Naruto Main Image
Naruto Uzumaki
Kanji うずまき ナルト
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday October 10
Height 166 cm (5'3")
Weight 50.9 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Yellow
Occupations Ninja
Affiliations Team 7, Hidden Leaf, Konoha 11
Romantic Partners Hinata Hyuga
Relatives Minato Namikaze (Father)

Kushina Uzumaki (Mother)

Manga Naruto #1, Ch.1
Anime Naruto #1
Japanese Junko Takeuchi
English Maile Flanagan

Naruto Uzumaki is a hyper-active ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7. Shortly after his birth, the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside of him, but this was kept a secret from him for years. Still, he dreams to become the greatest ninja, the Hokage.


Naruto Uzumaki was born in the Hidden Leaf Village to the Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage; and Kushina Uzumaki. The dreaded Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was on its path to wiping out the entire village and its inhabitants. Naruto's parents named him after the main character of Jiraiya's first book, thus making the Sannin his godfather.

Naruto and mother-0

A newborn Naruto with his mother Kushina.

Prior to Naruto's birth, his parents and the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi feared that his birth would break the seal which kept Kurama in Kushina. The plan to ensure it did not occur was for Kushina to be taken to top-secret location outside the village with Biwako Sarutobi and Taji as her midwives, a few ANBU as security, and Minato to keep the seal in place. However, word of Kushina giving birth reached a masked ninja who intended to take the fox for his own evil ends. Killing the midwives and ANBU, the masked man took the newborn Naruto hostage to keep Minato away from Kushina so the seal can be shattered.

Minato and Kushina

Minato and Kushina protecting Naruto from Kurama.

Though Naruto was taken safer location, the masked ninja succeeded in releasing Kurama and used it to devastate Konoha. Saving Kushina, Minato left Naruto with her as he went off to save their village. After severing the masked ninja's control over the tailed beast, Minato realised the only way to stop Kurama was to seal it within Naruto, believing that his son would someday have need of the fox's power to defeat the masked ninja when he returned. However, sacrificing his soul to weaken Kurama, the sealing process took both Minato's life and Kushina's when they took a fatal blow from the fox meant for their son. Suddenly orphaned, Naruto was left to grow up knowing nothing of his parents, receiving only his mother's last name as Hiruzen believed it was best that nobody knew that he was related to the Fourth Hokage.

Despite Minato's final request to Hiruzen for the villagers to see Naruto as a hero who had helped defeat Kurama, only the Third Hokage and a few of the villagers honoured his request. Everyone else instead resented him for containing the beast that had destroyed their home, some even seeing him as the fox itself. Furthermore, Hiruzen made a decree to prohibit any mention of Naruto's nature as a jinchūriki in the hope that the other children would not resent him. However, even without knowing the reason, most of the children followed their parents' example and ostracised Naruto. The social isolation would cause Naruto to develop a need to be acknowledged through mischief.

Young Naruto

Naruto as a child.

When Naruto was enrolled into the Academy, he became the student of Iruka Umino and met his class mate Sasuke Uchiha when the two were pair to spar against each other. Though excited at the chance to achieve popularity by beating Sasuke, Naruto was easily beaten. By looking at Sasuke's eyes, Naruto realised that they were filled with hatred. When Iruka told them to make the reconciliation seal, they both refused. Since then, Naruto came to see Sasuke as a rival and intended to beat him. When Naruto found out that Sasuke was also an orphan, he was secretly happy for not being the only one alone and wanted to talk to him, but couldn't because of his jealousy toward Sasuke's skills. Still, Naruto wished that, someday, Sasuke would acknowledge him as an equal.

In the anime, when Naruto pulled a prank on a group of boys for not being invited to their "test of courage", he refused to return to the Academy after being glared by Iruka with the same resentful stare everyone else gives him. Later, Naruto is tricked by

Young Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry during their childhood.

the boys' leader, Hibachi, to get himself killed by enemy ninja in the hills. Learning of this, Iruka ends up saving Naruto from a trio Takigakure kunochi before Kakashi Hatake dispatches their pursuers. Soon after, Naruto begins attending class again at the time that Iruka, who now acts as a surrogate brother to keep the boy in line, gave a lecture on the Will of Fire that inspires Naruto to become the next Hokage someday to achieve the acknowledgement he is striving for. Apart from Hiruzen and Iruka, Naruto also found a surrogate family with the owner of Ramen Ichiraku: Teuchi and his daughter Ayame to some extent.



Original Naruto One-Shot

Naruto Uzumaki is the lead character of the Naruto series that was created by Masashi Kishimoto, but his original design was quite different than the version that was finally used. For the first one-shot of Naruto that was published in the Japanese Shounen Jump Magazine. Naruto was a fox demon who took human form and was sent into the world to make friends. This idea was put aside for another form that we know today--the young outcast with a violent demon fox sealed within him. This version of the series first began serialization Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1999. Kishimoto specifically added in personality aspects and other traits that he felt were needed in any protagonist.

He wanted him to be energetic and outgoing, but with a mischievous side, while he also wanted to keep Naruto simple-minded and stupid. The classic underdog archetype. He is similar in appearance to his father. He has blond-spiky hair and blue eyes. The clothing design of Naruto was based upon outfits that Kishimoto used to wear in his youth. He wanted the design to be unique, but also not standing out too much. The original color scheme of Naruto's jump suit was orange and blue. His face is three lines on each side that mimics whiskers. Though Naruto begins the official manga series with the same goggles as the one-shot story, it is replaced with a standard forehead protector. Kishimoto stated that he created the forehead protectors because the goggles were just too time-consuming to draw.

Volume 1 jp

Naruto Vol. 1 JPN (Mar 2000)

The finalized version of Naruto first appeared in Naruto Volume 1, CH. 1 of the manga. His first anime appearance was in Naruto - Episode 1 He Appears! Naruto Uzumaki. His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Junko Takeuchi, and the U.S. dub produced by VIZ Media is done by Maile Flanagan. When Naruto uses his Sexy Jutsu technique, his Japanese voice actress is Ema Kogure and his English voice actress is Stephanie Sheh. Naruto starts off as a character who has an abundance of power within him, thanks to the fox demon sealed inside him. However, he lacks the focus and the training necessary to tap into the Demon Fox's energy source. His signature technique would become the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Naruto's favorite food is ramen at the Ichiraku stand. In the Japanese version, Naurto ends all his statements with the phrase "-ttebayo". This is a verbal tick Kishimoto gave Naruto, as a trait he got from his mother. In the VIZ production for the U.S. market, this tick was replaced with the catchphrase "Believe it!". This phrase was panned by fans and eventually fazed out completely after the first few seasons of the English dubbed anime. Naruto is named after a type of processed fish paste, known as the kamaboko (蒲鉾). The narutomaki (鳴戸巻き) is a kamaboko with swirls.

