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General Information

Two fighters inside, two powerful robots are fighting for dominance. One strive to unify them both, one try to remain as his own. The two seems equal in skill and ability, when the two grew tired of the stalemate; they decide to finish the fight with their most powerful attacks. The force unleashed by the two warped time and space and they are separated by the anomaly they both created.

The scene then shifts into a hibernation chamber housing a number of pods, even though both warriors are masked in darkness, it is easy to identify one of them, this man suddenly woke up from the hibernation chamber and started to recollect who he was, this man identified himself as Aleph Balshem. While still gathering his thoughts, a hologram of a head clocked in darkness with noticeable two sets of eyes suddenly appeared and told him “It is time.”, while showing him a picture of a red spacecraft.

The story formally starts in the time man has colonised space two centuries after, all seems good then two meteorites hit Earth, for some unknown reason, the advancement of technology came into a temporary halt and at the same time war between nations erupt. Realizing the futility of their actions, the nations of the world banded together to form the Earth Federation Government was established. The establishment of the Earth Federation Government seems to be a good step forward but, then, a new meteor, the third, hit Earth.


Neo Tokyo

Seven years after, at Neo Tokyo, Akibahara District, a young man was passionately looking at robot models in a store when his attention was suddenly interrupted when a young woman called to him. This two are Ryuusei Date and Kusuha Mizuha. The two of them started walking while Ryuusei explained to Kusuha the difference between Real Type Robots and Super Type Robots, Kusuha did not understand and said that it is all the same to her. They arrive at a hospital where Yukiko Date, Ryuusei’s mother is being confined. Ryuusei talked to his mother for a while and said that he will not go to college and start working to help in paying their bills, his mother objected, saying there is no need to rush things and said that there must be something out there that only he could do. Suddenly, the room’s door opened and announced that it was time for Yukiko’s check –up.

Ryuusei and Kusuha left the hospital and boarded a train on the way to a Personal Trooper Simulation Tournament called the Real Robot Fighter Burning PT Tournament, Ryuusei will be participating at the finals and he said to Kusuha that the completion will be tough and a certain participant named Tenzan Nakajima, is the player he must beat to win the tournament.

The two arrived at the tournament arena without trouble. The tournament finals stated with the Tournament Host introducing Ryuusei and Tenzan. Ryuusei extended his hand to Tenzan and the latter dismissed Ryuusei in a rude manner.

Outside the Tournament Arena, a military surveillance truck was stationed on the parking lot, inside the truck is the man introduced earlier as Aleph Balsem, now he is known as Major Ingram Prisken, another notable person inside the truck Aya Kobayashi. This two are monitoring the tournament and measuring their telekinetic capacity. Ingram is particularly interested in Ryuusei as a sample.

Back in the tournament, Ryuusei was having a rough time with his opponent, true to his reputation, he demolished Ryuusei with ease and Tenzan was crowned as champion. As Tenzan was about to leave the arena, Ryuusei confronted him on why he acted like he does not care for anything that happened even though it is the finals, Tenzan answered that it is just a game and there is no need to get upset about it.

Back to the military surveillance truck, after analysing Ryuusei’s data, Aya asked Ingram if we would like to see Tenzan’s data. Ingram declined saying that the winner is immaterial, what is important is the potential he is seeking and it seems that he found it in Ryuusei. Suddenly, an alarm broke and they spotted a bug like robot.

Still inside the arena, Ryuusei was still upset about his embarrassing lose while Kusuha is consoling him when out of the blue, an explosion was heard inside the arena, the check and find numerous employees hurt or trapped after the explosion. They found the source of the explosion; a bug like robot is attacking everything it saw. Ryuusei and Kusuha tried to escape but were caught in another explosion. After the smoke cleared, Ryuusei seems alright but Kusuha’s leg is trapped inside blocks of solid concrete. Ryuusei tried to rescue her to no avail.

Monitoring what was happening, Ingram ordered Aya to launch the Gespenst MK II Type TT and bait Ryuusei into piloting it to see how he would fare in actual combat, Aya protested but was outranked. The Type TT’s container was launched near Ryuusei where he can access it immediately. Hesitant at first, Ryuusei finally decided to pilot the Type TT out of desperation to rescue Kusuha. Ryuusei was surprise to see that the control panel of the game and the real thing is almost the same, he booted up the Type TT when the bug like robot appeared before him. Ryuusei got a taste first hand on what a real battle really is as he was pummelled by the enemy, Aya, though she did not introduced herself called Ryuusei and told him to withdraw as the Type TT’s armor may not last much longer. Seeing as Kusuha is still trapped in the rubble of the fallen hallway of the arena, Ryuusei decided to continue fighting as he caught the bug like robot and punches it mercilessly. Ryuusei defeated the bug but finds himself surrounded by eight more; Ryuusei lets out a scream of fear as the episode comes to a close.

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