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A young boy, Naruto, with a demon sealed inside him wants to become the best ninja in his village and become the next Hokage. Thus Naruto, joined by his team mates and leader, begins his journey to become Hokage of Konoha.


Naruto is a manga series created by the writer and artist Masashi Kishimoto. It's a shonen action series in the tradition of Dragon Ball. After several manga options were submitted to the largest manga publisher in Japan, Shueisha's Shonen Jump magazine, Kishimoto submitted his first draft for a ninja story that would become the Naruto manga, a story of a young ninja that would become a top seller in both Japan and much of the reset of the world. It is mainly targeted toward a younger male audience, but does have cross gender appear. The first draft would change dramatically from what the final product would become. This one shot was submitted to Akamaru Jump in 1997 and won the top prize that allowed Kishimoto to have his selection of editors.

Manga Series

Naruto (1999)

Volume 1 jp

Naruto Vol. 1 JPN (2000)

The Naruto manga first began publication in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump by Shueisha in 1999. The first volume format (takabon) was released in March 3, 2000.

In the U.S. and Canadian market, Naruto is translated and published for the VIZ Media company. VIZ Media has altered art work and dialog to censor the contents for a younger audience, and they have refused offer an uncensored version of the series, despite them releasing the anime in an uncut format.

Anime Series

Naruto (2002)

The Naruto anime series is the first series was directed by Hayato Date, music by Toshio Masuda. It is produced by the Studio Pierrot and has aired in Japan on both the TV Tokyo and Animax networks. The first episode originally aired on October 3, 2002. The anime was licensed for the U.S. by VIZ Media company, the same publisher of the Naruto manga in the U.S. The first episode aired on September 10th 2005 on Cartoon Network's anime programming Toonami. On September 20, 2008, Cartoon Network ended its Toonami block, but the channel continued randomly air episodes of Naruto in the time slots originally occupied by Toonami's programming. Following Episode 209, airing on January 31, 2009, the last episode to be shown Cartoon Network. VIZ has since stated that they have continued dubbing new episodes and releasing on DVD.

After Episode 135 of the Naruto anime that aired in May of 2005, the series began a constant run of filler episodes that would last till the series end with Episode 220 that aired in February 8th 2007. At which point, the Naruto Shippuden series picked up the Naruto manga story from the point of the beginning of a two year time skip and much of the younger cast grew and developed in skill.

Naruto Shippuden (2007)

The Naruto Shippuden anime series is the second anime based upon the manga series Naruto, created by the writer and artist Masashi Kishimoto. Much of the same staff to produced the first run of the anime returned for this reboot. The series was directed by Hayato Date, music is now produced by Yasuharu Takanashi and -yaiba-. It's still produced by the Studio Pierrot and has aired in Japan on both the TV Tokyo and Animax networks. It is mainly targeted toward a younger male audience, but does have cross gender appear. The first episode originally aired on February 15, 2007.


Twelve years ago the Village Hidden in the Leaves was attacked by a fearsome threat. The Nine-tailed Fox Demon claimed the lives of hundreds and of the village leader, the Fourth Hokage. Years later, the village is at peace and a troublemaking kid named Naruto Uzumaki struggles to graduate from Ninja Academy. His goal may be to become the next Hokage, but his true destiny will be much more complicated. The adventure begins now!

The secret is that Naruto is the vessel of the Nine-tails has been kept from him most his life, but those who lived to see the destruction have not been kind and suspect that he will become a demon. After failing his ninja exam, Naruto was tricked into stealing a precious scroll by one of the ninja teachers. In the process, he learns the dark secret sealed inside of him. In spite of this realization, Naruto saves the day and is graduated as a full fledged ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Two and a half years later after Sasuke abandoned the village and the team, Naruto has returned to find that all his fellow ninja have been promoted in rank. Sakura is a medical ninja, Gaara has become the Kazekage, and Kakashi is still the same. He's both grown and fallen behind. Naruto wants to be the best ninja in the land. He's done well so far, but with the looming danger posed by the mysterious Akatsuki organization, Naruto knows he must train harder than ever and leaves his village for intense exercises that will push him to his limits. He must fight harder, train harder, and not be overcome by the weakening seal that holds the deadly Nine-tailed Fox inside.

Original Series Story Arcs

Introduction Arc (1-5)

Meet Naruto Uzumaki, Team 7, and the rest of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Land of Waves Arc (6-19)

What seemed like a simple escort mission to the Land of Waves becomes a real danger as Team 7, led by Kakashi, face off with the demon Zabuza and Haku to protect a bridge that is intended to bring prosperity to the land.

