Fairies' Training Camp
Fairy Tail OVA 4 Fairies' Training Camp
Written By Hiro Mashima
Release Date

Nov. 16, 2012



Fairies' Training Camp (妖精たちの合宿 Yousei-tachi no Gasshuku) is the 4th OVA in the Fairy Tail franchise.


Fairy Camp is the anime adaptation of one of the omakes plus the extra content from chapter 262 that never aired in the Fairy Tail anime series.

Plot Summary

At Tenrou Island, Mavis wakes up to see the forest critters roaming about. She realizes that the place is too quiet without Makarov's group and decides to go visit the Fairy Tail guild. In front of the guild, she has to duck quickly when Natsu's gang goes out to the beach for some fun and relaxation. Wendy thinks she notices someone's presence but dismisses it. Around the corner, Mavis decides to follow Natsu's group. Over at the beach, Jet runs off, and Juvia shields Gray from the sand with her parasol. Juvia tells Gray that he will be the only one to see her bikini, but she sees Gray running off with Natsu without paying attention to what she said. Carla and Happy remark to Juvia that they're here to train. Out at sea, Jet outswims Natsu and Gray, and Gray decides to strip off his shorts to go faster. For Natsu, he powers his feet with his flames like a rocket. Meanwhile, Erza lounges on her towel, and she see Juvia frustrated over Gray. After some tittivating shots of Lucy, Wendy, and Levy playing ball in the shallow end, Wendy and Lucy pick on Levy who wanted to go with Gajeel. Gray, Natsu, and Jet are all bored, and when Jet mentions about fighting, Gray quickly freezes the sea water with everyone trapped. Natsu struggles a bit before melting the ice. With the ice flying towards the beach, Erza and Juvia go out to protect everyone. With the two destroying the falling ice, Natsu and the others join in the fun except for Levy and Lucy who are on the sidelines. Natsu destroys the last piece that explodes in many drops. Moments later, Gray and the others reunite a bit, and Lucy and Levy look over the destroyed property, wondering if they have to pay for the damage.

The girls have a little too much to drink...Later that night, Natsu and the guys arrive to see all the sake drank up by the girls who are either angry, emotional, sleepy, or erratic. Erza throws a cup at Gray and demands more sake. Juvia tries to stop Erza from hitting Gray. Carla is seen riding Happy like horse as Happy is flying for Carla's sake. On all fours, Lucy is overjoyed that there are two Natsu, and Natsu is pretty shock. Juvia hugs Gray while pressing her breast against his arm and cries over Gray. She forces Gray to drink with her. Nearby, Erza yells at Droy and Jet and mistakes them for Wakaba and Elfman. Natsu asks Natsu to open his mouth when she wants to feed Natsu, an omelet. Natsu yells at her that he doesn't want any, and Lucy mopes a bit. When Natsu tries to fix things, Lucy wants Natsu to pet her. Then, Lucy meows which freaks out Natsu. Carla calls Happy a llama, and things start to go crazy. Lucy asks Natsu to give her a piggyback ride, and Natsu goes off outside.

In the hot springs, Erza wonders why Droy and Jet were under her as she does not remember anything. Nearby, Mavis marvels at the Erza, Lucy, and Juvia's large bosoms, but she sighs in relief when she sees Levy and Wendy's smaller busts. Levy and Juvia teases Lucy about what happened between her and Natsu. Lucy denies that she has any feelings for him, but Erza points out that usually the quickest way to find Natsu is to check Lucy's apartment, but Lucy explains that Natsu constantly breaks in uninvited. Lucy recalls several incidents with Natsu and Happy, including the two of them walking in when she isn't decent, using her bath and trying on her clothes. In her flashback, Lucy opens the door to find a huge mess in Natsu and Happy's home. She spots a board of all the jobs Natsu and Happy have been on, also nailed to the board in the Duke Everlue poster and the Salamander autograph. Lucy's maid outfit is also on display. Lucy cleans up the house, and she waits for Natsu only to find no one coming home. Then, she goes home to find Natsu and Happy sleeping by her bed. Instead of being mad, Lucy smiles, and Erza and the girls tease Lucy a bit. On the other side, Natsu, Jet, and Gray try to peek on the girls, but Erza throws kunai knives at the bamboo wall. Levy thinks the boys are trying to peek from the other side, and Erza starts walking over to invite them in, but Lucy objects.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The OVA includes the drinking scene which is not present in the manga omake. It takes place before the boys attempt to peep on the girls.
  • This OVA covers one omake: Welcome to Natsu's Home.


  • Manga Chapter: Ch. 262 and two omakes
  • Opening Theme: "Eternal Fellows" by Tetsuya Kakihara
  • Ending Theme: "Daily Hymn ~This Place~" by Aya Hirano