Whenever possible, make sure you upload the best res and largest image if possible. As a general rule of thumb, the newer the anime, the easier to upload better images up to 720 P or higher. Prior to 2010, most images are around 480 P. Older Anime Series that are only available on VHS or Laserdisc will be around SD quality.

For manga, please see format advice regarding tankobon and chapter covers.

Prohibited Images

  • Based on Wikia’s Term of Use policy which is more stricter than the old site's image policy, please don’t upload images with graphic content such as ones of sexual nature. Sexual nature means any acts of intercourse, nipples, fully exposed buttocks, and genitalia.
  • Images with watermarks from pirated sites.
  • Images with captions.
  • Images with altered aspect ratio, color or contrast/brightness.
  • Images with deep black borders (unless the anime or film has an anamorphic screen).
  • Collages of multiple images from any source.
  • Images uploaded only for personal use. Exceptions are for wiki recognition and highlight threads/blogs.
  • Fan Art of any kind (includes fan colored manga panels/pages). That includes Wallpapers.
    • If the wallpaper is officially made by a company, please be prepared to add reference source on that image. Example: Big Gangan with Reference
  • Duplicate images will be deleted with no notification. Please remember to check if the image you want to upload already exists here, use the Special:Search and check related pages that might contain the image.

Uploading Images

Format Advice

  • Images can be JPEG or PNG. It's recommended to upload PNG because JPEG discolors the image due to compression of the image file.
  • GIFs can be uploaded to illustrate a trope or the attacks and abilities of a character. Please upload GIFs that aren't cropped and retain the original aspect ratio.
  • For volume covers, please upload the original version without any fan subs. If a western release is available, please use that as the most current volume cover.
  • For chapter covers, please upload RAW or officially dubbed scans. If you can't find official scans, please clean scans of any text and watermarks from unofficial sources.
  • For stitched caps, these are special cases where you can crop and alter an original anime cap. For these, it's a challenge to make these. A stitched cap should have no visible borders from changes in tone in color or scenes. Sometimes, a scene cannot be stitched due to difficulty factors.


We generally upload images in a higher resolution if possible. Newer shows are highly likely to be in 720P or 1080P. Older shows are likely 480P highest if they don't have a later release such as Blu-Ray that kicks up the quality. We don't allow images with saturated hue due to edits to the original screen capture. Please don't alter images to boost their resolution or anything else.

Naming Images

General Advice

  • Try to give the images appropriate names that actually describe their content and make them easier to find and manage.
  • Leave spaces between the words, don't write everything together.
  • Don't give the images random names conformed by large combinations of numbers and letters.

Special Cases

When you upload certain type of images you must give them a specific name, here are some examples according to the image being used:

  • Character Infobox images: Naruto Uzumaki (character) main image.png
  • Eyecatches: Fairy Tail Ep # Eyecatch 1 (Condition: If there is more than one eyecatch in an episode)
  • Franchise Logos: Naruto (Franchise Logo).png
  • Tankobon Covers: Naruto Volume 1.png
  • Movie Posters: Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison (Movie).png

If the anime movie has the name movie in, you can omit the "(Movie)" part.

Fair Use Rationale

This is a new policy that's not in the old Anime Vice site. It's a Wikia exclusive policy where images are recommended to have sources stated in this format if possible. When an image is uploaded, at least some form of citation or category must be added in a week for that image. Please fill out as much as one can.

Note: the Story Arc is an optional information you can add, specially when you don't remember the exact episode/chapter in which your image appears.

  • Anime
== Source ==
Anime Episode # (Story Arc).

== Licensing ==
  • Manga
== Source ==
Manga Volume # Chapter # (Story Arc).

== Licensing ==

Example: Sakura vs Neji's image


Because of staff issues and the vague terms of use, we are allowing our users to censor images such as cropping images, erasing parts, or blurring parts. This is one of the few times that it's okay to alter images. Make sure you leave a note that you made those changes.

Image Galleries


You may add the following parts:

  • Anime Caps
  • Stitched Caps
  • GIFs
  • Eyecatches or End Cards
  • OP or ED Caps


You may add the following parts:

  • Character Portraits
  • Character Concept Art
  • Anime Caps
  • Stitched Caps
  • GIFs
  • Manga Covers
  • Chapter Covers
  • Color Spreads
  • Magazine Artwork
  • Merchandise

Notes: While you can add anime caps or stitched caps for character galleries, if you have a wiki project with tons of anime caps and stitched caps stored in episode galleries. Episode galleries take precedent in that case since image galleries are limited in coding. We cannot overwhelm character galleries since the page will load slower. It's not known on how images we can upload on a page since we don't have an internal tab system for character image galleries.

In short, you don't have to add every anime cap and stitched cap for character galleries if we have a comprehensive episode gallery for that franchise. Instead, it's recommended not required to categorized the anime caps and stitched caps with the Character Name X's Images category pages.


General Advice

Always add categories that indicate the name of the franchise and the characters that appear in the image. For example, an image from Naruto Uzumaki would have the following categories:

Naruto Franchise
Naruto Uzumaki's Images

List of categories used in the wiki

  • Eyecatches: add this category to eyecatches from anime episodes.
  • Profile Pictures: add this category to images that are used for character infoboxes.
  • Tropes: add this category to images that are used for trope infoboxes.
  • Vice Pit: add this category to Vice Pit episodes' thumbnails.
  • Character Image Galleries: check this page for a list of existing character image galleries. Add this category since we cannot feature every image in a character gallery page.
  • Tankōbon: for volume covers
  • Stitched Caps


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[[Category:Profile Pictures]]
[[Category:End Cards]]
[[Category:Light Novel]]
[[Category:CD Covers]]
[[Category:Magazine Covers]]
[[Category:Dengeki G]]

Default Image

Profile Portraits

Profile Portraits can be in 2 formats: 300 x 450 or 300 x 300 (can be bigger than these dimensions but retain the same ratio: 2:3 or 1:1).

Franchise Logos

These are square images that can range from 100 x 100 to 1,000 x 1,000 depending on the original logo size. These images are used for the franchise page since anime sub pages will use the posters (usually official simulcast posters or DVD/BD covers) and manga sub pages will use volume 1 covers.

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