Kanji ヒミコ
Aliases Emilia
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Manga Btooom! Volume 1, Chapter 4
Anime Btooom! Episode 1
Japanese Suzuko Mimori
English Brittney Karbowski


Himiko was an average high school girl with close friends Miho (her best friend), Arisa, and Yuki. However, her life was turned upside down when she and her group of friends are invited by Yoshioka and his band to hang out with them. After Himiko returns to the apartment with food, she finds her friends raped by Yoshioka's band members while Yoshioka films them. Then, Yoshioka tries to kiss Himiko and slip a drug inside her mouth, but Himiko bashes Yoshioka's face. She runs down the hallways, and she finds Miho pressed against the glass door who is getting pounded by a man. Miho cries and asks Himiko to help her. Himiko who is shocked beyond belief runs out to get help. After that gut wrenching rape incident, Miho yells at Himiko that she hated her. She wished Himiko would disappear. Ever since then, Himiko feels that being sent to Btooom! island was her punishment.


Himiko is created by Junya Inoue who has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Btooom! volume 2 and episode 1. She is voiced by Suzuko Mimori.



She's a high school girl who is beautiful and well endowed. She is blonde and has blue eyes and a round face. Her long blonde hair flows past her nape and shoulders. She has very large breasts and a slim figure. Her usual attire is her school uniform that consists of a normal white, button shirt, a green tie with the skull and crossbones emblem on it, and military designed mini-skirt. She has black socks and black shoes. According to what Ryota saw when peeking under Himiko's skirt, she has pink panties. Underneath her shirt, she wears a lacey, pink bra. This is revealed when Ryota first sees her washing her body by the waterfall.


She is very cautious and does not trust any men at all after the Yoshioka and Akechi's attempted rape incident. She is quick to anger when she thinks Ryouta did perverted things or when she thinks Ryouta means something dirty.


  • Ryouta Sakamoto - At first, she attack Ryouta when she thinks Ryouta will harm her just any other men. After Ryouta welcomes her to his group, Himiko is still

cautious with him until Ryouta save her from Masashi who kidnapped her. That night, she learns that Ryouta is the same Ryouta whom she met and married in the video game. She cried that she cannot open herself up or reveal that she is Himiko from Btooom. After the event when Taira attacks Ryouta and Himiko and committed suicide, Himiko helps Ryouta snap back. At the observatory point, Himiko and Ryouta kiss for the first time, and when Ryouta is about to make love to her, Himiko braces herself since she is still traumatized. Though, Ryouta stop himself and tell Himiko that they can become a couple back at home. Himiko is happy with Ryouta's decision.

  • Miho - She is Himiko's best friend in high school until that horrible

Yoshioka rape incident occurred. She teases Himiko a lot about Ryouta, and she is envious about Himiko's looks. After the rape, she hates Himiko for abandoning her and wishes Himiko to disappear.

Story Arcs

After being forced to jump out of the plane, she finds herself on the beach. As she rests under the shade, three men gathered near her when she wakes up. Isamu Kondo informs her that they are not going to hurt her, and he asks her to join their group who is finding a way to get off the island. Then, Masashi calls Isamu a hypocrite since the only way to get off the island is to kill others. When Masashi Miyamoto grabs Himiko and asks Isamu what do to do, Himiko stuns Masashi with her taser. Akechi urges them to stop and throws his BIM Bag after telling everyone that he nominates Himiko as the leader. Both Masashi and Isamu agree. Later, the group find a briefcase that landed in a tree, and when they are eating, Isamu arrives to tell them to conserve food. Suddenly, Masashi kills Isamu by slitting his throat. The blood hits Himiko's face as Himiko is shocked. Later that night, Akechi urges Himiko to flee with him. On the way, Masashi catches up, and Akechi manages to fend off Masashi with his BIM. Afterwards, Akechi tries to inform Himiko that she should kill. When Himiko punches Akechi for not letting go (she freaks out when she sees Yoshioka), Akechi grabs and squeezes Himiko. Himiko stuns Akechi and makes a run for it only to be caught by Akechi. Akechi knocks Himiko and her taser to the ground and straddles her. Akechi proceeds to strip Himiko's shirt off and pushes her bra up. He begins licking Himiko's breasts, and before Akechi can go any farther, Himiko activates a Timer BIM. Himiko wishes to die with her virginity intact. She finds out that Akechi is attempting to run away, and she throws the BIM at Akechi, killing him upon explosion.

Powers and Abilities

Her first BIMs are Timer types. She obtains a second BIM called the Flaming Gas BIM after killing Akechi. Along the way, she has obtained a Cracker type from an unknown person. According to Ryota who faced Himiko in battle, Himiko has bad aim. Ryota notes that Himiko usually closes her eye when throwing BIMs.

Usage of BIMs

  • Timer - She first used it against Akechi. Also, she used to blow herself up when Ryota was carrying her. Though, Ryota deactivates the BIM.
  • Cracker - She used it against Ryota.
  • Flaming Gas - She used it against Ryota.