Character Evolution

"One of these days they will be calling me Hokage. I'm going to surpass everyone who came before me! "

Naruto Uzumaki - "Naruto" Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Young and old Naruto

Naruto in Part II (left) and in Part I (right) respectively.

While the character design for Naruto has not change too dramatically from the original design, it has in the official manga. Naruto has undergone much character evolution in appearance, personality, and abilities, in the official manga. Naruto starts out as a scrawny trouble-maker of the village who is also the most hated. He has been alone, until becoming a part of the Team 7 squad under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake. Naruto later trains under the legendary Jiraiya, who has also taught his father. Through difficult and gruesome training, Naruto goes on to learn new techniques at every step of the way and becomes more powerful. His signature technique is the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Naruto also completes the Rasengan attack. In times of great stress, Naruto has been able to tap into the chakra of the demon sealed within.

Rank: Genin

Registered Ninja #: 012607

Date Of Birth: October 10th

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood Type: B

Completed Assignments:

  • D-Rank / C-Rank 1 / B-Rank 2 / A-Rank 6 / S-Rank 0

A two-and-a-half year time gap lies in the series where Naruto leaves the village, in order to train for two years, Naruto, and his return to the village, Naruto Shippuden. In the duration, Naruto hopes to become stronger so he can face Orochimaru, who has seduced his friend, Sasuke Uchiha with power, and save Sasuke. In so doing, Naruto would fulfill his the promise to Sakura Haruno, to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. In his training, Naruto learns a great deal and masters many new skills and techniques. However, in his eagerness to train, Naruto has tapped into the powers of the Kyuubi. As a result, the Demon Fox has taken control over Naruto's body on several occasions and caused injuries and damages to the people and places around him.

To prepare for another great battle with the killer of his sensei, Jiraiya, Naruto travels to the realm of the frogs. There in the frogs' world, Naruto trains and masters Sage Mode by drawing his power from the elements that exist in nature. Naruto uses this skill in the battle with Pain. After defeating Pain, the entire village sees Naruto as their hero and comes to recognize as a great ninja. The villagers have also began love and admire Naruto. However, his old friend Sasuke aims to destroy it. A great ninja war is on the brink of eruption, due to the actions of a secret faction known as the Akatsuki and Sasuke, who has joined the group.

Original Series Major Story Arcs

Introduction Arc

Team 7

The official group photo of Team 7.

Naruto grew up alone in the Hidden Leaf Village and was seen by most to be the town nuisance. The Third Hokage had made it against the law to tell him how the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon had been sealed inside of him by the Fourth Hokage, his father. His dream of becoming a ninja fell apart when he failed the final exams of the Ninja Academy, by Iruka Umino. One of the other teachers Mizuki tricked Naruto into stealing the Scroll of Sealing, making him think that the secrets inside would allow him to graduate. Alone in the woods, he practiced the Shadow Clone Justu. Iruka was the first to find Naruto, and realized that Mizuki had tricked him into stealing it. Mizuki appeared and revealed to Naruto about the demon fox sealed inside him. Naruto ran away after Iruka shielded Naruto from Mizuki's attack, because he knew the kind of pain Naruto felt being alone. Naruto listened in secret as Iruka defended Naruto, and he saved Iruka from Mizuki by creating a horde of perfect Shadow Clones. As thanks, Iruka gave Naruto his very own forehead protector as a sign of his graduation to become a ninja.

Shortly after being a graduate, Naruto met the Third Hokage's grandson Konohamaru and his teacher Ebisu. Konohamaru had seen how Naruto's Sexy Jutsu had effected his grandfather, he wanted Naruto to teach him. Konohamaru confessed to Naruto that he wanted to become the Hokage to escape his grandfather's shadow, but Naruto told him that there aren't any shortcuts to the position. When Ebisu confronted Naruto and acussed him of being a bad influence on the young master. Rather than fight, Naruto won by combining the Shadow Clone Jutsu with his Sexy Jutsu to make the Harem Jutsu.

Naruto was then assigned as part of the Team 7 team of ninja genin with his crush, Sakura Haruno; and his rival, Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto tied Sauke up so he could use a transformation jutsu, and ask Sakura how she felt about him while looking like Sasuke. He only learned that she hated him, and he had to run off due to the expired milk he had drank earlier that day. Team 7 soon met with their ninja master, Kakashi Hatake; and he was going to decide if they would become full genin. They met the next day on the training field, and Kakashi gave the three the task of trying to claim the two bells he tied to his waist. The one without a bell would have to be tied to the post and wouldn't get to eat. Each tried on the own and fail. Even Naruto's shadow clones failed against Kakashi's skills. By noon, none of them had a bell, and Naruto was tied to the post. Only then did he tell them that the task was a test their ability to work as a team. He was giving them one last chance. If they failed again, they could never be allowed to be ninjas. Despite Kakashi's warning not to give Naruto any food, Sasuke and Sakura offered him some of their's after hearing his stomach growl. Kakashi appeared in a cloud of smoke to tell them they passed the test. He had wanted them to understand that rules are important, but not at the cost of abandoning your friends.

Land of the Waves Arc

Sasuke saving Naruto

Sasuke, Naruto, & the Demon Brothers.

As an official team, Naruto and his Squad 7 were regular jobs that fit their ranky, such as catching stray runaway pets. Naruto was fed up, he wanted a real mission, and demanded one from the Hokage. The Third Hokage relented and gave them a simple escort mission to take the bridge builder Tazuna back to his homeland in the Land of Waves. The mission proved far more dangerous than anyone knew. They were attacked by two rogue Hidden Mist ninja. Sasuke saved Naruto, and Kakashi effortlessly defeated the pair. Once they reached the Land of Waves, Tazuna told them how Gezo, a corrupt industrialist, was trying to stop the construction of a new bridge. He had even hired dangerous rogue ninja. The team were soon attacked by one of the most dangerous rogues from the Hidden Mist, Zabuza Momochi. Kakashi fought on equal terms with his Sharingan Eye but was trapped in a water prison. Naruto and Sasuke teamed up to get the best of Zabuza. He transformed into a shuriken that Sasuke used in the Shadow Shuriken justu. This got Naruto behind Zabuza, and he freed Kakashi. Just before Kakshi could kill Zabuza, he was taken out by a young boy Shinobi Hunter from the Mist Village. He took Zabuza's body, and Kakashi collapsed from using the Sharingan. They took him to Tazuna's home where he lived with his daughter Tsunami and grandson Inari, so he could rest.
First time using ntails

Naruto's first use of the Nine-Tails' chakra.

