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Kill la Kill is an original anime series and Trigger's first anime production. It is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima.


For audiences outside of Japan, Crunchyroll is legally streaming the anime series for the following countries: U.S.A., Canada, South Africa, and Central and South America. Due to competition with, Crunchyroll is streaming the shows to Europe except for the following European countries: UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria, Monaco, Tunisia, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Its simulcasts airs every Thursday starting on October 3 at 11:30 am Pacific Time.

In addition, HULU and Aniplex Channel are streaming the anime series as well.

For the UK and European countries, has obtained rights to stream this anime.


Ryuko Matoi has come to the giant, city-state that doubles as a school, Honnouji Academy, on the trail of her father's killer. Her only clue to the murderer's identity is a woman who has the other half of the large Scissor Blade Ryuko carries. In the belief that Student Council President, Satsuki Kiryuin, may have the answers, Ryuko goes on a mission to beat them out of her. With the help of a sentient, blood-drinking seifuku ("sailor suit") called Senketsu, she'll fight her way through every single student club leader until she finds out the truth behind her father's murder.

Main Characters

See also: Kill la Kill (anime) characters for all characters in this series.

Ryuko Matoi (纏 流子 Matoi Ryūko) Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu Erica Mendez Weapon: Scissor Blade Gender: FemaleRyuko Matoi is a nomadic transfer student who is trying to find her father's killer. Her search leads her to Honnouji Academy. She wields one half of the "Scissor Blade," capable of cutting through almost any special uniform in its path. Soon after arriving in town, she ends up discovering Senketsu, a sentient uniform that gives her superpowers in exchange for blood.

Satsuki Kiryuin (鬼龍院 皐月 Kiryūin Satsuki) Voiced by: Ryouka Yuzuki Carrie Keranen Weapon: Bakuzan Gender: FemaleSatsuki Kiryuin is the powerful student council president of Honnouji Academy and the de-facto ruler of the land. She also happens to own a similar special uniform named Junketsu that she wears when fighting Ryuko.

Senketsu (鮮血 Senketsu) Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki David Vincent Weapon: N/A Gender: N/A (but sounds male to Ryuko)A secret project that Ryuko's dad was working on before he was murdered. Senketsu feasts on some of Ryuko's blood, and in turn grants her the power to withstand the superpowered attacks that the student council throws at her.

Mako Mankanshoku (満艦飾 マコ Mankanshoku Mako) Voiced by: Aya Suzaki Christine Marie Cabanos Weapon: None Gender: FemaleA quirky girl who often falls asleep in class, yet becomes Ryuko's only friend at school as her poor family gives her free room and board in the slums of Honnouji. She often interrupts crucial moments to express her strange values, sometimes easing tension but other times simply confusing everyone.

Aikuro Mikisugi (美木杉 愛九郎 Mikisugi Aikurō) Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki Matt Mercer Weapon: Acupuncture needles Gender: MaleRyuko and Mako's enigmatic homeroom teacher who sounds and looks like a boring old man but has a habit of transforming into a bishonen and slowly stripping when alone with Ryuko. Clearly knows more about the story than he lets on. A member of "Nudist Beach."

Tsumugu Kinagase (黄長瀬 紬 Kinagase Tsumugu) Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi Weapon: Sewing Machine-gun and grenades Gender: MaleA member of "Nudist Beach" seeking to destroy all kamui and goku uniforms after seeing the horrible things they are capable of. Has a habit of delivering "two pieces of information" to each person he confronts. Wields a machine gun that fires sewing needles capable of severing the connection between the Life Fibers and the person wearing the clothes.

Theme Music

Note: episode 1 featured no opening sequence, and episode 15 only showed the series title card, both episodes instead used the opening theme during a credit sequence at the end of the episode, instead of using the ending theme or sequence. Episode 18 also only showed the series title card, but still used the regular ending theme and sequence.

  1. Title Performer Episodes

OP01 "Sirius" (シリウス Shiriusu) Eir Aoi 02-14 OP02 "Ambiguous" Garnidelia 16-17 & 19-?? ED01 "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai." (ごめんね、いいコじゃいられない。 Sorry, I'm Done Being a Good Kid.) Miku Sawai 02-14 ED02 "Shin Sekai Kōkyōgaku" (新世界交響楽 New World Symphony) Sayonara Ponytail 16-?? Points of Interest

The Japanese titles of each episode have referenced a 1970's-era Japanese pop song. Title Artist Year Episode 1: If Only I had Thorns like a Thistle Miyako Chiaki 1977 Episode 2: So Sexy, She Might Pass Out Char 1977 Episode 3: Junketsu (or "Purity") Saori Minami 1972 Episode 4: Dawn of a Miserable Morning Jun Miyuzumi 1971 Episode 5: Trigger (or "Hikigane") Masanori Sena & Twist 1978 Episode 6: Don't Toy With Me On A Whim Southern All-Stars 1978 Episode 7: A Loser I Can't Hate Kenji Sawada 1977 Episode 8: I'll Wipe My Own Tears Katsuhiko Miki 1965 Episode 9: A Once in a Lifetime Chance Hideki Saijo Episode 10: I Want To Know More About You Hiroko Yakushimaru Episode 11: I'm Not Your Cute Woman Yuko Kanai Episode 12: Spit Your Sadness Away Naoki Hongo Episode 13: Crazy For You (or "Kimi ni iu kanji") Toshihiko Tahara

Also, the first ending theme "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai." (ごめんね、いいコじゃいられない。 Sorry, I'm Done Being a Good Kid.) was discovered to be the theme of a 1985 Japanese TV drama called Sukeban Deka (roughly, "Delinquent Girl Detective"), with several scenes shared between the original credits of the show and the ending credits of Kill la Kill, except with Ryuko in place of the other show's protagonist.