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Conditions of Implied Sex Scenes

  • Characters do not speak of the word or announce that they will have sex is not an implied sex scene.
  • An implied sex scene can be argued in both ways. There is interpretation that is left for the fans to make whether the characters did it or not.
  • No sexual intercourse is shown. That means no hentai franchises or characters because it will violate this concept's conditions.


Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi (Anime)

In episode 9 "White," Aoi and Kaoru have a nice date in China Town and spend the night alone in a hotel room. After obtaining Miyabi's permission to spend the night at the hotel (Kaoru calls Miyabi), Kaoru tells Aoi that he always thinks about her happiness, and the two share a passionate kiss while the camera moves away from the two love birds to the city lights. It is possible that the two had sex or not.


In episode 19, there is a scene between Ukyō Samonji and Saori Suzushiro. Samonji is dressing up while Saori is awake and naked in bed.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the third season episode "The Southern Raiders", Zuko is trying to find Sokka and ran into a very flustered Suki who rushes off. Zuko enters Sokka's tent to find him without pants and laying on the floor surrounded in flowers and candies, saying "Well, hellooo..." in a suggestive tone before realizing who it was. The two briefly chat before Sokka rushes Zuko out and tries finding Suki. The following day, we see Sokka fiddling with a flower necklace and he literally exclaims, "I got lei'd".

Black Butler Book of Circus

In chapter 26 and episode 6, Sebastian seduces Beast and manages to manipulate her during his interrogation on Beast's father and the significance behind the signet. During his interrogation, Sebastian pulls off Beast's stockings and plays with her prosthetic leg by caressing it. The manga is more ambiguous than the anime since not much is show except for Beast's hands which are seen gripping the sheets. It's a tell tale sign. In contrast, the anime's implied sex scene is more revealing since it includes Beast's silhouette where she is on all fours, moaning loudly from Sebastian's touch. It's arguable that Sebastian had sex or not due to being seen as foreplay from another angle.


In episode 12, Godou and Erica have a long erotic, kissing scene that becomes grotesque. Hints of implied sex are their dialogue:

  • Godou: "I will inject you with my divine protection. I imagine it'll be rough, but bear with it!"
  • Erica: "I can feel you inside me. It feels so warm..." (the viewers are shown Erica's stomach)

Dragonaut -The Resonance-

In episode #06 there is one implied sex scene. Kou Yonamine surprised Yuuri Kitajima in a hallway with a kiss and she replied with a slap in the face. He showed her a cell phone and said he have something for her that she will like. Later they will find to be alone in a room, and she was putting her close back on. It was shown that Kou is a smoker, and later on Yuuri's coworker told her she reeks of smoke and she should wear a perfume. In episode #11 it's shown that Kou and Yuuri were going out at some point in the past. It is unclear if they were in a relationship when that implied sex scene happened in episode #6.

Ef: A Tale of Memories

In episode 11, Renji and Chihiro profess their love for one another on the rooptop of their school and embrace one another. The next shot features the clothes of both characters folded neatly and they are shown to be naked lying on the rooftop with Chihiro resting on Renji's chest.


-In episode 4 "Are you two going out" of the Genshiken 2 anime, Souichiro Tanaka and Kanako Ohno both like each other, but they both are afraid to confess their love for each other. When Saki tells Kanako to cosplay, Kanako decides to cosplay as a hentai character. Meanwhile, Tanaka talks to his buddy (big guy working on the computers) about him being weak in front of Kanako. Despite Tanaka's friend's fear of asking a girl, Tanaka heads to Kanako's house. Kanako pressures Tanaka to reveal his hentai games, and she picks one character and makes Tanaka play the game to "beat" scenario. However, Tanaka gives up and confesses his love to her. Kanako tells Tanaka that she will help him be confident by kissing him when she turns the light. After they discover that they both are virgin kissers, Kanako talks to Tanaka if he wants to go a "little further." The two engage and kiss each other with passionate and erotic moans as the viewers see the hentai game case. The erotic moans end with Kanji Sasahara drinking water and moaning the same way.

