Hamrio Musica
Hamrio Musica
Kanji ハムリオ・ムージカ
Rōmaji Hamrio Mujika
Aliases Musica
The Silver-Claimer
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday May 20, 0048
Height 174cm
Weight 61kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations Rave Warriors
Silver Rhythm Gang
Romantic Partners Melodia (ex-girlfriend)
Relatives Galein Musica (Grandfather)

Rize (Foster father)

Manga Rave Master Volume #2 Chapter #9
Anime Rave Master Episode #3
Japanese Shoutarou Morikubo
English Doug Erholtz


One of the Rave Master's comrades and one of the two only surviving members of the musica family. Even though his family and him are originally from Punk Street, he is raised by Rize in Blue City. His childhood friend is Melodia who he has feelings for.


Hamrio Musica, who is created by Hiro Mashima, is intended to be only one Musica who is an older man. After scrapping the idea of making Musica a female, Mashima decides to add two Musicas to the Rave Master franchise to make things simpler for him and the fans. He first appears in Rave Master volume 2 and episode 3. Musica is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo in the Japanese version and Doug Erholtz in the English version. In the author's note (end of volume 4), he is relieved that his most of his fans approve Musica's new hair style.

Musica is similiar to another character, Gray Fullbuster, from one of Hiro Mashima's later works, Rave Master. Musica and Gray Fullbuster have similar abilities due to their Silver Claiming and Ice Make's similar characteristics. For example, Musica's silver claiming abilities allows him to create weapons out of silver whereas Gray's creation type magic allows him to create weapons out of ice. Both of their techniques have similar names: Silver Spear to Ice Lance, Silver Shield to Ice Shield, and more. For appearances, Musica's later hairstyle is parallel is to Gray's spiky, black hair even though Musica's original hair style is brown and long. In reality, Hamrio Musica and Gray Fullbuster share more similarities in the lives especially in their mentors (Musica to Rize; Gray to Ur), their rivals to main protagonist (Musica to Haru; Gray to Natsu), their murdered families (Lance slaughtered Musica's family; Deliora killed Gray's family) , and their similar counterparts who possessed the same abilities ( Reina for Musica; Lyon Bastia for Gray).

Manga Only Comparison

Interestingly, both Musica and Gray only smoke in the manga, and in the anime, they do not smoke.


"There are no secrets between us."
Musica - episode 25 - to Melodia


Musica changes in his role because he is a bandit and leader of Silver Rhythm gang at first. After the Shuda and Mystery of Elie Arc, he becomes a friend and an ally for Haru and Elie to fight for peace while searching for the Silver Ray.


At first, Musica has long brown hair during the Musica Arc. After a heated chase from the police in Punk Street, he leaves the city. During the Shuda arc, he reappears with a new hair style, black and spiky.

Story Arcs

Musica Arc

Musica meets Haru when his friend Hebi is arguing with Haru over a broken watering can. He fixes his friend's watering can and bids farewell to Haru. In Punk Street, Musica bumps into Elie who thought he was the legendary blacksmith, Musica. After telling his gang to clean and paint the ship, he walks with Elie thinking she is a fan of him. When Musica and Elie find Haru again, Musica feels offended when Haru calls him fake and tells Elie that he has given his sword to the blacksmith. Musica tells Haru that he has been swindled because the blacksmith could be working for Demon Card. Suddenly, Lance's henchmen, Bis and others, attack Musica and the others. Until Plue comes along and stabs several punks' feet with his nose, Musica frees himself by forming his necklace into a screwdriver. He frees Haru, and the two fight. During the fighting, Musica gets to know Haru's name, and when the fight is over, Haru tells Musica to look for Elie while he goes off to the blacksmith's shop. At the weapons shop, Musica finds Lance holding Elie, and he fights Lance only to be surprised by his illusions. Musica heads off to find Haru after Lance tells him that the Rave Master has two hours to rescue Elie and when Plue "tells" him. At the Galein's place, Musica informs Haru of the bad news. Musica leaves the place to help Elie. After getting caught, he decides to fight them. He ends up fighting Bis who has a three drill hand, but Lance, who is impatient, attacks Bis without any remorse. Musica learns that Lance's illusions are distractions, yet Lance loses interest in him and moves on to kill Elie due to the two hours are up.