They thought they were safe, but Kakashi remembered that Shinobi Hunters work on the spot. That had been Zabuza's ally who saved him. They both needed time to recover, but he would return. Kakashi took Naruto and the others into the woods for special training to climb trees. This was actually to teach them how to focus and control their chakra. Naruto and Sasuke worked hard to exhaustion. With each attempt they got higher and higher. Inari mocked them for working so hard, and Naruto took offense to it.

Though, Tazuna told them how Inari lost the man he looked to as a father to Gato's men for standing up against him. This only spurred Naruto's fire, and he went back out to train more. When he woke up, there was a lovely-young person who he mistook as a girl named Haku. Haku encouraged him for wanting to get stronger, and Naruto was shocked when Haku told him he was a boy. Naruto woke up late after his intensified training, and the others had already gone out to the bridge. Noticing a suspicious boulder that had been sliced, he returned just in time to save Inari and his mother from two of Gato's thugs. He had to get to the bridge, because Zabuza and his ally were on the move.

The Chunin Exam Arc

Not long after their return to the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke ran into ninja from the Hidden Sand Village; Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. They were there for the Chunin Exams. Kakashi-sensei again arrived late to tell them he nominated them to take part in the Chunin Exams. After signing up, another Leaf Ninja, Rock Lee, challenged Sasuke and flurted at Sakura. Naruto tries to fight him, but was quickly defeated by his taijutsu. Even when Sasuke fought him, Lee was even able to overcome the Sharingan Eyes. Might Guy, Lee's teacher and self-proclaimed rival of Kakashi, ended the fight before it could get too serious. Naruto and the others were more excited for these exams. In the room filled with challenger from all the major nations, they met with the others from their class, and met a young man, Kabuto, who had been trying graduate the exams several times.

The first test was overseen by Ibiki Morino, and it was a written test where the points effect the squads. If you were caught cheating, you were kicked out. Hinata Hyuga offered to let him cheat, but he was too scared to risk it. He couldn't fill out a single answer, but one question was left blank. After the allotted time, Ibiki challenged what was left of the class if they would take the final question. To reject the question would mean you'd lose all your points. If you answered wrong, you'd be kicked out and never be allowed to apply for Chunin ever again. After several bowed out from that risk, Naruto slammed his hand down and declared he wont quit and would reach Hokage even if he had to stay a Genin the rest of his life. This turned out to be the proper answer to the tenth question. It was not to quit just because it was risky. They were then introduced to their rather dramatic second proctor, Anko Mitarashi.

The next portion of the test too place in at the Forest of Death, and Anko proved to be both overly relaxed and a little crazy. She grazed Naruto with a kunai, then licked the blood from his cheek. The Forest of Death was a survival mission where they were to both guard their scroll and steal a second from another team. Almost immediately they were attacked by a ninja from the Rain Village, which ended quickly; but later attacked by a person who appeared to be a ninja from the Grass Village, who was very much after Sasuke and could control a giant snake. Naruto got swallowed by the snake but got free to help his team. This started to weaken the seal on Naruto, but this person was able to strengthen the seal and knock him unconscious. Sakura went through a tough battle with Sound Ninja to protect her team, and was backed up by Rock Lee and Squad 10. They later met up with Kabuto and traveled with him until they stole a second scroll and reached the tower at the center of forest to pass.

Kiba vs Naruto

Naruto vs. Kiba and Akamaru.

The other survivors then were put in a random tournament to further weed down their numbers for the finals.Naruto's battle was set up agianst Kiba Inuzuka. It was a tough fight, but Naruto won with a bit of dumb luck and clever use of his Shadow Clone Jutsu and Transformation Jutsu to impersonate Kiba's ninja house, Akamaru. Hinata offered Naruto some healing herbs despite defeating her teammate. During the following intense battles, Naruto wanted Hinata fighter her cousin Neji Hyuga, who really tried to kill her.

Trapped Ntails

Naruto's first encounter with the Nine-Tails.

Naruto defended her after she was defeated, and swore to defeat Neji for mocking her determination. To prepare for the third portion of the Exams that would happen in the following weeks, Naruto began training with Ebisu. He started teaching him the water walking jutsu near the hot spring, but he couldn't control the charka. It was there they spotted a peeping old man who knocked away Ebisu. He called himself a toad sage, Jiraiya. Jiraiya agreed to train Naruto after some clever manipulation with the Sexy Jutsu. He was able to remove the added seal placed on him, taught to walk on water, and was taught the Frog Summon Jutsu.

The day of the finals came, and he ran into Hinata at the training grounds. She wished him best in his fight

Naruto vs Neji

Naruto vs. Neji.

he told her that he thought she was strange, but that he liked her. During the third part of the Chunin Exams, Naruto watched the battles in amazement of the skill with Shikamaru Nara, a member of Squad 10. Naruto's battle with Neji Hyuga was hard fought and he was able to seal away his chakra with his Gentle Fist technique. He still had the power of the demon fox. Naruto attacked with Shadow Clones, and purposely left one out of the fighting to fool Neji to thinking it was a real one. The real Naruto was digging underground to get below him and deliver a finishing blow from below. Sasuke and Kakashi was nearly late for Sasuke's fight with Gaara, but arrived in time. The fight was cut short when spies from the Sound Village used a jutsu that caused nearly everyone to fall asleep. The exam had been used by the Sound and Sand Ninjas to invade the Leaf Village.

Invasion of Konoha Arc

Naruto was woken up by Sakura to witness the invasion of the village. They were joined by Shikamaru and one of Kakashi's ninja hounds, Pakkun. They were ordered to follow Sasuke, who had chased after Gaara alone and away from the village. Pakkun had alerted them to being followed, and Shikamaru stayed behind to buy them time. In the battle with Gaara, Sakura was captured by Gaara's sand and threatened to kill her. He was using the power of his Tailed-Beast, and Naruto couldn't reach him now matter how many clones he made. Just has he was about to be killed, Naruto summoned the great Gamabunta. Gaara woken the One-Tailed Demon.

Naruto beats Gaara

Naruto defeats Gaara.

Gamabunta asked Naruto to transform him into something with fangs, and he picked the Nine-Tails. While Gamabunta held the sand demon, Naruto moved in to knock Gaara awake. Both having fallen to the ground, Naruto crawled to Gaara. Not to kill him but to let him know he knew what is felt like to be isolated by others and me alone. Sakura was saved, and Gaara's siblings came to get him. The war between the villages came to an end, but at a tragic cost. Orochimaru, a former student of the Third Hokage and leader of the Sound Village, had killed the Third Hokage. There was a funeral held for the hokage, and it was discovered that Orochimaru had manipulated the Sand Village into joining the battle. The Leaf and Sand Villages called a truce, but both sides lost many warriors. The Leaf Village was also severely damaged.