-In chapter 47 of the manga, Sasahara makes a visit to the apartment of Chika Ogiue to critique her yaoi manga. After looking it over, Sasahara admits that he did get somewhat turned on reading through it, despite not being gay, and admitted that her work would naturally lead to that kind of reaction due to the effort she put into it, despite her use of Sasahara and Madarame as characters for her work. This critique surprises Ogiue, who was worried about how Sasahara would react to using him as a character for her work. When Ogiue is asked by Sasahara if she only sees him as a character, she admits it isn't the case and is asked again about answering his confession of love to her from earlier on at the summer trip. Ogiue says that Sasahara should know her answer, as hearing from him that she put love into making her characters in his critique made her happy and that she would stop trying to run away from her interest in her hobby. Sasahara is clueless over the implications of what Ogiue is saying, which annoys her as she sits next to him on her couch and says that he needs to be an "aggressive top" and learn to be more assertive so they got over the awkwardness of their relationship more earlier on.

Sasahara then proceeds to tease Ogiue by looking through her manga work again, commenting on how graphic it is and that it would shock Madarame if he ever learned about it. This action gets Ogiue very flustered, as she tries telling him to stop spreading all the pages out and knows how much of a shock it would be for Madarame to see it. As this presses on, the two eventually kiss one another. After a brief pause where the two are embarrassed of what they just did, Sasahara proceeds to kiss Ogiue's neck before the flustered girl stops him as she comments they are doing this just as they were looking through her graphic yaoi. Sasahara remarks that it wasn't his intention for the situation to come up, but decides to "take this opportunity to show [her] just how aggressive [he] can be." Ogiue comments "oh really" to the declaration and Sasahara acknowledges his claim as the scene changes.

Guilty Crown

In episode 17, Arisa is seen on the couch with her nude body covered by a blanket. Nanba fixes his clothes and throws a crystal that contained the data of the Exodus mission and students' Voids.

Fate Stay Night (Anime)

It happens on two different occasions in the anime between Shirou and Saber. On Tohsaka's urgings to replenish Saber's mana in order to defeat Berserker, Shirou has to do the unthinkable to Saber, who he likes. Interestingly, this concept of giving mana through sexual intercourse reflects a Chinese religion and others.

Hints: Saber tells Shirou: "You know my past, and you've entered me so many times."

See episode 15 and 21 and the image.

Fate Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works)

It happens once in the movie between Shirou and Rin Tohsaka. The same reasons as the anime except Shirou is the one who needs the mana. The scene changes to Shirou who "enters" Rin and sees her memories and flashbacks. Interestingly, Rin hits Shirou for seeing her memories whereas in the visual novel, she hits him for being too "rough."

See movie page.

From the New World

In episode 16, Saki is experiencing nightmares that foresee the death of Maria, as she is told by a faceless boy in her dreams not to assist in Maria's escape. Distraught over this and recent events that led to Maria and Mamoru to flee their village, Saki is comforted by Satoru. The following scene afterward, the two are shown lying in a bed together where only their heads and bare shoulders are visible as the rest of their bodies are covered in blankets.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

After being rescued against military forces in episode 25, Batou is brought to one of Motoko's hideaways by one of her remote cyborg bodies. After tending to his wounds, Motoko appears in lingerie in her regular cyborg body and Batou is shirtless throughout the scene. When a search helicopter is about to emit a search light through her window, Batou grabs her out of the way and the two are in intimate range of one another as they wait for the helicopter to leave the scene. Batou gives Motoko her watch back from earlier and the two head to bed in Motoko's room as the scene switches to a far shot of the building that Motoko's hideaway was in.

HighSchool of the Dead

Saeko: "You take responsibility, right?"

In episode 9 where Takashi and Saeko are at the shrine alone, the two teenagers share a censored kiss by the candle light.

Clues that suggest the two had pre marital sex:

  1. When the two encounter zombies at day break, and Saeko cannot fight for fear that she will lose herself, Takashi grabs her breast tightly and swears to her that he will accept her no matter how insane she is.
  2. After the battle, Saeko runs up to Takashi and smiles at him while asking Takashi, "you'll take responsibility, right?", and he accepts.

HighSchool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead

In the OAD, Drifters of the Dead when Saeko and Takashi are alone after they escaped from the hallucinatory emissions of the hydrangea, Saeko tried to seduce Takashi and confessed her feelings for him, as a result, the two teenagers started kissing and touching each other with passion while the camera slowly moved away as a transition for the next scene. Although it was all a hallucination, it is a clear example of an implied sex scene. Another point, is that the sex scene could be Takashi's imagination or Saeko's imagination due to another scene where Saeko and Rei are kissing each other at sun rise.