Chunin Exams Arc (20-67)

Fresh off their mission in the Land of Waves, Kakashi has signed Team 7 up for the Chunin Exams. Not only is there a written test but they must hone their teamwork and skills in the Forest of Death if they ever want to have a chance to reach the next grade.

Invasion of Konoha Arc (68-80)

Orochimaru's Sound Village has teamed up with the Sand Village to attack the Hidden Leaf Village during the last part of the Chunin exams. It's an all out war that could lead to the destruction of everything they love.

Search for Tsunade Arc (81-100)

With the village still recovering for the battle, a new Hokage must be found. Jiraiya takes Naruto on a trip to find his old friend Tsunade, but Orochimaru also has a request for her. Who will she side with?

Land of Tea Arc (Filler 102-106)

With a newly healed Sasuke joins Team 7's latest mission, but this journey to the Land of Tea to assist in a race may only put more strain on their already tense relationship.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc (107-135)

Sasuke has fallen into the temptations of Orochimaru. Naruto makes a promise to Sakura to bring him back and some of the best young ninja of the Hidden Leaf are there to help him. To save Sasuke from himself, they are going to have to face the best ninja from the Sound Village.

Filler Arcs

All of the episodes following Episode 135 were non-canon single episodes or filler arcs that had no connection to the original manga story. This lasted throughout the series run until the final episode in Episode 220. At which point the series then became Naruto Shippuden.

  • Land of Rice Arc - Episodes 136-141: Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya go searching for Sasuke and the Hidden Sound's home base.
  • Mizuki Returns Arc - Episode 142-147: Naruto helps Iruka capture an escaped convict they both have a past with.
  • Search for the Bikochu Arc - Episode 148-151: Naruto with Team 8 go in search for a special beetle that could help them find Sasuke
  • Curry of Life Arc - Episode 152-157: Naruto and Team Guy travel to a distant land and discover an unusual curry.
  • Bounty Hunter Arc - Episode 159-160: Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata help Sazanami clear his name.
  • Cursed Warrior Arc - Episode 162-167: Naruto, Neji, and Tenten travel to the Land of Birds to investigate the appearance of a vengeful spirit.
  • Land of Sea Arc - Episode 169-173: Anko Mitarashi leads Naruto, Ino, and Shino to the Land of the Sea while investigating Orochimaru and she discovers a link to her missing memories.
  • Treasure Hunt Arc - Episode 175-176: Naruto is paired with Kiba and Hinata to improve their teamwork.
  • Hidden Star Village Arc - Episode 178-183: Naruto and Team Guy travel to the Village of the Stars to investigate a mysterious meteorite that is being used on it's people to grant incredible powers.
  • Land of Vegetables Arc - Episode 187-191: Naruto, Hinata, and Choji travel to the Land of Vegetables.
  • Episode 195-196: Mighty Guy must deal with his past as someone comes looking for revenge.
  • Trap Master Arc - Episode 197-201: The Konoha 11 seek to prevent a plot to blow up the Hidden Leaf Village by finding a hidden bomb that has been planted during the reconstruction.
  • Kurama Clan Arc - Episode 203-207: Kurenai abandons her pupils to deal with one of her mistakes from the past.
  • Shinobazu Arc - Episode 209-212: Naruto, Lee, Sakura help transport a criminal to prison, but doubts of his guilt start to appear.
  • Menma Arc - Episode 213-215: Naruto helps a new friend regain his memories.
  • Ultimate Weapon Arc - Episode 216-220: The Konoha 11 travel to Hidden Sand Village to save one of it's people from the Four

Naruto Theme Songs

Opening Themes

Opening # Song Title Performer Episode Run
Opening 1 "Rocks" Hound Dog 1-25
Opening 2 "Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方) Asian Kung-Fu Generation 26-53
Opening 3 "Kanashimi wo Yasashisani (悲しみをやさしさに)" little by little 54-77
Opening 4 "Go!!!" FLOW 78-103
Opening 5 "Seishun Kyosokyoku" Sambomaster 104-128
Opening 6 "No Boy, No Cry (ノーボーイ・ノークライ)" Stance Punks 129-153
Opening 7 "Namikaze Satellite (波風サテライト)" Snowkel 154-178
Opening 8 "Re:member" FLOW 179-202
Opening 9 "YURA YURA" Hearts Grow 203-220

For the English production by VIZ Media and aired on Toonami, the Naruto anime didn't use the original opening of the Japanese series. The first opening for TV was titled "Rise" and performed by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus. This opening theme aired for episodes 1-52. The second opening was "Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" performed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation. While this was the second opening for the original Japanese run. It ran in the U.S. for episodes 53-77. Originally, "Haruka Kanata" ran from episodes 26-53.