Musica watches Haru save Elie and Haru's battle with Lance. When Haru fights Lance in a rage, Plue jumps in and Musica translate what Plue is saying. After Haru destroys Lance's Dark Bring, Musica watches Galein beat up Lance and forgive him for killing his family. When Lance tries to attack Haru again, Haru defeats him and destroys his sword. With Haru severely exhausted, Lance's soldiers try to attack them. Musica reveals his Silver Claiming for the first time and easily defeats Lance's henchmen. As General Jade appears to arrest Lance, Musica and the others escape. After a party, Musica observes how strange Elie and Haru are. When the others sleep, Hebi gets Musica to rob a place. After successively subduing the guards and passing through security, Musica did not find the Silver Ray and tells his gang to leave without stealing anything. However, Hebi gets caught while performing his flag duty due to Plue. Plue freaks out Hebi which causes him to drop the flashlight that triggers the alarms. Musica tells Haru and his gang that he will rescue Hebi and Plue since it is his responsibility. As Musica turns himself in, he reassures Hebi that they are good friends. Musica and Hebi break out while Plue becomes the distraction for the boss by accident. When the police know Musica escapes, Musica and Hebi are outside on Punk Street. Musica's gang helps Musica and Hebi escape the police by blending in the crowd by changing their clothes in zig zag formation.

At the park, Musica tells Haru that he will leave Punk Street due to getting caught. At first, Haru wants Musica to confirm Galein is his grandfather. Musica tells Haru that he will not; if he is Galein's son, he will make the old man worry for him. When Galein overheard the conversation, he explains how his family was killed. After Musica explains his side, Galein asks Musica to show his right arm's tattoo when Galein shows his tattoo. Musica notices that Galein is his grandfather and shows his right arm which does not have the tattoo. Musica bids his grandpa goodbye without telling Haru. Later, Musica reveals his left arm which has the Musica tattoo. He thanks his grandpa for letting him go.

Shuda Arc

He changes his appearance by dying his hair black and spikes it. He first appears when he spies on Shuda as disguised Demon Card soldier. As Haru and Elie enter the cave, he watches them. After Haru, Elie, Plue, and Griffon meet Schneider and have fallen asleep, Musica jumps in to save Haru's life when Schneider attempts to attack Haru with his sickle. Musica explains that Schneider is an assassin, and as Musica ties up Schneider with his Silver Whip, he reveals his true identity to Haru, Elie, and the others. During the argument between Haru and Musica, Schneider escapes. When Musica challenges Haru due to their argument, Elie blasts Musica and Haru. He chuckles after Elie promotes herself as leader and labels Haru and him as servants. He decides to postpone their challenge.

Eventually, Plue finds the door to the Rave where Haru fights Deerhound and wins. Musica and the others wait until Haru obtains the Rave of Knowledge. After Haru has swore an oath, he watches Shuda appear and attack Haru Glory. Before Shuda raises the Rhapsodia ship, he completely destroys the grave. Musica finds himself grouped with Elie and facing Lugas, cyborg, and Busha, perverted fat man. Musica attempts to help Elie when Busha harasses Elie, but Busha immobilizes him with his gluepia. After freeing himself, Musica rush to attack Busha, but he gets attack by Lugas who was enraged at Musica's insult earlier. Musica struggles to defeat Lugas and Busha because of their combination attack, Omega Ray, that keeps Musica defending instead of attacking. Elie shoots Lugas in the back which gives Musica the opportunity to defeat Busha.

At some point during the battle, Musica and Elie evade machine guns from the ship (Busha operates) until Plue crashes into the ground. He and Elie jump into Plue's hole to fight Busha. When Lugas grabs Elie and demands Musica's necklace, Musica throws the necklace, but he attacks Lugas. After Elie finishes off Busha, Musica finds out that Lugas set off the self destruction sequence. Musica tells Elie to call Hebi. As soon as Haru falls into the control room, Musica and others rush to leave the ship by taking the jet. Musica drives the jet out of the Rhapsodia ship, yet the jet keeps falling at a dangerous speed. In the nick of time, Hebi and the Silver Rhythm gang rescues Musica and the group.

