Haru Glory Rave Master x Fairy Tail Profile
Haru Glory
Kanji ハル・グローリー
Rōmaji Haru Gurōrī
Aliases The Second Rave Master
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 168cm
Weight 55kg
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Purple
Affiliations Rave Warriors
Romantic Partners Elie
Relatives Levin (Son)

Gale Glory (Father)
Sakura Glory (Mother)
Cattleya Glory (Sister)

Manga Rave Master Volume #1 Chapter #1
Anime Rave Master Episode #1
Japanese Tomokazu Seki
English Yuri Lowenthal

Haru Glory is the main character of the series Rave Master. The wielder of the Ten Commandments Sword and the love interest of Elie.


Before becoming the Rave Master, Haru lived on Garage Island with his sister, Cattleya. Haru Glory becomes the Rave Master after confronting a man with a Dark Bring who was attacking Shiba. Also, Haru finds out that his father is searching for the Rave from Genma. He makes the decision to find the Rave and to stop Demon Card from hurting more people. He later learns that his father was fighting against people using the Dark Bring, and how it was his destiny to stop them now, too.


Haru Glory, like the rest of the original Rave Master characters, were all credited for creation by Hiro Mashima. Hiro Mashima names his main characters according to the order of the seasons: Haru (spring), Natsu (summer), Aki (autumn), and Shiki (four seasons). First appeared in Rave Master Episode: # 1 and Rave Master Volume: # 1, as he is the main protagonist of the Rave Master franchise. His Japanese voice actor is Tomokazu Seki, and his English actor is Yuri Lowenthal.

Character Evolution

"I will keep my promise to my sister to come back home."

Haru Glory (Not the exact words) - Ep. 13 - in flashback to Cattleya and to Gearhound The growth in skill of Haru's sword fighting and maturity are reveal slowly throughout the series. For example, he fights like a madman or a child when fighting Lance under anger. As the series progress, he learns to calm down, think strategically, and fight more efficiently.


Haru physically could be the most fit male we see in the series, though he would have great competition. Even before he becomes the Rave Master, and he is still living on Garage Island, he is still majorly in shape and fit. It is unknown if he worked to keep in shape, or if he was just a naturally fit teenager. He was able to physically pull off amazing stunts, like being able to jump long distances to avoid attacks, and run quickly in order to evade an attack. All of the fighting he does also shows his physical fitness, like when he was able to easily outrun guards of Demon Card.

Haru has various physical characteristics that make him unique to his character. Firstly, is his very light silver hair. It can be assumed that this is a bloodline trait that his father may have had, though it doesn't appear to be a Rave Master trait because in earlier flashbacks, Shiba's hair continued to stay dark and brown throughout his younger years. He has long hair for a male and he keeps it at the same length for the entire series. The next striking characteristic you may notice about Haru is the color of his eyes. They are a very striking violet color that are very bold and distinct. We usually don't see his eyes close up in various images of him, however, when we do see a head-shot of the character, his eyes are very distinct in the image. However, they can sometimes appear much less vibrant than they are usually shown, almost like a smokey, grey color.

The rest of his physical features seem to very close to being exactly like the average would be for his age. The only thing that isn't normal after his physical appearance would be his skin. Although close to normal, it is normally depicted as being slightly lighter than normal, and after all of the outside activities he takes part in, one would like to think that it somehow darkens, however it appears to stay the same after every event.


Haru's personality generally doesn't change much throughout the series. When we first see him, he has a very spunky, courageous attitude and that part of him tends to stay the same throughout the series. However, after the loss of Gale Glory Haru seems to become somewhat more mature when need be, but when it isn't needed he appears to still be his old humorous self.

The one thing that the whole adventure does show us is that Haru is a very sociable person. He can make new friends very quickly, and can also be a very persuasive person. If he feels there is any chance he may have at persuading an enemy, he will take that route before actually engaging in battle, as seen with Let Dahaka. It is also known that Haru is very brave, when the Demon Card organization first came after them in Rave Master: Episode # 1, Haru was seen flying down the large case of stairs down to where Elie was with a large smile on his face. While he is brave, sometimes his joyfulness can be annoying, like when the other members of his team think it is time to get serious, Haru doesn't seem to want to quit playing games. However, his giddiness also has its positive effects, like keeping the tension down during a very stressful moment, or giving comic relief to the audience when the drama and action of the story can sometimes be unattractive.

Powers and Abilities

For abilities, Haru is an expert swordsman. His weapons are the Ten Commandments sword and the five raves. (See Ten Commandments and Rave page for more information.)

Ten Commandments

  1. Eisenmeteor (sub) or Decaforce (dub) "Metal Sword" - First used in Intro arc
  2. Explosion "Explosive Sword" - First used in Intro Arc
  3. Silphalion or Silfarion "Sonic or Mach Speed Sword" - First used in Shuda Arc
  4. Runesave "Sealing Sword" - First used in Mystery of Elie Arc
  5. Blue Crimson "Twin Dragon Sword" - First used in Tower of Din Arc.


  1. First Rave - given by Shiba in Garage Island
  2. Rave of Knowledge - given by Gearhound in Land of Falling Stars

Other Media

Haru Glory has been in six video games and in two consoles and one handheld. (See his Giantbomb profile)


  • Groove Adventure Rave
  • Groove Adventure Rave: Mikan no Hiseki
  • Groove Adventure Rave: Plue no Daibouken

Nintendo Gamecube

  • Rave Master

Game Boy Advance

  • Groove Adventure Rave
  • Rave Master: Special Attack Force! (Groove Adventure Rave: Hikari to Yami no Daikessen 2)