Hunter x Hunter 2011

Hunter x Hunter
Light Novel
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Writer Yoshihiro Togashi
Anime Staff
  • Hunter × Hunter - Jump Super Anime Tour 98
  • Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge
  • Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission


A reboot version of the original anime series, Hunter × Hunter, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The Anime was published by NTV with a better quality and new soundtracks. The characters are designed by Takahiro Yoshimatsu and are voiced by different voice actors.

The anime started airing on October 2nd, 2011 and the series is still running. Crunchyroll began simulcasting the anime.


Gon Freecss is a boy who lives on Whale Island. He leaves his home to follow in his father's footsteps and become a licensed Hunter. After leaving home to take the Hunter Exam, he meets with other aspiring applicants Kurapika, Leorio and Killua.


Gon Freecss

Gon Freecs is a boy who live in Whale Island with his aunt, Mito. His father gave him up in favor of continuing his work as a Hunter. Gon decides to follow in his father's footsteps to meet his father and discover why a man would choose being a Hunter over his family.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua is a member of the Zoldycks, a famous family of assassins. He ran away from home because of his desire to get out of the family business and decided to take the Hunter Exam for fun. He develops a close friendship with Gon.


Kurapika is the last survivor of the Kurta clan, who were hunted down for their beautiful scarlet eyes. His goal as a Hunter is to get his revenge on the Phantom Troupe and retrieve his clan's stolen eyes.


Leorio is a young man who decided to take the exam out of a lust for money. Driven by the loss of a close friend, his true goal is to use the money to enter medical school and become a doctor.

Story Arcs

Pre Exam Arc

After learning of his father's job as a Hunter, Gon leaves his home of Whale Island to follow in his footsteps, much to the dismay of his aunt, Mito. On the boat to the exam, he encounters other aspiring applicants Kurapika and Leorio. They gain a mutual respect for each other when encountering a storm while at sea.

Exam Arc - Phase 1

After passing the tests to earn the right to take part in the Hunter Exam, Gon and his friends arrive at the exam site along with many others, including young Killua and the dangerous Hisoka. The exam begins with a marathon run through a tunnel, led by examiner Satotz, during which Gon and Killua get to know each other. The marathon continues into a foggy wetland, where Hisoka takes it upon himself to reduce the number of applicants, but allows Gon and friends to live because they seem "interesting".

Exam Arc - Phase 2

The examiners of the second phase, Menchi and Buhara, two Gourmet Hunters, are introduced. They task the applicants with hunting a Great Stamp, the world's most dangerous pig, and making a meal out of it. Disappointed with everyone's food, she fails all the applicants, but Netero, chairman of the Hunters Association, interrupts and reprimands Menchi for being too strict. A second test is given to the applicants, to retrieve the eggs of the Spider Eagle which lives in a dangerous ravine. Gon shows his fearlessness in retrieving the egg, inspiring his friends, leading to all 4 of them passing the second phase.

Exam Arc - Before Phase 3

On an airship headed for the exam site for the third phase, Gon and Killua relax and have a conversation. Chairman Netero interrupts them and decides to play a game with them, promising to give them both Hunter Licenses of they can steal a ball out of his hands. Netero toys with the two of them by only using one arm, but eventually Killua decides to quit and let Gon continue. Gon ultimately fails, but considers it a victory, having forced Netero to both of his arms.

Opening Themes

Episodes Title Artist 1 - 26 Departure Masatoshi Ono
27 - ??? Departure (2nd Version) Masatoshi Ono

Ending Themes

Episodes Title Artist 1 - 26 Just Awake Fear, and Loathing in Vegas
27-58 Hunting For Your Dream Galneryus
59-75 Reason Yuzu
76-98 Nagareboshi Kirari Yuzu
99-??? Hyōri Ittai Yuzu