Mystery of Elie Arc

At a beach, Musica and Haru relax in the shade while Elie, Plue, and Griffon play ball. When Haru suggest visiting the Symphonia museum to find hints about the location of the next Rave, Musica reluctantly goes with him and the group. Yet, Musica's visit becomes uncomfortable when the manager takes him and Haru on a tour of the museum due to Haru's sword and Plue's name. Elie leaves Musica and the group when she has a headache.

After the manager's tour ends, Musica and Haru finds out that Elie is missing, and they search for her. Their search lead them to a fortune teller who tells Haru that Elie will die. Musica dismiss the woman's predictions. Musica bumps into Hebi who tells Haru that he saw Elie hugging Sieg Hart. After Haru leaves, Musica, Plue, and Griffon get a visit from the fortune teller. Finally, Musica arrives to the scene and catches Reina with his Silver Whip from behind. As he takes her dagger away, he asks Reina what had happened. Musica realizes that Elie has gone into Sieg Hart's Altairis spell to rescue Haru. Unfortunately, Elie's magic activates and goes wild until Haru seals it with Rune Save. Even though the danger has past, Reina attacks Musica and the others. Musica blocks Reina's second attack by blowing away her silver attack with Silver Spear. He watches Jegan swoop in and picks up Reina, and the battle ends for now. Sieg Hart explains that the next Rave is at Lyrics Continent. Afterwards, Musica celebrates with his friends at the a beach party.

Blue City (Mystery of Elie Arc)

Manga Only - (There are anime and manga differences. See the anime under this section) -

Musica and the others reach Blue City to take the train that goes to Lyrics Continent. When the train is still in repairs, Musica decides to spend a day in Blue City to reminiscence. On his trip, he reunites with Melodia, his childhood friend. At the bar, Musica notices Melodia is not wearing the ring he has made her. When Melodia states that she threw it away to avoid suspicions for a future boyfriend, Musica looks upset. Melodia asks Musica about the Silver Ray. He replies that he has not found it and that it may not exist. However, Melodia reassures Musica that the Silver Ray does exist. When Melodia is about to leave, he asks her if he can spend another day with her. She tells him that he knows where her house is.

The following day, Musica is hesitant on entering Melodia's house. When he is about to hit the door bell, Melodia opens the door to find no one there. Musica reappears at the train before Haru and Elie climb aboard.

Tower of Din Arc

In Lyrics Continent, Musica and the others fall under the desert sands and land in Ray Barrier City. After Haru meets Fura in a fight over mistaken identity, Solasido stops them. Suddenly, demons break through the barrier and start to invade the city. Musica and Haru help Solasido and Fura as they easily defeats the army by themselves. He and the others follow Solasido who leads them to Remmy, the leader. When Remmy explains about how Gale is leading the growing demon army and she asks Haru to help, Haru declines her offer and leaves. Musica approaches Remmy and flirts with her only to be slapped by her. Later, Musica and the others look for Haru who has disappeared. He realizes that Haru must have gone to the Tower of Din. He and Elie think that Gale must be Haru's father which is why Haru has gone alone.

On their journey to the Tower of Din, Musica and the others stare at the newly formed tower and the dead demons. Shuda appears and takes down several demons, and he tells them to head inside to help Haru. Inside the tower, Musica learns from Fura that they will give the Rave after the battle is over. When Haru is about to get killed by the Five Palace Guardians, Elie saves him by shooting Ron Glace and Rionette. Musica learns from Remmy that King is recreating Overdrive, and he with the others rush to defeat the guardians as quickly as possible. However, Ltiangle activates Soul Palace which takes Musica and Solasido to a hybrid city consisting of Aqua Palace and Blue City.