Search for Tsunade Arc

Naruto travels with Jiraiya to find Tsunade to offer her the position as the Fifth Hokage. During the journey, Jiraiya teaches Naruto the Rasengan. Later Jiraiya and Naruto find Tsunade, who is with her former apprentice and current assistant Shizune.

First time rasengan

Naruto using the Rasengan for the first time on Kabuto.

Tsunade disparages the position of the Hokage, and she insists that only a fool would want to be one. Naruto is infuriated at Tsunade's comment as he aspires to be one, one day. Naruto challenges Tsunade to a duel which she easily wins with using only one finger. Being intrigued by Naruto, Tsunade wagers that if the boy can master the Rasengan within the week, she will award him with the treasured necklace from the First Hokage. However, Shizune shudders at the suggestion because Tsunade has given the same necklace to two people in the past who have died the very next day. Despite the necklace's albeit tragic history, Naruto agrees to the wager.

Naruto and Jiraiya finds out that Tsunade is meeting Orochimaru. Orochimaru, with Kabuto has taunted Tsunade with the offer of reviving her loved ones for the price of fixing his arms. While Jiraiya fights Orochimaru, Tsunade fights Kabuto until Naruto takes over. Naruto defeats Kabuto with a complete Rasengan. When Orochimaru tries to kill Naruto, Tsunade blocks him and gets impaled. In the end, Naruto wears Tsunade's necklace as a reward for his bravery after Orochimaru and Kabuto retreats.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Team Sasuke

The Sasuke Retrieval Team.

When Shikamaru is assigned to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound Four, Tsunade says that he must bring Naruto with him. Shikamaru also assembles Kiba & Akamaru, Choji and Neji. The team tracks down the Sound Four and Sasuke. With Neji's help using Byakugan, the team discovers that Sasuke is currently inside a coffin that the Sound Four is carrying. In an unsuccessful attempt to ambush the Sound Four, the team from Konoha is trapped inside a rock prison, set forth by Jiroubou. After Shikamaru and Choji gets the team out, Choji decides to leave behind to fight and defeat Jiroubou, while the rest of the team pushes ahead to catch up with the rest of the Sound Four and rescue Sasuke. Later, Shikamaru disguises himself as Jiroubou, but the Sound Four already figure out his trick. Kidoumaru battles Neji while Naruto, Kiba with Akamaru, and Shikamaru move on.

Kimmimaro vs clones

Kimimaro vs. Naruto.

As Naruto's team obtains the coffin, Sakon & Ukon battle Kiba & Akamaru while Tayuya fights Shikamaru, and Naruto chases off Kimimaro who steals Sasuke's coffin. Naruto fights Kimimaro with all his might such as using the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu in Kyuubi form. However, Kimimaro, eliminates Naruto's clones by using a combination of his bone manipulation and dance repertoire. When Kimimaro has eliminated everyone of Naruto's shadow clones, Sasuke appears from the coffin. When he is asked by Naruto what he is up to, Sasuke replies with maniacal cackle; he heads towards Orochimaru's hideout. As Kimimaro tries to end Naruto's life, Rock Lee appears in the nick of time and saves Naruto from the brink of death. Rock Lee keeps Kimimaro occupied, so that Naruto can continue on his pursuit of Sasuke.

Naruto vs Sasuke

Sasuke and Naruto face off.

Naruto finds Sasuke and fights him with all his might in hopes of bringing Sasuke back to Konoha. Naruto draws power from the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox while Sasuke draws powers from Orochimaru's curse seal. Despite Naruto's best efforts, Sasuke defeats him and continues his path to Orochimaru's hideout.

Naruto vs Sasuke 2

Sasuke vs. Naruto.

Kakashi finds the seriously injured Naruto and brings him back to Konoha, where the lad is to convalesce at the hospital. Jiraiya visits Naruto and informs him that has three years to save Sasuke before Orochimaru needs to take a new body. In addition, the Pervy Sage adds that Naruto is not safe since the Akatsuki is after the Kyuubi inside him.

Jiraiya offers Naruto the opportunity to train and travel with him for the time being. His goal is train Naruto and increase his chances of rescuing Sasuke and surviving encounters with the Akatsuki. After he accepts Jiraiya's orders, Naruto is seen leaving Konoha with Jiraiya in a journey for two and a half years.

Pre-Shippūden Filler Arc

Naruto leaves

Naruto sets off with Jiraiya.

After the original Naruto anime had concluded the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, to make sure the anime did not over take Part II of the manga, the makers instead animated several filler arcs to take place before Naruto left for his three year training with Jiraiya. Naruto is sent on various missions with the other members of the Konoha 11, but while there is little character development for himself, the filler arcs tend to develop the supporting characters, as well as Gaara. The final filler arc was right before Naruto's departure with Jiraiya, though in the manga, this was right after the Sasuke Retrieval Arc.

Naruto Shippūden Major Story Arcs

Kazekage Arc

Naruto Returns

Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village after two years.

After two years of hard training, Naruto and Jiraiya returned home. He first met Kakashi and gave him the latest edition of Jiraya's new book, and his meeting with Sakura was mixed. They went to see Tsunade, and she wanted to see the outcome of his training. Both he and Sakura were put against Kakashi once more in the bell training. It was Naruto that figured out the way to trick Kakashi by threatening to spoil the end of the book he just gave him. This allowed them to get the bells. As their practice ended, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi were given the mission to head to the Sand Village. Gaara, now the Kazekage, had been abducted by the Akatsuki. They met up with Temari on the way and sped off to the Land of Wind. They reached the Sand Village after several days of travel. Sakura used her new skills of Medical Jutsu to heal Kankuro of poison, and Kakashi sent out the Ninja Hounds to find the Akatsuki's train. They were tracked to the Land of Rivers, and the Sand elder Chiyo join them on the hunt.

Gaara and Naruto

Gaara awakens, with Naruto by his side.

Their pursuit was stopped by Itachi Uchiha, and Naruto had to focus on his training to break the powerful genjutsu of Sasuke's brother. Once he was freed with Chiyo and Sakura's help, he defeated Itachi with the Great Ball Rasengan. Though, this Itachi was just a fake being controlled by the real one to buy time. Chiyo soon confessed that if a Tailed-Beast spirit was ever removed from the Jinchuriki, it would mean their death. They arrived to the Akatsuki hideout, and were backed up by Team 9. It took a combined effort to break the seal, but they were too late. Inside the cave was Deidara and Sasori of the Akatsuki. Gaara was dead after the Shukaku was removed. Naruto lost to his rage and chased after Deidara. Kakashi joined him and managed to calm Naruto down some. Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan was able to stop Deidara's evasion, but anger got the best of him and the Nine-Tails Cloak reached the Two Tail level before Kakashi was able to apply a special seal he got from Jiraiya. They got Gaara's body, and Diedara blew himself up with the intention of taking them all with him.