Ending Themes

Ending # Song Title Performer Episode Run
Ending 1 "Wind" Akeboshi 1-25
Ending 2 "Harmonia (ハルモニア)" Rythem 26-51
Ending 3 "Viva Rock ~Japanese Side~ (ビバ★ロック ~japanese side~)" Orange Range 52-64
Ending 4 "ALIVE" Raiko 65-77
Ending 5 "Ima made Nando mo (今まで何度も)" the Mass Missile 78-89
Ending 6 "Ryusei (流星)" Tia 90-103
Ending 7 "Mountain A Go Go Too (マウンテン・ア・ゴーゴー・ツー)" Captain Stridum 104-115
Ending 8 "Hajimete Kimi to Shabetta (はじめて君としゃべった)" GagagaSP 116-128
Ending 9 "Nakushita Kotoba (失くした言葉)" No Regret Life 129-141
Ending 10 "スピード (Speed)" Analog Fish 142-153
Ending 11 "Soba ni Iru Kara (そばにいるから)" Amadori 154-165
Ending 12 "Parade (パレード)" CHABA 166-178
Ending 13 "Yellow Moon" Akeboshi 179-191
Ending 14 "Pinocchio" Ore Ska Band 192-202
Ending 15 "Scenario" SABOTEN 203-220

Naruto Shippuden Story Arcs

  • Kazekage Rescue Arc - Episodes 1-32: Even after two and a half years, things aren't going to be easy for the newly returned Naruto. A new mission comes of Team 7 when word reaches the Hidden Leaf Village that the newly appointed Kazekage, Gaara has been captured by the Akatsuki.
  • Sasuke and Sai Arc - Episodes 33-53: Fresh off the mission to save Gaara, a lead is discovered that could lead Naruto and Sakura to Sasuke's whereabouts, but a new member of questionable loyalties may have an agenda of his own.
  • Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc (Semi-Canon) - Episodes 54-71: A monk called Sora from Fire Temple has possessed an unusual powers as the same chakra as Naruto possessed. Team Kakashi then recruited Sora to join them. Soon after, four ninjas with unique powers has comes to steal four dead bodies of Monks. Team Kakashi has assigned to stop the thieves.
  • Hidan and Kakuzu Arc - Episodes 72-89: The two immortals of the Akatsuki cross paths with the Hidden Leaf's Team 10 and the life of someone dear is taken in tragic bloodshed. Shikamaru is given his greatest trial, and Naruto has an old jutsu to perfect.
  • Itachi Pursuit Arc - Episode 113-118, 121-141: Sasuke has killed Orochimaru and gathered three member to band together as one team called "Hebi" (蛇, Hebi). In order to fulfill his revenge, Sasuke informed the Team to locate Itachi Uchiha together. This Arc also featured the history of Kakashi and Jiraiya. Meanwhile Jiaraya dies from a battle with his former student Pain leader of Akatsuki until it was reaveled that it is actually Tobi who is the real leader of Akatsuki.
  • Kakashi Gaiden Arc - Episodes 119-120: Every hero's tale has a beginning. The story of a young Kakashi Hatake and the tragic story of how he obtained the Sharingan Eye.
  • Invasion of Pain Arc - Episodes 142-143, 152-175: The Akatsuki's figurehead leader Pain is on the move to the Hidden Leaf to claim Naruto for his plot and exact a terrible revenge upon it's people, but Naruto is nowhere to be found. In the summon realm to learn the Sage Mode. If he doesn't learn quickly, the village and many of his friends may not be here to greet him.
  • Five Kage Summit Arc - Episodes: 197-221: Tsunade remains unconscious after overexerting her chakra via Katsuyu to protect the villagers during the invasion of Pain. While Shizune and Sakura tend to her, Danzo is made Hokage in the meantime. Due to Sasuke's involvement in the Akatsuki, he is officially a rogue ninja. The Raikage and his countymen are also hunting Sasuke for injuring the former's younger brother, who happens to be a jinchuriki for the eight-tailed beast.

Naruto tries his best to save Sasuke by bringing him back to Konoha, which also fulfills his promise to Sakura. The five Kages, meanwhile, are bound to have a summit meeting in the land of the samurai, to discuss the fate of Sasuke and ways to deal with the Akatsuki. Naruto sets out with Kakashi and Yamato to meet with the Raikage. The Raikage refuses Naruto's plea and reasserts that he wishes to see Sasuke dead for the sake of his little brother.