In the Soul Palace, Musica and Solasido get attacked by Ron Glace's Hell Needles. At first, Musica grabs Ron Glace and hold him down with Silver Whip, and he tells Solasido to attack. Somehow, Ron Glace breaks free. Musica watches Solasido breaks his cast and throw his cross blade at Ron Glace. Solasido defeats Ron Glace with Arial Cross. Musica tells Solasido that he knows that Remmy is bluffing. Musica is surprised when Solasido explains that Remmy is his sister and that the Ray Barrier is a distraction to lure the demons away from the Rave (at another location). Yet, Ltiangle appears to challenge Musica and Solasido. After he drops Fura, Musica tells Solasido to look for Remmy since he believes Solasido can find the "link" to save Remmy and Elie. Musica fights Ltiangle by himself.

In his battle with Ltiangle, Musica struggles due to Ltiangle's invisible Dark Bring, Transparent. Even though Musica figures out Ltiangle's moves, he gets attack by Ltiangle from above. Musica decides to let Ltiangle to finish him off. Ltiangle agrees and shoots his weapon through Musica's body. With the weapon inside Musica's body, Musica grabs Ltiangle's weapon with his silver. As his silver climbs Ltiangle's weapon and constricts around Ltiangle's neck, Musica explains that he is a bandit (due to his trick) and that he will show Ltiangle real fear. Musica unleashes Silver Destruction which shatters Ltiangle's body and his spell, Soul Palace, dissipates.

Haru and the others rush to Musica's side, and Haru makes the decision to send the others home to treat Musica. After Haru and Gale finish off King and the battle is over, Musica spends his days at the hospital trying to recuperate from his wounds. After leaving the hospital, he gets greeted by Remmy and Elie. He flirts with Remmy and wants her to go out with her until Solasido gets into a fight with him. Hebi and the others arrive to pick up Musica and his friends, but the ship falls down to lack of funding. Musica finds himself raising money with Haru, Elie, and Let to cover the damages caused by Plue and Griffon and the hospital bill.

Symphonia arc

Musica and the gang ride the Silver Rhythm Gang's airship towards the Symphonia Continent until Ruby's giant, flying casino ship hovers above them. As their ship is docked, Musica and Griffon look for sponsors while Elie and Haru go and gamble to raise funds. Though Musica and Griffon have no luck in finding sponsors. Musica hears from Let about the Doryu Raid Squad and that they must avoid them. Suddenly, Ruby appears with Plue in a cage and at his side, Franken Billy and his squad. Griffon demands Ruby to free Plue. Out of nowhere, the Big Butt Bandits appear and try to rob everyone. After Lilith scares them away, one of the bandits step on the gun which triggers a shot that hits Ruby. When Plue is in the air, Musica and Let rush to save Plue, but Franken Billy knocks them to the wall. Musica and Let march back to confront Lilith and find out that Franken Billy has left with Plue and Ruby. Musica learns that the Dark Bring's production has not ceased even though the Tower of Din is destroyed. Musica's confrontation ends when the Big Butt Bandits unleash their triple gas attack.

Back at the airship, Musica finds out that Hebi rescues them and Ruby. Upon learning Ruby's past and that Haru promise to protect Ruby, Musica and Let agree to dump Ruby since he is a burden. However, Musica changes his mind when Ruby reveals his wealth and that he is the owner of the Empire Gate. However, the Doryu Raid Squad appears behind the Silver Rhythm airship and destroys the Empire Gate. Haru tells his gang to move forward into the Death Storm. Musica, who is amazed by Haru, decides to head inside to help Hebi man the ship. At last, the ship arrives to Symphonia.

Upon reaching Symphonia, Musica and the gang leaves Hebi and the airship behind to explore the desolate wasteland. With Elie's headaches and Plue's help, the group discovers a map projection on the ground when Plue's nose slams into the ground to activate it. Musica notes that the two lights are the Raves which are far from Symphonia. Suddenly, the white lights are replaced by the dark lights. Lucia Raregroove appears and explains that these black lights are Dark Bring, and Dark Bring are the opposite of the Rave. After Lucia announces that he is the Dark Bring master who will unite the five Dark Brings and arrive at the Stellar Memories, he walks past Haru and takes Elie's first kiss. Musica, Haru, and Let attack Lucia, but Lucia blows them away with his sword. After Lucia leaves, the Oracion Seis arrives and announces that they will kill Elie. Berial changes the wasteland into canyons and valleys to separate everyone. Musica faces Reina in battle.