  • HOTD: Drifters of the Dead - Rei and Saeko discovered kissing

Another pair, Saeko and Rei, are found kissing each other. Due to the hydrangea's hallucinogenic properties, the two girls thought that they are having "sex" with Takashi when it turns out they have sex with each other.

Honey and Clover II

In episode 4, Mayama is accompanying Rika on a trip to Hokkaido as the latter visits where her burnt-down home used to be. The two embrace as Mayama comes to learn that Rika is starting to show signs of moving on from the death of her former lover. The next scene then shows the two sleeping together in a hotel room with only their heads and shoulders visible from the blankets covering them.

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

In episode 107, Bizeff is still using his authority to make an underground harem. Palm infiltrates his harem and decides to seduce him in order to find some information about the complex he lives in.

Jormungand: Perfect Order

In episode 5, Koko and Valmet are sharing a hotel room together with Koko clearly having a bit too much to drink with her drunken behavior and sloppy pouring of wine. Valmet offers to get Koko to bed and taking advantage of the opportunity, a giddy Valmet offers to shower together with Koko and sleep with her in bed afterward, promising to "wipe away [her] exhaustion." As Valmet is about to undress Koko, the scene cuts away to a shower faucet being started up and then a far shot of the hotel they are staying at as the viewer hears Valmet's giddy declaration.

Kikaider: The Animation

In episode 12 "The Machine That Dreams", Jiro is taken by Mitsuko to have his arm reattached to his body. The scene is fairly infamous among fans of the series for having implications that the two might have been doing something much more. Hints that something might have happened:

  • Jiro is shown to have his shirt and coat removed with only camera shots of his upper body shown throughout the rest of the scene.
  • A couple shots of Jiro and Mitsuko shown behind a curtain in shadow silhouette, one of which featuring the positioning of the two implying they might be in the middle of intercourse.
  • Onscreen shots of Mitsuko are shown only with her head and shoulders visible to the camera, with a later shot shown of her covered in a blanket with only her head and shoulders exposed sleeping.

Koi Kaze

Once Koshiro and Nanoka come to terms with their feelings for one another in episode 12, they kiss. The scene then changes to a camera shot of the top of a table with an apple on it as the two siblings talk of what they are about to do and Koshiro asks if Nanoka has any regrets. Another camera shot occurs which implies to take place later in the evening where we get a close shot of Koshiro and Nanoka lying together, having nothing but a sheet covering them.

Macross Frontier

In episode 22, Alto is tending to Sheryl at his residence after she has a fainting spell from her terminal illness. Upon learning of her illness, Alto tries to discourage Sheryl in singing in an upcoming military operation against the Vajra alien threat. However, the distraught girl is able to persuade him to change his mind. Admitting that she is scared of what is to come, Alto embraces her and she asks him to "give her courage" as the scene changes.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Masayoshi discovers his best friend, Eutus, and his crush, Mune Mune, shoes on the porch, and he hears something wrong. After that, Masayoshi takes up drinking since his heart is shattered. Masayoshi tries to kill Eutus, but he knows what Masayoshi is up to so he vanishes from Masayoshi's eyes.

See episode 7.


At the end of episode 4, Sorata promises to take Mei out on a date as a reward for contributing to their latest theft. For their "date", Mei and Sorata are in the latter's bedroom with both in states of undress with Sorata in a T-shirt and boxers and Mei in some negligee. The two get on Sorata's bed where Sorata lies down and much of the lower half of his body is strategically obscured with a chair from a far camera shot. We then get a close camera shot of Mei's head and shoulders as she is about to go down with Sorata saying she's "so excited". The camera then goes back to a visibly flustered Sorata with the mentioned strategic shot and then the camera cuts to a picture of Mei and Sorata as we hear meowing and howling sounds from the two as the episode ends.

My Hime

In episode 22, Yukino confronts Shizuru about her apparent actions with Natsuki. The scene then changes to a flashback where Yukino is using her Child to spy on Shizuru and Natsuki in silhouette behind a screen window. While Natsuki lies sleeping in a futon, Shizuru disrobes from her kimono and implied to be nude as she lies alongside Natsuki. While there is nothing further shown of what happens, Shizuru's apparent actions are enough to disgust Yukino and shock Natsuki when she overhears what is going on.


