Katsuhito Masaki main image
Katsuhito Masaki
Kanji 柾木 勝仁
Rōmaji Masaki Katsuhito
Aliases Yōshō Masaki Jurai
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupations Shinto priest
Japanese Takeshi Aono (Katsuhito/Genjūrō)
Takehito Koyasu (Yōshō)
Kunihiko Yasui (Binpachi)
Masamichi Ōta (Child Yōshō, Darkness)
Ken Uo (Katsuhito, OVA 4 only)
English Jay Hopper (1st Katsuhito/Genjūrō)
Matt K. Miller (1st Yōshō/Binpachi)
Richard Cansino (2nd Yōshō, Forever! only)
Bob Papenbrook (2nd Katsuhito/3rd Yōshō, credited as "John Smallberries" in GXP)
Barbara Goodson (Child Yōshō, Darkness)


Katsuhito is the grandfather of Tenchi and serves as a priest at the Masaki family shrine. A number of continuities depict him to be a formidable swordsman despite his apparent age and having ties to the Royal Family of Jurai as the prince known as Yosho.


Katsuhito was created as a supporting characters of Masaki Kajishima's Tenchi Muyo anime, manga and novel franchise. There is no information about his character known during development of the series. Katsuhito has appeared in a number of anime, manga and novel adaptations of Tenchi Muyo which include the OVA series and several spinoff titles.

For anime adaptations in Japanese, he was voiced by Takeshi Aono as Katsuhito, Takehito Koyasu as Yosho and Magical Project S's Genjuro, Kunihiko Yasui as Magical Project S's Binpachi and Masamichi Ota as child Yosho during the Daughter of Darkness movie.

For English, Katsuhito was voiced by Jay Hopper for the first two Tenchi Muyo OVAs, The Night Before the Carnival, Tenchi Muyo in Love and Tenchi Universe. Bob Papenbrook voiced his character for Tenchi in Tokyo, Daughter of Darkness, Tenchi Forever, Tenchi Muyo GXP and the third Tenchi Muyo OVA series. Barbara Goodson voiced child Yosho for the Daughter of Darkness movie.



In spite of appearing as an elder man in the OVA series, Katsuhito is actually over 700 years old and still retains his younger form as Yosho by using a barrier to create the illusion of being more older than he is physically. While having grey hair and purple eyes while in his older form, he has purple hair and eyes for his younger form. He is normally seen in traditional robes and wearing glasses.


Katsuhito is a rather crafty yet wise man known to plan many complicated plots to ensure the well-being of those he grows close to from Ryoko's eventual encounter with Tenchi to teach her about developing emotions to maintaining his relationship with Airi. He can be fairly mischievous as Katsuhito can hide behind a number of ruses to conceal his true intentions on his plans and feign ignorance to things he may know more about than what one would assume.


Tenchi Muyo OVAs

In the past, Katsuhito was known as Yosho, the Prince of Jurai born to King Azusa and Queen Funaho. At this time, Jurai recently passed laws that allowed the people to mix their blood with other planets. Funaho was from Earth and appointed as Jurai's queen. This law didn't go well with Juraians as those of half-Juraian blood faced heavy prejudice. Yosho was very upset with these circumstances at a young age as he grew to be very protective of his mother. He would be bonded to his royal tree at eight years old and name it after his mother.

Yosho would go on to have some ordeals with love as he grew up. He found himself growing a romantic interest in his second mother, Misaki, who frequently visited him when he was twelve years old until her mother, Seto, got wind of the developments and persuaded Yosho into attending the Galactic Academy to prevent a scandal from breaking out. At the Galactic Academy, he would fall in love with an older student named Airi, whose alien race strongly hated Juraians, as the two would have a child named Minaho. But because these developments would lead to the rivalry between their races to get uglier, Airi was forced to separate from Yosho and had the embryo within her body separated and put in stasis for a period of time until she could reunite with Yosho.

Later on, Yosho was arranged to marry his half-sister, Ayeka. While the arrangement excited the princess due to her love for Yosho, the man only thought of her as a sister. When Ryoko attacked Jurai, Yosho took this opportunity as an excuse to leave the planet (mostly out of his love for Airi) as he pursued Ryoko and made her crash land on Earth. He managed to remove all her gems which were transferred to his sword, Tenchi-ken, and sealed Ryoko in a nearby cave.

After defeating Ryoko, Yosho chose to live a life on Earth. He became a Shinto priest taking the name of Katsuhito Masaki and left Funaho to plant into the Earth soil where it could never be used as a spaceship again. He has confided his whereabouts and relationship to Airi to a select number of close friends, family members and confidantes within the Galactic Academy and Jurai's Royal Family as details leaking out about a relationship between a Juraian and Airan would spark a major political bomb due to the hostilities between both planets.

In the present, Katsuhito is Tenchi's grandfather who taught Juraian sword arts to the boy as he desires to send his grandson in his place to inherit the throne on Jurai.

Tenchi Universe

In the series, Katsuhito is still part of Jurai's Royal Family and was once being known as the legendary swordsman, Yosho. He is no longer blood related to Ayeka and Sasami, but is still part of the main line of the family to inherit the throne. In addition, Katsuhito is of genuine elder age here instead of being centuries old and secretly not having aged a bit.

Following his defeat of his rival Kagato, Yosho would flee Jurai with his lover Haruna, as the two were forbidden to love one another on the planet due to their differing social classes. Unfortunately, Haruna would die from illness before the two would arrive on Earth. On Earth, Yosho would meet with the Masaki family as he met the family's daughter, Itsuki, and the two would fall in love and later marry to have a daughter named Achika, Tenchi's mother.

Katsuhito would tag along with Tenchi and the girls as they are chased by Jurai and Galaxy Police forces later in the series, where Katsuhito comes to learn that Kagato has returned and took on his identity as Yosho. The two would confront one another at an old Jurai palace as Katsuhito would get severely injured in their fight and would recover after his foe's defeat by Tenchi.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Katsuhito is not of Juraian blood in this series, as he is simply the priest of his family's shrine and an exorcist. Later in the series, he would reveal to Washu that the Masaki family is descended from a line of protectors who guard the Earth from enemy threats with the gems wielded by Tenchi not only being a memento from his dead mother, but power granted to him by the gods to guard the Earth and repel evil. In addition, he commented that Tenchi's kind nature would keep him from killing Yugi, which would appear true when the boy spares her in the finale of the series.

Pretty Sammy

In Magical Project S, Katsuhito and Yosho would appear respectively as Genjuro and Binpachi Hagakure in the show's tenth episode.

Genjuro is the leader of a ninja village theme park trying to prevent it from being turned into a wild west themed park by Nobuyuki Onijigoku.

Binpachi is Genjuro's grandson who joined up with Onijigoku's plans due to loving cowboys. However, he would later rejoin his family's side as Genjuro protected him from getting shot by the Love Love Monster, Gunman Girl.

After Gunman Girl's defeat, Genjuro convinces Onijigoku that they can collaborate together with a theme park mixing wild west and ninjas. But to teach his rival a lesson for his misdeeds, Genjuro would tie up Onijigoku and his assistant to the front entrance of the wild west park as punishment.

Powers and Abilities

In the OVA, Yosho can generate a barrier to defend himself from attack and can use Tenchi-ken in battle thanks to his Juraian bloodline. Being a master swordsman, Yosho was an equal match in his battle with Kagato on Earth. Using the power of Ryoko's gems, Yosho was able to sustain his youth over the 700 years he was left stranded on Earth by sustaining Funaho when it became grounded. He uses a special barrier to create the illusion of being a much older man, rarely showing his true appearance to others.

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