When Chiyo and Sakura arrive after defeating Sasori together, Chiyo tried to use a special jutsu of her own to revive Gaara. When she lacked the chakra to complete the jutsu, Naruto didn't hesitate to offer to use his. Gaara was revived as many of the Sand Ninja arrived to help, but the jutsu had cost Chiyo her own life. The three Leaf Ninja stayed at the Sand Village to rest and attend Chiyo's funeral. Gaara and the others were there to see them off.

Sai and Sasuke Arc

Team Yamato

The reborn Team Kakashi.

Since Kakashi used up too much chakra in his fight with Deidara, Naruto and Sakura have a new leader, Yamato and a new member, Sai. However, Sai has insulted Naruto earlier, and Naruto and Sakura are angry at him. The team is scheduled to set out on a mission to meet a spy

who used to be with Sasori. Before the team departs, Yamato goes over the details of the mission and asks the team to capture they spy. Yamato wants his team to work together, but Sai and Naruto does not get along together. Yamato, disguised as Sasori, rendezvous with the spy while the rest of the team hide out of sight at a distance. It turns out that the spy is Kabuto whose plan is to kill Sasori with the help of Orochimaru. Naruto, Sai and Sakura goes to Yamato's side when Kabuto attacks Yamato. Kabuto attempts to attack Naruto, but Naruto sends him flying. As Naruto fights Orochimaru.Yamato stays with Sakura while Sai and Yamato's clone observe the battle. At Orochimaru's goading and taunting, Naruto loses himself and sprouts as many as four tails of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that resides inside him. During the battle, Naruto attacks again with a giant chakra blast, which Orochimaru summons the Triple Rashamon as shields, which are destroyed completely. Orochimaru astonishes Naruto by reappearing from underneath Naruto and sends him flying back toward his comrades with the Sword of Kusanagi.

Ntails 4tails form

Naruto in 4 Tail Form against Orochimaru.

Sakura heals Naruto

Sakura healing Naruto after Yamato subdued him.

Naruto's battle with Orochimaru makes Sakura beg Naruto to stop. Yamato quickly signs a wooden binding jutsu to control the rampage. However, just before the jutsu is ready, Sakura is sent flying by a swipe of one of the four tails. Kabuto volunteers to heal Sakura's wound in exchange for eliminating as many members of the Akatsuki as Yamato's team and Konoha can. Kabuto leaves to attend to Orochimaru. Before Orochimaru leaves with Kabuto, he is approached by Sai who claims that he is working for Danzo and that Danzo has something to offer. Orochimaru accepts Sai, and they head off. While Sakura lies to Naruto about the cause of her injury. However, Yamato reveals to Naruto that he is responsible for Sakura's injuries.

He encourages Naruto to believe in himself, for he doesn't need the Kyuubi's powers to be strong. Yamato, Naruto and Sakura give chase after Sai, Kabuto and Orochimaru with the help of a tracking device. They locate Sai who is locked up outside in Orochimaru's jutsu. The team captures Sai, bound by a wooden jutsu and is set outside Orochimaru's hideout. Later, Kabuto releases Sai from the wooden bind, but Sai subdues Kabuto, much to everyone's surprise. Sai explains that he wants learn about Naruto's bond to Sasuke.

Sasuke drawing blade

Sasuke draws his blade on Naruto.

They leave Kabuto bound by Yamato's jutsu as they split into two groups: Yamato with Sakura and Naruto with Sai. When Naruto collapses, he wakes up and Sai explains about his drawing book while at the same time, Yamato soon discovers that Sai's real mission is to assassinate Sasuke; he notifies the rest of the team of their location. To everyone's surprise, Sai decided to help Naruto to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. Sasuke lunges at and attacks Naruto, but Yamato tries to block Sasuke's sword only to be stabbed in the shoulders. Inside Naruto's mind, the Kyuubi taunts Naruto to break the seal, but when Naruto refuses, Sasuke appears and easily suppresses the powers of the beast with ease. Seeing an opportunity, Yamato pushes Sasuke's sword out of his wound with his jutsu and announces that he will not hold back. Just as Sasuke is about to summon his fearsome new Jutsu, Orochimaru grabs his arm to stop the initiation. When Kabuto arrives, he declares that they and Naruto's group have the Akatsuki as their enemies which makes them allies. Sasuke leaves with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Hidan and Kakuzu Arc

After returning to the Leaf village, Naruto begins learning about elemental recomposition with Kakashi and Yamato. Naruto learns from Kakashi that he has a wind affinity. He heads to Asuma who explains that wind has a special cutting properties and demonstrates by first charging his trench knife with wind chakra then throwing it straight through a tree. Naruto returns to Kakashi and Yamato to train. Kakashi instructs Naruto to use a few dozen Shadow Clones to help him learn the techniques more quickly while Yamato stands ready to use his ability to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra. Kakashi explains that the Rasengan is an incomplete jutsu because the fourth Hokage did not add an element to it. For example, Kakashi demonstrates with his Chidori. He tells Naruto to combine wind affinity with the Rasengan. While Naruto trains, Asuma, Shikamaru, and three other Leaf ninjas set out to capture Akatsuki members. They encounter Hidan and Kakuzu and confrontations ensue. Unfortunately, Asuma is killed in the conflict.


Naruto's Shadow Clones & Rasenshuriken.

Sometime later, after some preparation, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, and Kakashi set out to avenge Asuma. Naruto and Yamato show up to save Kakashi, Ino, and Choji in their losing battle against Kakuzu, while Sakura and Sai go to aid Shikamaru against Hidan. Naruto insists on fighting Kakuzu by himself. He uses his Shadow Clones to surround Kakuzu and attempts to hit Kakuzu with his new Rasenshuriken while the Akatsuki is distracted. However, Naruto's plan is not successful; he is saved from certain death by Yamato and Kakashi. Naruto tries again with the same attack. Kakuzu believes the Shadow Clones do not have enough chakra to use such a high-level technique and be effective. However, Kakuzu mistakenly attacks a clone while Naruto appears from behind him and attacks him with the Rasenshuriken. Nevertheless, the technique is a double-edged sword, as it also injures Naruto. Therefore, Tsunade deems it a forbidden jutsu.

Itachi Pursuit Arc

After Kakashi and Naruto recover from their injuries, they resume their search for Sasuke who killed Orochimaru and is tracking Itachi. Kakashi

Itachi's genjutsu

Naruto caught in Itachi's genjutsu.

and Naruto set out with Yamato, Sakura, Sai, Kiba, Shino and Hinata. Naruto and company first encounter Kabuto who has grafted some of Orochimaru’s remains onto himself. Kabuto thanks Naruto for inspiring him; he presents them with a book containing all of the information he has collected on the Akatsuki before he leaves them.

