Eren Jaeger profile
Eren Yeager
Kanji エレン・イェーガー
Rōmaji Eren Yēgā
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday March 30th
Height 170 cm
Weight 63 kg
Hair Color Black
Affiliations 104th Trainees Squad (Former)
Survey Corps
Teams Eren Yeager's Team
Relatives Grisha Yeager (Father, deceased)
Carla Yeager (Mother, deceased)
Zeke Yeager (Half Brother)
Manga Attack on Titan Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Attack on Titan Episode 1
Japanese Yūki Kaji
English Bryce Papenbrook
Live Action Haruma Miura

Eren Yeager is a main character of Attack on Titan who vows to kill every Titan after witnessing his mother's death at the hands of one.


Growing up, Eren was the only child of Carla and Grisha Yeagar. They lived together in the Shiganshina District, an outcrop of Wall Maria, until the Colossal and Armored Titans destroyed it in year 845. A year before that, in 844, Eren accompanied his father on a checkup to the home of the Ackerman family, where they found the residents murdered and their young daughter Mikasa missing.

Eren tracked down the kidnappers, who happened to be human traffickers, to a small cabin and managed to kill two of them. He was almost strangled by the third, but his inspirational words awoken in Mikasa the control and ability to fight that would later make her a perfect solider, and she killed the third. After that, Eren gave Mikasa the red scarf she’s always seen wearing, and his family adopted her.

Eren’s best (and only friend, besides Mikasa), was a boy his age named Armin. The two were very curious about the world outside the walls, despite that topic being declared taboo, and dreamed of one day venturing beyond Wall Maria. This curiosity led Eren to express his interest to join the Survey Corps.


Eren Yeager is created by Hajime Isayama who has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him.


"He has no outstanding talents, but he's worked harder than anyone to improve his marks. And he is more motivated to attain his goal than anyone."

— Keith Shadis (Episode 4)


Eren is of average height, weight and built.  He has short brown hair and turquoise eyes, though his eye color can range anywhere green to blue, depending on the lighting of the scene. Typically, however, they are turquoise. Generally, he wears the Survey Corps uniform, consisting of the standard brown coat, white shirt and pants, and brown boots with the Survey Corps emblem (a pair of blue and white wings) on his shoulders. In addiction to this typical military uniform, the Survey Corps also wear dark green cloaks on their back, which also bear their emblem.


Eren’s personality is, in a word, angry. He almost always seems to be frustrated, aggravated or upset. However, this anger is also a huge part of Eren as a whole, as he uses his anger to drive his passionate desires to exterminate the Titans. Eren’s rage can be considered borderline psychotic and it’s not entirely known why he’s so violent. His first act of bloodshed was when he was nine years old, as he murdered two people to save Mikasa’s life, which was long before his mother’s death, so it cannot be assumed that her death is what made him so savage.


  • Mikasa Ackerman

Although he hasn’t known Mikasa nearly as long as he’s known Armin, she means just as much to Eren. Mikasa is the only family Eren has, and he recognizes that, but she also tends to get on his nerves quite frequently. Mikasa is extremely protective of Eren, which irritates him, and in one case he even snapped at her, saying that he “wasn’t her brother”. However, when he and Mikasa came face-to-face with the Titan that ate their mother, Eren came to realize that Mikasa sees him as far more than a brother. He promises her that “from now on, we’ll be together.” Before the fight with Annie, Eren is reduced to tears when Mikasa and Armin both gamble their lives for him, and is disgusted with himself when he is informed that he unintentionally attacked her while in Titan form.

  • Armin Arlert

Armin often shares knowledge about the outside world with Eren. The two are ambitious about going to the outside world. Because of this, the two remained together throughout their training and became soldiers for the Survey Corps. Despite that Armin and Eren argue a lot, Eren places a lot of trust in Armin's decision. This is seen when Weller questions Eren's loyalty to the military after Eren is discovered to be a Titan. Armin fights to protect Eren.

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