Mina Carolina
Mino Carolina
Kanji ミーナ・カロライナ
Rōmaji Mina Caroraina
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Affiliations 104th Trainee Squad (Former)
Survey Corps
Teams Eren Yeager's Team
Manga Attack on Titan Volume #1: Chapter 3
Anime Attack on Titan #3
Japanese Chika Anzai
English Alexis Tipton

Mina Carolina is a member of the 104th Trainee Squad.


Mina Carolina is created by Hajime Isayama.



Mina has black eyes and black hair that is fashioned into two short ponytails that passes her neck.

Story Arcs

After the fall of Shiganshina District in the year 845, Mina and the rest of the 104th Trainee Corps train to become soldiers. With five years of training, Mina graduates with her fellow comrades. Upon listening to Eren Jaeger's motivational speech at the graduates dinner, she joins the Survey Corps and becomes a member of Eren Jaeger's Squad. In the year 850, Mina and her squad fight the Titans in the Trost District within Wall Rose. When Thomas Wagner gets eaten by a Titan, Mina and her squad follow Eren who pursues the Titan. As Eren gets knock out, Mina, Nick, and Millius gets captured by the Titans. A female Titan grabs Mina's wire that causes Mina to crash into a wall. The female Titan grabs Mina and bites Mina's head off.