Naruto uses his Shadow Clones to be more efficient in searching for Sasuke. One shadow clone is to find Itachi, two to speak with Itachi, while another one to find Sasuke. Sasuke destroys Naruto’s clone while the team gets closer to finding Sasuke. However, Naruto and company are stopped by Tobi on their pursuit. Against Kakashi’s advice, Naruto rushes in to attack Tobi, but Tobi easily evades Naruto’s attacks and then he dodges his group's attacks. Seeing Naruto’s struggle, the rest of the team joins in. Zetsu explains that Sasuke has killed Itachi. Tobi and Zetsu take their leave. Naruto and company head to Sasuke's location, but they find no one there.

Invasion of Pain Arc

Naruto Mourning

Naruto mourns the death of Jiraiya.

The teams returned to the Leaf Village only to learn that Jiraiya had been killed on his covert mission in the Rain Village by the Akatsuki leader Pain. Fukasaku had returned with a code that was Jiriya's last message. Naruto isolated himself in mourning over Jiraiya, but was approached by Shikamaru to help him and Shiho to break the code. Naruto knew Jiraiya's hand writting and discovered the code led to the latest in Jiraiya's novels. It said, "The real one is not there”. Upon breaking the code, Naruto traveled to Mount

Naruto Sage Mode

Naruto arrives in Sage Mode.

Myoboku to train to learn Sage Mode. He also learned about a lesser known novel Jiraiya had written that his parents had used to name him. When Naruto returned to the village, he found that over half of it had been completely obliterated and many were dead. All at the hands of Pain and the Six Paths of Pain that Jiraiya had spoken of. Gamabunta and the other summoned frogs that had joined him. The incredible speed and power he had through Sage Mode allowed him to defeat each of the separate Paths until one remained. The Deva Path was able to get the best of Naruto and pierce him with chakra rods to the ground.

Naruto pinned down

Naruto pinned down by Pain.

It was Hinata who appeared to defend Naruto and openly declared her love for him. She tried her hardest to free Naruto, but was brutally killed by Pain. Naruto snapped in a rage from witnessing her murder and the Nine-Tail seal fell apart and he was overcome by the evil chakra. Pain tried to take advantage of his blind anger to create a giant ball of earth to crush him, but the Chakra Cloak was too powerful to seal away.

Naruto and Minato

Minato placing his trust in Naruto.

He had reached eight tails and was nearly complete until. In the demon fox's prison, Naruto's father, the Fourth Hokage, stopped him. Naruto asked why he sealed the Tailed-Beast in him, and Minato said it was because he knew he could control the power one day. he told Naruto about Tobi who is controlling Pain. After that, the Fourth Hokage restores the distorted seals. Naruto returns to the battlefield in his normal state.

Naruto beats Pain

Naruto defeating Pain.

Naruto returns to Sage Mode and Chibaku Tensei starts to crumble due to the chakra strain on Nagato. After Naruto's failed attempt of using shadow clones and a smoke bomb, Naruto finally defeats the Deva Path. Naruto stabs himself with one of Pain's spikes to trace the source of the chakra signal and heads for Nagato. Naruto meets Nagato for the first time. Nagato and Naruto have an argument about peace, hate, and Jiraiya's belief. Naruto asks Nagato how he turned out this way.

Nagato explains his story about losing his parents, meeting his two friends, meeting Jiraiya, and the death of Yahiko. Finally Nagato explains his plan to save the world through pain. After hearing Nagato's story, Naruto agrees and sympathizes with Nagato's pain. Naruto informs Nagato that he will not kill him, but he states he will break the cycle of hatred to honor Jiraiya's wishes. Astonished at Naruto's resolve and his ability to save the world, Nagato uses the last of his chakra to use the Samsara of Heavenly Technique that revives all the people in Konoha who have previously lost their lives. Nagato dies after depleting all of his chakra.

Konan takes Nagato and Yahiko's body with her to return to Amegakure. Before taking her leave, Konan tells Naruto that she has quit the Akatsuki and will help Naruto find peace in the world. She gives Naruto a bonquet of folded-paper flowers, symbolizing their alliance. Later Kakashi carries the tired Naruto back to Konoha. Upon their return, Kakashi and Naruto were met by the entire village with a hero's welcome.

Five Kage Summit Arc

Naruto as a hero

Konoha's villagers recognizing Naruto as a hero.

Fresh off his victory, Naruto's popularity in the Leaf Village soared. Though soon after they discovered that Danzo had been pointed Hokage in Tusnade's place as she was unconscious. He had removed Tsunade's protection over Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura tried to go meet with Danzo, but they were stopped by Sai. They were then approached by two ninja from the Cloud Village, Karui and Omoi. They wanted all the information on Sasuke to get revenge for him murdering their ally, Killer Bee.

Naruto and Sakura couldn't believe it. He met with the two in private, he told them that Bee could still be alive, and tried to get them to take their anger out on him in place of Sasuke. Karui beat on him until Sai appeared to stop her, then she was stopped by Omoi. They left with their squad leader, Samui; and she denied Naruto's request to meet the Raikage. Not detoured, he conspired in secret to meet the Raikage by following the Cloud Ninja when they went to meet with him for the Kage Summit that was taking place in the Land of Iron. Kakashi and Yamato helped Naruto, and he was able to plead the Raikage to forgive Sasuke to end the cycle of hatred, but the his request was dismissed.

Naruto and Madara

Madara approaches Naruto.

While Naruto rest at a local inn before returning, he was approached by the man who was claiming to be Madara Uchiha. Yamato and Kakashi held Madara, but he said he was there to talk to Naruto. He told him what he claimed to be the true story behind Itachi Uchiha's attack on his own clan. Madara left afterward, and Kakashi told Naruto to keep this story a secret until they could confirm it. Surprisingly, Sakura arrived at the inn soon after, escorted by Rock Lee, Kiba, Akamaru, and Sai. She confessed that she loved him and wanted him to stop chasing after Sasuke. Naruto refused to believe her declaration, and she stormed off in anger. Sai left behind a ink clone to tell Naruto the real motive of Sakura's action. The village had agreed to kill Sasuke for his crimes, but Sakura was going to attempt to find and kill him herself. Gaara with his siblings appeared to tell Naruto how Sasuke had attacked the Kage Summit and declared war against all the nations. This was a war to protect the Jinchuriki from the Akatsuki. The stress of all this information was too much for him, and he blacked out.

Naruto saving Sakura

Naruto rescues Sakura from Sasuke.