Musica hears that Reina knows his past and his master, Rize. She asks him about the Silver Ray's wherabouts. Musica replies that he does not know which Reina accuses his master of stealing the Silver Ray. Reina calls him a witness due to Musica's encounter with Rize in Punk Street on the same day that the Silver Ray had been stolen from La Nadia. Upon learning Reina's past, Musica begins to doubt himself when Reina suggests that Rize use a decoy to secured an alibi (sending his decoy to Garage Island). Musica who sees Reina crying confess that Rize must have done it and lets Reina beat him since she is a girl. Reina, who takes Musica's comment as an insult, kicks Musica down and gets on top of him to beat his face repeatedly. When Musica remembers his flashback of Rize, he remembers that Rize wants him to destroy the Silver Ray due to it's destructive ability. With that his master's last words in his mind, Musica stops Reina and fights to defend Rize's honor. He tells Reina that the Silver Ray could be at the Stellar Memories, but Reina pushes on with her attacks. Musica blocks her attacks with his Silver Shield, but when Reina uses Silver Emperor, her technique cuts through his shield and slash his chest. Musica falls down in defeat.

After Elie's Etherion activates and then Sieg Hart appears to assist Haru and Elie, Musica reappears to fight since he vows to protect Elie. The Oracion Seis retreats, and Musica and the others look for Elie's past when Sieg Hart suggests to use the coordinates "ELIE 3173" to find it. At that place, Musica discovers a barrier magic which activates a forest scenery and a skeleton appears. After questioning Elie about her necklace, Musica flips the skeleton's necklace to the back which reveal to be the same engraving as Elie's necklace. Elie heads on to learn about her past while Musica and the others wait. Upon Elie's return, Musica learns more about Elie and her past. Back at the airship, Hebi returns and announce that the Death Storm has been gone. Musica boards the ship with the others after Haru and Sieg Hart complete thier vows to defeat Lucia and reunite the Rave.


Musica's main ability is silver claiming. He can manipulate silver to form weapons or fix various objects (IE: his friend's watering can). He has a skull necklace which is the source of his silver. In some arc where the Silver Ray is discovered, Musica's silver can combine with Reina's silver after Reina dies with the Silver Ray explosion. The result is that Musica has a stronger silver weapon due to the bonds of Reina and her father. Combos: In some arc where Musica and Reina find the Silver Ray, they fight an orge who can manipulate gold. The only way to defeat the orge for Musica is to merge his silver with Reina to form an attack called Silver Bonds.

Attacks Descriptions
[1]Silver Spear Musica uses the Silver Spear to inflict damage and as for defense. Main attacks of the Silver Spear are Silver Typhoon.

Appearances: Musica Arc, Shuda Arc, Mystery of Elie Arc, Tower of Din Arc, Symphonia Arc

[2]Silver Whip Musica uses his whip to catch his enemies, destroy projectiles, and uses as a rope.

Appearances: Musica Arc, Shuda Arc, Tower of Din Arc, Symphonia Arc

[3]Silver Shield Musica uses his shield to protect himself. In his battle with Reina at Symphonia continent, his shield could not protect against Reina's Silver Emperor attack.

Appearances: Shuda Arc, Symphonia Arc

[4]Silver Destruction Musica uses this attack on Ltiangle which his silver acts like a whip that slowly chokes the enemy to death.

Appearances: Tower of Din Arc

Anime and Manga Differences

Blue City

In the manga, Musica and Melodia spend their time at a bar. Compared to the anime, Musica and Melodia first have a drink at the bar, but they took their conversations (Silver Ray and the ring) outside in front of the sea. In the anime, Melodia's necklace is revealed to be Musica's ring (made by Musica). Another difference, Musica is the first one on the train in the manga whereas, in the anime, he is the last one to hitch a ride in front of Haru and Elie who were waiting for him.