocket dimensions to entrap others and have them travel through mazes. The mazes are multi-dimensional as people can travel upside down or travel through staircases that do not exist, defying a person's sense of perspective. Maze can prevent "cheating" from others as it can increase the height of its walls to prevent people from going over them or repair walls damaged by those trying to break their way through.

The Mirror

A beautiful young woman capable of copying those that are reflected upon the mirror that she carries. Mirror is usually used by Sakura to take on her form in order to fool her family into thinking she is still at home. However, Toya Kinomoto is able to see through these deceptions thanks to his ability to sense magic. Mirror is seen to have strong feelings for Sakura's older brother in her appearances throughout the series.

The Mist

An elf-like girl possessing the ability to create a corrosive mist capable of eating through metal and stone.

The Move

A card in the form of a winged pendulum known for being rather mischievous for its ability to possess objects and teleport them over short distances.

The Nameless Card

A new Sakura Card created from Sakura's magic due to the manifestation of her feelings toward Syaoran. It later merges with the Nothing to create the Hope card.

The Nothing

The strongest Clow Card created by Clow as a counterbalance to the power of the 52 other Clow Cards. Appearing as a girl dressed in white and with wings on its head, Nothing possesses the ability to make anything it comes into contact with cease to exist. Capturing the card would have resulted in the "most important person" of the wielder to forget about the feelings they felt for this card's master. But upon merging with the Nameless Card to become the Hope card when Sakura captures Nothing, it reversed the effects of Nothing's power and prevented Syaoran from forgetting about his romantic feelings for Sakura.

The Power

A pink little girl in baggy clothing with a love for physical challenges and showing off its strength. Power possesses the ability to bestow its wielder with superhuman strength. The Rain

The Rain

A girl with a jester's hat possessing a mischievous personality as it sits on its rain cloud. Rain is capable of creating rain and will trigger downpours on others to prank them.

The Return

A woman dressed in robes with possession of an hourglass who possesses the power to allow users to travel to the past and witness events as a ghost-like observer. Use of the card requires a large amount of magical power.

The Sand

A woman dressed in Arabic clothing with the power to create and manipulate sand, often creating vortexes to trap its foes.

The Shadow

A cloaked figure with the power to manipulate shadows. It can collect the shadows of other objects and living beings to increase its power, but exposure to bright light will weaken it.

The Shield

A card in the form of a winged shield possessing a good personality and the power to cast powerful barriers that can guard against most physical and magical attacks, including the effects of other Clow Cards.

The Shot

An elfish-like card being among one of the more dangerous cards to confront due to its relentlessness to attack foes until they are destroyed. It is capable of firing off very fast shots at its foes and is rather difficult to capture due to its high speed and accuracy with its attacks.

The Silent

A tall woman with a long-collared dress that hates loud noises and possesses the ability to stifle all forms of sound and move anything that could make noise across a limited distance.

The Sleep

A fairy-like card capable of putting people to sleep with the dust emitted from its body as it flies over an area.

The Snow

A woman completely in white with an aggressive personality, capable of controlling snow to such a degree that it can generate blizzards.

The Song

A woman attracted to beautiful songs it hears and copying them as it sings. Song is very shy, as such where it can be scared by loud noises and sudden movements.

The Storm

A curly-haired elf that is rather aggressive and powerful with its ability to conjure up rainstorms and tornadoes that can be used to bind and attack foes.

The Sweet

An afro-haired fairy with the power to turn objects into edible sweets or make food taste sweeter. It hates being sprinkled with salt.

The Sword

A card in the form of a sword with a violent and aggressive nature. It is capable of possessing others and cutting through nearly anything, including magical barriers. Sakura normally utilizes the power of Sword by having her wand take on the properties of it.

The Through

A woman dressed in Oriental clothes that possesses intangibility and is capable of bestowing this ability onto others. Effectiveness of the card depends on the thickness of any solid material that the user walks through and the amount of magic they have in reserve as improper use of it can result in its wielder being stuck in whatever they were trying to phase through.

The Thunder

A large and fierce wolf capable of summoning bolts of lightning.

The Time

A cloaked old man with an hourglass with the power to control time as such to control its speed, stop it or reverse it. Much like the Return card, use of the Time card requires a large amount of magic to be used and its effects will wear off if its wielder's magic reserves are completely exhausted.

The Twin

A pair of jester-like children known to be rather aggressive. They possess the ability to create duplicates of items and are capable fighters. In order to be captured, both of the children forming Twin must be sealed simultaneously.

The Voice

A young girl with long hair and large ears with a mischievous personality as it has the ability to steal the voices of those that it likes.

The Watery

An elemental card taking on the form of a mermaid with webbed fingers and large ears. It is another aggressive card, possessing the power to control water as such that it will create tidal waves and whirlpools to attack its foes.

The Wave

A card taking on the form of a stream of water, capable of controlling nearby water sources and forming large tidal waves.

The Windy

One of four elemental cards appearing in the form of a yellow fairy. Being one of the more gentle cards, Windy is able to manipulate wind as such to create large whirlwinds to blow away objects or bind foes. It is one of the most frequently-used cards by Sakura throughout the series in order to entrap foes with its abilities.

The Wood

A cherub that possesses green leaf-like hair and possesses a gentle nature, though it can get overexcited when exposed to water cards. Wood is capable of creating trees, branches and vines. It is often used by Sakura to entrap foes in cages formed by vines it creates.

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