Yamato watched over Naruto while Kakashi and Sai went after Sakura to stop her. Though Naruto had left a Shadow Clone behind to fool Yamato so he would follow. He arrived just in time to save Sakura from being murdered by Sasuke.

Naruto vs Sasuke again

Naruto and Sasuke about to clash.

He faced Sasuke, but they canceled each other out. Sasuke's allies took him away, but Naruto told Sasuke knew they would fight again and one would die. Back at the village, Naruto was summoned to Mount Myoboku to meet with the Great Toad Sage. Naruto said he already knew part of the prophecy, but the sage told him that he would meet a giant octopus to train to tame the Nine-Tails.

Confining the Jinchuriki Arc

Great Toad Sage

Naruto meets with the Great Toad Sage.

As Naruto was about to eat at Ichiraku, he was suddenly summoned back to Mount Myōboku by Fukasaku where he learns from the Great Toad Sage's fortune that he will meet an "octopus" and would battle a "young man with powerful eyes". When Gerotora is summoned to give Naruto the "key" to the Eight Trigrams Seal, Naruto knew he would need the Nine-Tails' power for the battles to come and accepted the key. From there, Naruto is sent back to Ichiraku where some of the villagers asked for his autograph. Naruto was unaware of that the five Kage are planning to keep him from the upcoming Fourth Shinobi World War for his safety on a remote island in the Land of Lightning with Yamato, Might Guy, Aoba Yamashiro, and several other Konoha-nin as security.

Dark Naruto vs. Naruto

Naruto vs. Dark Naruto.

Once at the island, Naruto meets his fellow jinchūriki Killer B, requesting to be his student after being marvelled at B's mastery with his tailed beast. B refused the offer on the grounds that he is on vacation, with Naruto worsening it when he accidently insulted B while pulling off a capable rap and his Harem Technique having no effect. However, when word of him bumping fists with B reached Motoi, Naruto is taken to Falls of Truth, where B began his training to control the Eight-Tails. Motoi instructed Naruto to sit on the platform in front of the waterfall and close his eyes, and he would see his true self. While doing this, Naruto was greeted by another version of himself, who berated Naruto on how quickly the people from Konoha changed their opinions of him.

Both he and Dark Naruto began to fight and were evenly matched both physically and chakra level wise as both were able to produce the exact same number of shadow clones. It was revealed that the entire battle occurred within Naruto's mind, as Yamato observed Naruto still meditating near the waterfall. Somehow able to break out of the meditation, Naruto questioned Motoi about B's history in order to figure out how to conquer his inner darkness. After that, Naruto reminisced about how B and Gaara changed everyone's opinions about them, he begins to doubt if the villagers of Konoha truly trusted him. After witnessing B save Motoi from giant squid and resume their friendship, an inspired Naruto returns to the Falls of Truth and confronts Dark Naruto again. With Naruto now having faith in himself, it started to weaken Dark Naruto as he asks what his reason for existing is. Answering his question, Naruto accepts Dark Naruto as a part of him while thanking him for pushing him to become who is now. He then hugged a struggling Dark Naruto, who finally relents and fades.

Kurama vs. Naruto

Naruto vs. the Nine-Tails.

After awaking and celebrating, Naruto and Yamato is led by B to a special room within the secret temple behind the Falls of Truth where Naruto is prepared to fight the Nine-Tails for its chakra. Within his subconscious, after unlocking the seal, Naruto (in Sage Mode) appeared to have the upper hand after he weakened the Nine-Tails with the Rasenshuriken and drained out its chakra, but the Nine-Tails instantly planted its own hatred within its chakra with the absorbed energy consuming Naruto as it begins to use his body to give Yamato and B trouble. Just before Naruto was completely succumbed, the spirit of his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, appeared. Naruto believed that Kushina was the Nine-Tails in disguise before she clobbered him on the head before she apologises and hopes he did not inherit her short-temper. Picking up on this and realising Kushina was his mother as he hugged her while crying, the love-filled reunion causes the Nine-Tails's hatred to be purged from the drained chakra, much to Yamato and B's surprise.

With Kushina holding the Nine-Tails at bay, Naruto quickly made a large number of shadow clones, entered Sage Mode, and bombarded the Nine-Tails with the combination of Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres and the Rasenshuriken, weakening the Nine-Tails further and completely separate it from its chakra. When its chakra merged into Naruto, an enraged and emaciated Nine-Tails attempted to fire a much larger Tailed Beast Ball, but its attack ultimately dissipated as Naruto used a new, stronger seal to imprison the weakened tailed beast once again. After that, when Naruto learned from Kushina about his heritage, the truth behind the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha, and how his parents gave their lives to protect him. Naruto then told Kushina that he was glad to know that he was filled with their love before the Nine-Tails was sealed within him, and he was happy to be their son. Before she completely faded away, Kushina tearfully hugged Naruto, and thanked him for letting her and Minato be his parents.

Naruto vs. Kisame

Naruto attacks Kisame.

Once out of his subconscious, Naruto shows off his new form to B and Yamato before sensing Kisame hidden inside his Samehada by detecting his negative emotions. When the surprised Kisame attempted to escape, Naruto used his blinding speed to quickly smash Kisame into the wall with a powerful punch. Naruto's foot got stuck in the wall, allowing Kisame to escape with B in pursuit as Yamato stays behind to help Naruto out of the wall. Naruto and Yamato then caught up with the others as they watched Guy and Kisame's fight from a distance. After the battle, the Konoha and Kumo-nin restrained Kisame and attempted to interrogate him before the Akatsuki member commits suicide before that could get any more information out of him. Shocked by this action, Naruto realised that even the shinobi in Akatsuki fought for their comrades before being trapped in one of Kisame's booby trap water prisons and occupied with summoned sharks as one of the sharks takes the information scroll on Kisame to Akatsuki's base.

Shinobi World War Arc

Naruto had obtained the power of the Nine-Tails, but he struggled to channel it since it wasn't by the Nine-Tails accepting him. To keep Naruto and out of the war, they tricked him into believing he was taking part in an S-Class mission that involved classifying the animals on the island. However he escapes with Killer Bee and joins the battle encountering Nagato and Itachi who were revived by Kabuto after having a chat with Itachi, Naruto uses his shadows clones and his Nine tails charka mode to help the allied forces against the Akatsuki armies.Then After meeting the real Madara Uchiha Naruto heads out to the Masked Man responsible for the Nine tails attack and the murder of his parents.


At the beginning of the series, the only jutsu that Naruto know is the Sexy Jutsu, a transformation-type jutsu which turns him into a naked lady shrouded in smoke clouds. Though he couldn't do the Clone Technique at the start, he quickly learns the Multiple Shadow Clone and the Shadow Clone Jutsu, a stronger clone-type jutsu that lets the clones become physical. This is a jounin-level jutsu. Through the show and manga, this is his most commonly used jutsu.

