Here's a general naming guide for Anime Vice Wikia. For naming policies for images, please see Image Policy. Thank you.

How to name franchises, manga, light novel, and anime series?

Which name should I use?

If you're wondering which names we use in the wiki, here is our list of priorities:

  1. Official English anime dub name
  2. Official English anime sub name
  3. Official English manga name
  4. Written English Names by Author and Staff in Anime or Manga (Example)
  5. Unofficial fansub or scanlation name

Exceptions: 1990's dub anime series such as Digimon. Because characters weren't given full names, it was hard to name these pages without getting lost or potential dupe page in addition to Wikia trafficking towards these characters due to the page names. In Digimon's case, we use the dub names and put them in quotation marks. Tai's name would be Taichi "Tai" Kamiya. For Pokemon, there are characters with full names in the dub such as Ash Ketchum (Satoshi). We name him Ash Ketchum and leave Satoshi in the alias section.

If There's a Dupe Name

  • For anime and manga, please go by year. If it's the same year, go by publisher.
  • For characters, please go by (franchise name).

Notes: Please check the Disambiguations list for a list of character names with more than one characters.

If The Character Uses a Superhero Name

  • If the real name isn't available yet, we use the superhero name as the default name.
  • If a real name exisits, we put the superhero name as an alias.



Character names must be place first name then surname last.


(Fill in later)


Please use revised Hepburn romanization in our wiki pages.

Episodes, Volumes, and Chapters

  • Episode # (Series)
  • Volume # (Series)
  • Chapter # (Series)

Because of the sheer amount of franchises Anime Vice Wikia covers, this is the method we name our pages for the following reasons:

Some series use the same titles for their chapters and episodes. While some Wikia deals with it by using (Episode) or (Chapter), we can't use those terms due to another term (Series Name).

If a series (not franchise) has a long name such as Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, you would use the official abbreviation from the publishing company/animation studio/TV Network. you would name the episode, Episode 1 (Oreimo 2).


For years, we use this format:

  • YYYY Media Series

Please add it only to anime and manga sub pages. Year Release Dates for manga series will be based on the tankobon's official release in Japan not the anthology magazines. Year Release Dates for anime series will be based on the original TV broadcast in Japan, not sneak premieres.


  • "2014 Anime Series" Category added to The Seven Deadly Sins' anime sub page.
  • "2013 Manga Series" Category added to The Seven Deadly Sins' manga sub page.
  • "2008 Light Novel Series" Cateogry added to Oreimo's light novel sub page.
  • "2007 Manhwa Series" Category added to Noblesse's manhwa sub page.
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