Kanji エリー
Rōmaji Erī
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations Rave Warriors
Romantic Partners Haru Glory
Relatives Levin (Son)

Gale Glory (Father-In-Law)
Sakura Glory (Mother-In-Law)
Cattleya Glory (Sister-In-Law)

Manga Rave Master Volume #2 Chapter #6
Anime Rave Master Episode #1
Japanese Ayako Kawasumi
English Michelle Ruff

Elie is a main character from the series Rave Master.


Elie was actually Resha Valentine, the creator of RAVE. During the war, Haru's father took her away. When people started to question Resha's location, Gale told them that she had died. Resha really hadn't died, she had just gone into a very deep sleep, almost like a coma. But when she awakened, she couldn't remember what was going on or the past, and she became known as Elie, when really it was Resha just with amnesia.

Elie was really born under the name Resha Valentine, and lived with her parents during her childhood, being a very optimistic happy child, living in a small village called Elie Village. From a young age, Elie knew she had the power of Etherion, or the power to bend space-time. However, she grew quite shy and tended to hide her power from others. However, her parents died when Elie was still young, but she was old enough to take care of herself. So she became a dancer to provide for herself as Resha.

By age fifteen, Resha had become the best dancer in Symphonia, and she grew in popularity and liking. At some points, Resha's dancing would stop the attacks from various monsters, and one day the King of Symphonia found out about her power, and took her to the castle. There, she was forced to live at the castle with Plue, and her powers were used to create the Holy Bring, or also known as the RAVE.

Awhile after the incident of creating the Holy Bring, Elie was attacked by Raregroove warriors, villians of the opponents kingdom. Thankfully, she was actually saved by Haru and formed a short sweet bond with him. After the King found out about what had happened, and a long followed legend, he decided to kill Elie. Few weeks following the supposed "killing" it was decided that Elie would be killed after she created the Holy Bring soon after. But before this and after the decision, she met a very special man named Shiba, who she became friends with and cherished deeply. Shiba also gave her something to consider, running away from Symphonia and being everlasting free with him. Even though Shiba would never try and put more stress on Elie, this did so very much. In the end though, she decided that her fate was to die, and even though she never physically said it, she knew that the day he proposed would be their silent goodbye, or at least to her.

When Elie eventually did create the RAVE with her cosmic powers, she was pronounced dead the next day. She never really died though, instead she changed her identity. Doing this by cutting her hair to a short length, and she had changed her name to Elie, in respect to the small village she grew up in. Soon after this, she was put into the deep sleep, and awakened roughly around a year before the start of the series. Soon after we see an attack on Elie made by Sieg Hart, and the season starts.


Elie Spotlight page vol 2

Elie was created by the same person who created Rave Master, Hiro Mashima. In Mashima's notes, he states that he want to make her have a memory loss since he love mystery; for the clothes, he based it on what teenage girls love to wear. During the airing of the series, Michelle Ruff voiced Elie in the English adaption of the anime, while Ayako Kawasumi voiced her in the original Japanese version.

Character Evolution


Elie's Bust & Necklace

Elie is one the most commonly seen female throughout the series, so she was depicted as being close to perfect physically as possible, to appeal to younger aged men, which is the most common group focused on popular anime. Because of this, Elie had a very large bust, and can be assumed to be near perfect weight. She also had a decent length of hair, though it didn't go passed her shoulders in length, so it was also relatively short. It was a very rich medium brown, not very dark nor very light. Her hair style throughout the majority of the series, was also very unique in that she had shorter bangs right in the center of her forehead, then at both the right and the left sides of her forehead she had longer sized bangs, giving her a more unique look than most main female anime characters.

Elie's style is also very unique, giving her another characteristic unique to her own character. She is usually seen wearing a mid-length dark red pen skirt, with some type of boots. She also is very rarely seen without a special necklace that she normally wears. This silver necklace is in the shape of a heart, with a wing on either side of it, making it a pair, and are smaller than the heart itself. Also, most of her shirts or tank tops have a older-Celtic type cross on them, her signature color for her outfits is usually a very bold red-type.

  • Height: 5'3
  • Birthdate: January-1-0000
  • Age: Physically-17 Realistically-65
  • Blood Type: O


Elie's personality might be one of the most influenced on in the entire series. When we first see her, she is more or less immature, we first see this when she destroy's the entire casino with no care or hesitation. When they begin to go on some of their earlier adventures, like with Hole, we learn that she has a much more important reason, she has no long-term memory. This is when we really get a peak of Elie's full character and intentions, everything that drives her life can be traced back roughly to finding out really who she is, and why she can't remember anything past one year ago. As they continue on their adventure, Elie's relationship with Haru begins to grow, and thus giving her a "rock" to lean on, or support, so we see her emotionally breakdown often.

As she begins to form various friendships with other members of the "crew", she begins to form a support system for herself, and we see a much more mature Elie, and a much more determined Elie, which at the beginning of the series we thought wouldn't be possible. We also see her become more dependent on others, which in her case is a good thing, because it allows her to relieve a lot of stress, thus making her in a better mood and act more mature in various situations.

Elie Grows Dependent

When she finally learns who she really is, she begins to question herself more than she actually ever had, which seems very ironic. But in reality, it really isn't, because now that she has fulfilled what she thought to be her life purpose, what do you do after that ? What she didn't realize was that she was apart of something much larger, Haru's family. She didn't know that Haru, along with the other members of the "crew" were dependent on her now, and she had never experienced that, thus she didn't realize it. Because she had been so independent and had not had to depend on someone before, all these emotions were very strange and alien to her.

The further they move into the secrets of the Rave, and the more Elie learns of her past after that, the more strong and willing she is to help Haru in destroying the Dark Bring forever. It is this charisma and courage she and Haru share that likely made their bond grow and prosper like it did, and eventually they fell in love. Now that Elie had friends that cared for her, and a soul-mate to love her, and had figured out who she really was, everything that ever haunted her was gone. She now was emotionally stronger and most stable than she had ever been in her life, Resha or Elie.

Powers and Abilities


Elie Shoots Her Bullets

Her main weapon is her tonfans that she uses to shoot at her enemies and to fight in hand to hand combat. Originally, her tonfas shoot like a machine gu. During the Musica arc, her tonfas are change from a dual shooter to a single shooter, but it changes back to dual shooter somewhere between Shuda and Mystery of Elie arc. Her tonfas can create huge explosions until Elie change it to original settings. Later in the series, she learns to shoot magic bullets or powerful orbs out of the tonfans nearly the same way as the explosive bullets when she masters her Etherion and regains most of her memory.


For abilities, Elie possesses the magic, Etherion. According to Sieg Hart, Etherion can wipe out 90% of the world. According to Sieg Hart, it has been described as one of the most powerful magics in the entire Rave Master Universe. As Resha, she uses the Etherion to create the Rave, yet it takes up a lot of energy. Resha is presumed dead after completing the rave. In the present, Elie activates Etherion when she is in emotional stress such as Haru being in danger or her friends that fell in defeat at the hands of the Oracion Seis.

Other Media

Elie has been in two games, one console, and one handheld. See her Giantbomb profile here.


  • Rave Master

Gameboy Advance

  • Rave Master: Special Attack Force!