  • When Araragi meets up with Kanbaru towards the end of episode 2 at her house, the two get in a conversation that eventually leads Araragi to think the girl is not as perverse as she used to be. A frantic Kanbaru decides to prove her perversion as she tackles Araragi to the ground and holds him in place as she pulls a circle of panels to surround the two of them as she forcefully undresses him. Araragi attempts to struggle out of the predicament, but to no avail as Kanbaru pulls his pants off and the guy reflects in narration that he now knows how Mayoi felt from being molested by him as the episode ends.
  • Following Araragi and Senjougohara's confrontation with Kaiki in episode 7 (final part of the Karen Bee arc), Araragi asks what condition she had for him to go along with meeting the conman. At first, Senjougohara asks him to praise her yet admits that this wouldn't be enough to make her happy after having to put up with the constant lies she was bombarded with from the earlier encounter with Kaiki. During her speech, she approaches Araragi and has him backed up to a wall with the two in close proximity to one another. After her speech, she grabs Araragi by his hands and swings him to where she is now back to back with the wall and he is free from it. With the two close to one another and Senjougohara still holding Araragi's hand, she asks him to "be gentle with her". These words lead a stunned Araragi's ahoge to stand up on end before the scene changes.
  • In the following scene after Araragi and Senjougohara are shown together in the same episode, Araragi arrives back to his home the following morning to see that his younger sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, are sleeping together nude on Karen's bed.
  • In episode 8 following an extended scene of Araragi attempting to have Karen give up while brushing her teeth, both find themselves aroused over the act with Karen commenting that "it's okay" towards the later part of the scene as she is exhausted from the arousal. When Araragi attempts to cop a feel at one of Karen's breasts, Tsukihi walks in on the scene and tells her flustered siblings to stay in place as she goes to get an awl from the store. After this scene, Araragi acknowledges that Karen won his bet. However, Karen acknowledges that it was a draw because of Tsukihi interrupting and asks if they want to do "extra innings" with Araragi agreeing to have Karen "do him". As the episode ends, Araragi comments in narration that he and Karen have gotten along better with this act as the two fall onto Araragi's bed before transition into the title's closing sequence.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

In episode 5 following his assassination of a mafia leader's wife and son, Zwei walks into a room with Claudia McCunnen, who is wearing nothing but a bathrobe and slippers. Claudia hugs Zwei saying that he is wonderful as a light from the window of the room turns off and the scene changes to Ein alone in her room.


In the final episode of the series, Yayoi and Shion are shown lying on a bed naked as they talk about the changes that underwent Akane and the others in Unit One.

School Days

In episode 10, Setsuna Kiyoura is in Makoto Itou's room. She tells Makoto to promise her that he will protect Sekai. Makoto pushes Setsuna down on his bed and kisses her. Setsuna (with tears streaming from her eyes) tells Makoto that he can do anything to her if Makoto will keep his word to protect Sekai.

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (Anime Only)

In a flashback of Ritsu's high school days, Ritsu remembers when he had confessed his love to his senpai, Saga, and they had started dating (The dating was implied and not directly stated). In the flashback there was a scene where his senpai didn't have a shirt on, they were in bed, Ritsu's shirt was unbuttoned completely, a sheet was over them, and they were kissing. Ritsu grips his senpai's hair, and in the next scene they are seen asleep in the same bed until Ritsu snaps out of the flashback scolding himself for thinking about a person whose face he can't even remember.

The inner monologue during the scene may suggest it because Ritsu was being pessimistic at the time saying that it didn't matter if you were hurt a little in love, but he had never tried to fall in love from that day on. The biggest evidence that this scene is most likely implied sex is because the same scene in the manga is an actual sex scene.

See episode 1.

Serial Experiments Lain

In the eighth episode, Lain is being accused of spreading rumors about Arisu having an illicit relationship with a teacher at her school throughout the Wired. As Lain is ostracized by her classmates, she decides to go into the Wired to handle the issue. Meanwhile, Arisu is recalling an encounter with the teacher in her bedroom where it is implied that they might have had intercourse, with the teacher asking if this was something she wanted to do despite the repercussions both would likely face as he embraces her from behind. Arisu says she has no regrets. When Arisu stops recalling the situation, she is shocked to discover one of Lain's wild personalities appearing before her, who accuses her of masturbating to the moment she had with the teacher as a camera shot shows Arisu with a hand between her legs. This leads to a rift in Lain and Arisu's developing friendship, as the latter assumes Lain is consciously spreading the rumors about her.

