Hime Onizuka
Hime Onizuka
Kanji 鬼塚 一愛
Rōmaji Onizuka Hime
Aliases Himeko (ヒメコ)
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday July 7, 1992
July 7, 1994 (Anime)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Affiliations Kaimei High School
2-C (chapters 1-209)

3-C (chapters 210-288)

Teams Sket Dan
Yabasawa Books
The Sketchbook
Relatives Mother (Unnamed)
Father (Unnamed)
Manga Sket Dance Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Sket Dance Episode #1
Japanese Ryōko Shiraishi


Hime didn't originally attend Kaimei Gakuen, the setting for Sket Dance. Initially, she attended school in Osaka until middle school, by which time she'd learned how to play field hockey. Then, due to her father's work she was forced to transfer schools. She made friends with a small, innocuous girl, who she believed was being threatened by a group of bullies, until she discovered that her friend was actually their leader. Wielding her trusty hockey stick, she took down all opposition in her path, which earned her the nickname Onihime. It caused her to become aggressive, and she eventually transferred schools, where she met Bossun and became involved in the Sket Dan.


Hime was created by Kenta Shinohara as one of the three main characters for the series Sket Dance, released in 2006. According to Shinohara, he takes two parts from the name Onihime: Hime and Oni to create Hime Onizuka's name. She first appears in Sket Dance volume 1: Paint Mask and episode 1: The Academy SKETs. On the Drama CD, VOMIC, and in the anime Hime is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi.



Hime has shoulder-length blonde hair that curls at the end, as well as blue eyes. She wears makeup as well, and is always seen with Pelollipop Candy, sticking out of her mouth. Himeko wears a basic Kaimei High School uniform with a white shirt with a white sailor collar, red ribbon, blue skirt, and black choker and high heels. On one wrist, she wears a black wristband with the word SKET printed on it.

When she's seen with a Pelollipop Candy in her mouth, it is more often than not mistaken for a cigarette. She is also never seen without a hockey stick slung over her shoulder.

Her past self

Hime originally has short, black hair. She dyed it blonde after the events of Arisa betraying her and the rumors of Onihime becoming stronger. She had long blonde hair which is usually tied in a ponytail.

Hime's older hair styles


Himeko may often seen kind, but she mostly described as a tomboyish girl who usually fight people with her stick. When she fighting someone with it, she may act brutally and violently hit them and may leave them a bruise. As her nickname Onihime, it described as strength and violent as Kibitsu Momoka claim herself as the real Onihime.


  • Bossun

Bossun and Hime hold hands

Hime and Bossun are close friends. She beats him when Bossun's gets on his nerves, and she laughs at his jokes and impersonations. She doesn't like it when Bossun accidentally hit her breasts in episode (?). In her origin story, Hime sees Bossun as her hero (Popman) who saves her, the Onihime. Hime's relationship with Bossun almost became a romantic relationship in episode 43 where Hime has to ask Bossun to go out with her to prove to Jin that they are a couple. Throughout her date, she blushes constantly and wonders why she does not have the guts to ask Bossun straight to his face. At the end of the date, Hime and Bossun hold hands for the first time; however, she throws Bossun at Switch and Jin who were following them. Bossun learns of Hime's plan, and when he tells Jin that there's nothing between them, he insults Hime without thinking it first. Hime beats Bossun for his rude comments.

Story Arcs

Request: Paint-Mask Incident

Hime and Sket Dan crew meet a new student called Teppei. Although they try to recruit him in their club and take on a case about vandalism, Bossun catches Teppei vandalizing school property. Hime defeats Jogasaki and henchmen while Bossun and Switch does nothing to help except make poses. In the end, Teppei join the basketball team.

Request: Moe's White Gibbon Chase

Hime and Sket Dan take on Moe's request to watch her pet gibbon while Moe go to cheer leading practice/tryouts. At the same time, Chuuma asks Sket Dan to get rid of a bomb, and somehow, the white gibbon steals the bomb. With the help of Switch's homing device, Hime uses sex appeal to lure the pervy ape, so Bossun can catch it by bungee diving. Yet, they fail to recover the bomb when Kanegi throws a softball at the shed to prove that he doesn't throw like a girl. (Hime insulted the teacher for his girly throw earlier).

Legend of the Onihime Arc

Ogress Arc

Hime's origin story is explained in this arc. The mystery behind her Onihime reputation is caused by her friend (Arisa)'s betrayal. (Explained in Origin section) Everywhere Hime goes, people want to fight her to boost their reputation. Hime enrolls in Kaimei school to get away from the rumors. During softball practice, Chiaki notices Hime has a talent for sports and tries to get Hime to join the team. However, Hime declines. One day, she meets Bossun when she is about to throw away the Popman's Hat. Bossun and Chiaki become Hime's friends; when Hime notices Chiaki's sad, Hime learns that Chiaki has to pay some punks for damages to their car. Hime decides to protect Chiaki after a heated debate with Bossun. During the fight, Hime breaks her hockey stick, and the guy grabs her. Suddenly, Bossun fires at the guys and calls Hime idiot for tricking him. Hime take cares of the punks, but one of them points out that Hime is the Onihime before they ran away. Hime tells Bossun and Chiaki to not associate themselves with her, yet Bossun and Chiaki refuses. Bossun tells Hime that he needs her for his club which causes her to cry. After Hime has cried on Bossun's shoulders, she tells Bossun to wear the Popman's hat.

After the flashback, Hime sees Arisa who came to apologize to her in the park. Hime welcomes and forgives Arisa, and both girls hug. (In the anime, this scene is different. Please see anime/manga differences)

Powers and Abilities

Field Hockey Stick Description 1st Hockey Stick Cyclone is Hime's first hockey stick. It was mady by a company called Blast. It is made of carbon with a 22 mm curve head. It breaks in episode 36 and chapter 56.
2nd Hockey Stick Hime's 2nd hockey stick is named Kunpuumaru. It has the words "Fragrance" written on it.

Other Media

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In episode 2

and volume 1, Hime's outfit to lure the white gibbon is different. In the manga, she takes off her bra and twists her school uniform to reveal parts of her breasts. Compared to the anime, Hime simply wears a cheerleader outfit.

  • In episode 3

and volume 1, Hime is abducted differently. In the manga, she is knocked out cold when Kibitsu Momoka's friends gag her with anesthesia tissue whereas in the anime, she is surrounded and hit from behind. The actual hitting is not reveal, as the scene blacks out.