Sasuke, also sets out towards the Five Kage Summit, with help from a fellow Akatsuki member--Zetsu--in search for Danzo. During the summit meeting, the five kages argue and point fingers at each other for military actions and relations with the Akatsuki. Raikage loses his temper during the meeting. Danzo fails to be named the sole kage in charge of all the military forces of the neutral nations. Zetsu appears in front of all the five kages and exposes Sasuke's presence at the land of the samurai. Raikage loses his temper again and strangulates Zetsu. Raikage clashes with Sasuke and his team.

Madara approaches Naruto for a talk and is intervened by Yamato and Kakashi. Madara is about to reveal the hidden history of Konoha that involves the Itachi clan and the Hokages. Yamato restrains Madara while the latter speaks, preventing him from capturing Naruto and the Kyuubi inside him.

  • Confining the Jinchuuriki Arc - Episodes 243-255: Naruto meets Killer Bee and who takes him under his wing to control Kurama the Nine Tails and Naruto meets his mother.
  • Shinobi World War Arc - Episodes 256-289, 296-

Filler Arcs

  • Three-Tails Arc (Filler) - Episodes 90-112: This Arc has mainly focus on the Three-Tailed Demon Turtle (三尾出現, Sanbi Shutsugen). Team Kurenai was assigned to investigate whats happening on Orochimaru's Hideout. As soon after then, Guren, one of Orochimaru's pupil recruited some Ninjas. Team Kakashi and Team Kurenai was assigned to stop them and sealed the Three-Tailed Beast.
  • Tsuchigumo Kinjutsu Arc (Filler) - Episodes 144-151
  • Konoha History Arc (Filler) - Episodes 176-196
  • Adventures at Sea Arc (Filler) - Episodes 222-242
  • The Chikara Arc (Filler) Episodes 290-295: It's a filler arc consisting of six episodes made for to commemorate 500 episodes total of both parts of the Naruto anime.

Naruto Shippuden Theme Songs

Over the course of the years that Naruto Shippuden has been running on TV. There have been many varieties in songs for both the opening and closing of the episodes.

Opening Themes

Opening # Song Title Performer Episode Run
Opening 1 "Hero's Come Back!!" nobodyknows 1-30
Opening 2 "distance" LONG SHOT PARTY 31-53
Opening 3 "BLUE BIRD" Ikimono-Gakari 54-77
Opening 4 "CLOSER" Inoue Joe 78-102
Opening 5 "Hotaru no Hikari" Ikimono-Gakari 103-128
Opening 6 "Sign" FLOW 129-153
Opening 7 "Toumei Datta Sekai (透明だった世界)" Motohira Hata 154-179
Opening 8 "Diver" NICO Touches the Walls 190-205
Opening 9 "Lovers" 7 206-230
Opening 10 "Newsong" Tacia 231-256

Ending Themes

Ending # Song Title Performer Episode Run
Ending 1 "Nagare Boshi ~Shooting Star~" HOME MADE Kazoku 1-18
Ending 2 "Michi ~ to you all" aluto 19-30
Ending 3 "KIMI MONOGATRI" little by little 31-41
Ending 4 "Mezamero! Yasei" MATCHY with QUESTION? 42-52
Ending 5 "Sunao na Niji" surface 54-63
Ending 6 "Broken Youth" NICO Touches the Walls 64-77
Ending 7 "Long Kiss Good Bye" HALCALI 78-90
Ending 8 "BACCHIKOI!!!" DEV PARADE 91-102
Ending 9 "Shinkokyuu" SUPER BEAVER 103-115
Ending 10 "My Answer" Seamo 116-128
Ending 11 "It was you" Kishidan 129-141
Ending 12 "For You" AZU 142-152
Ending 13 "Jitensha (自転車 Bicycle)" Oreskaband 153-166
Ending 14 "Utakata Hanabi" Supercell 167-179
Ending 15 "U Can Do It" Domino 180-192
Ending 16 "Orchestra of Midnight" Aqua Timez 193-205
Ending 17 "FREEDOM" HOME MADE Kazoku 206-218
Ending 18 "Yokubou o Sakebe" OKAMOTO´S 219-230
Ending 19 "Place to Try" TOTALFAT 231-242
Ending 20 "By my side" Hemenway 243-256
Ending 21 "Cascade" UNLIMITS 257-

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