Shaman King (Manga Only)

So far it happens once in the manga and not yet in the anime. When Anna tells Yoh that this is the last night that he will spend in her house, she asks Yoh if she can sleep beside him. Yoh says yes.

See volume 9 and the image on this page.

Note: It has been confirmed in episode 25 that Yoh and Anna did not have an implied sex scene in the anime.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

The implied sex scene occurs between Majic and Fiena. After they escape from the funeral pyre (where Majic is fully clothed underneath Fiena's ceremonial wolf outfit), the next scene reveals Fiena is standing on a balcony looking out while Majic is sitting on the bed, shirtless. Majic is pulling on his boots (aka The Kirk Maneuver). He then walks up and embraces Fiena from behind.

See episode 6.

Speed Grapher

  • In episode 4, Suitengu is talking with Shinsen at an indoor pool following Kagura's rescue from the Tennozu mansion. He is prepared to receive punishment for his failure and Shinsen shoots him in the knees with a handgun. She warns Suitengu that failure won't be tolerated again and tells him that before he gets his injuries treated, he must "pleasure her". Shinsen then pulls Suitengu into the pool with her and kisses him as the scene changes.
  • In episode 9, Suitengu has a meeting with Shinsen over deciding to personally retrieve Kagura after the failure of the past three Euphorics. Before departing, Shinsen tells Suitengu that she will make sure that he does no "ill will" towards Kagura and Suitengu proceeds to put his hand into her robe and fondle her breast. Suitengu comments on the pleasure she is getting from it as her robe falls to the floor and the scene changes.


In episode 22, Kurisu and Rintarou are caught in the rain so they hurried back to the lab. Rintarou told her that he is in love with her and then they kissed. She told him she never kissed anyone before. He said that was not his first kiss but his first kiss wasn't at all romantic. After that they kissed again. In the passing scenes Kurisu thoughts were: "Time is passing so quickly. Right now, I feel like complaining to Einstein. You know, Okabe, whether time passes slowly or quickly depends on your perception. The theory of relativity is so romantic... and so sad."

Strawberry Panic

The anime has a number of implied scenes among its female cast throughout the show's run. Here are some examples:

  • Episode 19 is mostly a flashback episode focused on Shizuma's times with Kaori. In one scene, the two embrace and kiss falling to the ground in a night sky. The next scene, they are shown lying on the ground together nude.
  • Episode 25 features Amane and Hikari in a stable together with the former not recalling her love for the latter due to an accident from an earlier episode. After hearing Hikari sing, Amane recalls her times with Hikari and the two kiss one another. The next shot features the two laying on the ground naked together the following morning.
  • Episode 26 features Shizuma and Nagisa together in a forest. After making flower necklaces, the two embrace and get in a deep kiss as they fall to the ground before the scene changes.

Sword Art Online

In episode 10, Kirito spends the night with Asuna in the same bed. The scene can be debated both ways. Here are the hints for an implied sex scene.

  • Asuna is sleeping soundly in her bed.
  • Kirito, who has his clothes on, gently poke Asuna's cheek with his finger. Asuna smiles at Kirito.


Following a scene where Milly comforts Wolfwood as the latter contemplated over his murder of Zazie the Beast in episode 23, the next scene shows a shirtless Wolfwood smoking by a window with Milly sleeping in bed.


Near the end of the series after the two talk about Araragi's present issues with his vampirism and trying to locate Oshino, Senjougohara waves a hand over to Araragi to come into the other room as she adjusts her hair. When he asks about meeting up with Hanekawa to see if she found any information on Oshino's whereabouts, Araragi is pushed to the floor by Senjougohara as she sits on top of him and tells him to wait until tomorrow to do so before the scene changes.

Tokyo Ghouls

In episode 5, Nishiki Nishio and Kimi Nishino are seen together. While Kimi is awake and in bed, topless, Nishiki is sitting against the wall with only his pants.

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