Chakra Element

Naruto has a lot of chakra and he is able to create hundreds of clones of himself.

Naruto's Jutsu

  • Sexy Jutsu
  • Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Harem Jutsu
  • Shadow Shuriken Jutsu
  • All Directions Shuriken Clone
  • Shadow Clone Body Blow
  • Combination Transformation
  • Frog Kata Harem Technique
  • Rasengan
  • Sage Art: Great ball Rasengan
  • Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasengan (Oodama Rasengan)
  • Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasen Tarengan
  • Spiraling Super Large Group Spheres
  • Summoning Jutsu (Toads)
  • Tailed Beast Chakra Arms
  • Tailed Beast Rasengan
  • Typhoon Water Vortex Jutsu (w/ Yamato)
  • Uzumaki Naruto Combo
  • Uzumaki Naruto Two Thousand Combo
  • Wind Release: Rasengan
  • Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
  • Reverse Summoning Jutsu

Anime Only:

  • Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet
  • Pachinko Jutsu
  • Spinning Heel Drop Combination
  • Uzumaki Formation
  • Wind Release: Toad Gun
  • Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet
  • Wind Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet

Jutsu Stats

Ninja's are ranked by their proficiency with the various types of jutsu and other statistics. The score rates as a best out of five and are added up in a total score. (source: First, Second, and Third Naruto Databook)

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
2 1.5 1 1 2 2 4 1 14.5
3 2 1 1.5 3 3 4 1 18.5
4 3.5 2 3 3.5 3.5 5 1.5 36

With the help of the Shadow Clone Jutsu, he can use the Rasengan, which is a spiraling sphere of energy which he thrusts at the opponent. With help from Kakashi, he can create the Wind Release Rasengan. This combines his elemental chakra which is wind with the Rasengan. For this, he uses two Shadow Clones, one for the Rasengan and one for his elemental chakra. In Naruto: Shippuden (Part ll), he develops a stronger version called the Great Spiraling Sphere or Great Rasengan. When in one-tailed demon fox form, he can perform the Rasengan with one hand with the help of the demon fox's chakra.

In Part ll, Naruto an creat the Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken. He mixes his wind based chakra along with the Rasengan. But he shapes the wind chakra to form a four-pointed shuriken. Even though it looks like a shuriken, it can't be thrown like one. It needs to be at point blank range to hit. When it's successful, the victim is trapped in a spiraling dome of wind chakra and is attacked by small blades that can hit on a cellular level.

Later on, Jiraiya teaches him a toad summoning Jutsu. With a small sacrifice blood, he can summon a toad. Because of his poor chakra control, he can summon the toad he wants at will Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, or the gigantic Gamabunta are the ones he usually summons. As the toads have minds of their own, Naruto has difficulty controlling them, meaning that they typically have to become motivated to fight on their own. Naruto has come quite far in his skills as a ninja, while still technically a Genin, he has the skill of an "S" ranked Ninja. He also has enough skill to pass on his knowledge, training Konohamaru in the use of Rasengan much as Jiraiya trained him.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu

This Jutsu enables Naruto to create clones of himself. However,the clones are solid and can touch or hit things unlike the clone technique. These clones normally dispel after one or two hits. Naruto normally uses the clones for decoy or to attacks his enemies to tire them out. The clones can concentrate and gather natural energy which Naruto can dispel in a battle so that he can enter sage mode. In part 2, Naruto becomes more proficient with this technique, using it push himself out of the way of an attack, transform into weapons, and fall for traps in his place.

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu

Naruto is able to summon large or small toads to use in battle after he signed the toad contract. At first, he was unable to control the toads he summoned but nowadays, he seemed to be able to control them to a greater extent. He can summon Gamabunta, a large toad with a large sword.

Sage Mode

Sage Mode Naruto

Sage Mode Naruto.

During sage mode, his strength, speed and durability is enhanced. If Naruto draws in too much natural energy, he will become a frog. His jutsu attacks also become much more powerful than before. However, he cannot stay in sage mode for too long. Recently, he managed to use cones to gather natural energy while he battled. Once he ran out of senjutsu chakra, he uses a summoning scroll to summon and dispel his clone so that he can restore his seijutsu Chakra.

Naruto learns about the definition and applications of senjutsu—a technique that allows the wielder to become one with nature, thus be able to harness the powers in it and convert into usable chakra, which increases one’s taijutsu and genjutsu greatly.

The Great Toad Sage explains that Naruto must be able to balance just the right amount of natural, physical, and spiritual chakra to blend into senjutsu chakra. For the perfect balance of the three chakras enables the user to utilize natural energy while maintaining one’s current state at will. Therefore, Naruto must be extremely cautious in maintaining a delicate balance of the three chakras. Too little natural energy has no effect, and too much of it will turn Naruto into a permanent frog. Naruto learns that even the Pervy Sage retains some frog features while in sage mode. However, Fakasaku adds that hundreds have failed at mastering senjutsu, therefore, what Jiraiya has done is a remarkable achievement.

Tailed Beast Cloak

Naruto throughout the series has shown great display of being able to manipulate his chakra level from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, if not at will. One of the things that makes Naruto such a fighter to be head and shoulders above the rest (in the Part II continuity at least, not the time period when he was a child, as he failed almost everything he tried to succeed in) is the Fourth Hokage's legend, the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi, sealed within him. Kyuubi, at time of need, offers his powers to Naruto in a slight amount, due to the fact that if Naruto were to die, then he would die with him. Later on the series Naruto is able to (with his master Jiraiya's training) manipulate the foxes energies to some extent, making him a near unbeatable foe when it come to fighting.

Two different forms of chakra for 0 tail Naruto. The first stage that has been shown is the more bestial stage then the other form. In this form Narutos' whiskers became longer, darker and more noticeable. His nails grow longer. His teeth start growing fangs and become longer. His jaw is widened. All of his previously injuries are healed at a remarkable rate. He also gets a power boost in this form. His speed, strength, agility, charka, etc are all increase. Narutos' eyes also become red and the pupils become narrower like an fox. In this form Naruto is in full control but he is shown to be a lot more feral and animal like. He once usually travels on all fours. It appears that this charka is triggered by rage, but is later accesed when Naruto wants the fox's chakra.The other version is when Naruto actual goes to the Kyuubi in his body. Naruto demands the kyuubi to give him his charka which he calls "Rent" for the kyuubi staying in his body. The kyuubi gives Naruto his charka out of respect for his courage to talk to him like that. Naruto body doesn't change at all but a red charka flows around his body like DBZ. He gets a power boost but its hasn't been said which one of these forms are more powerful.

One-tailed Form

This is the form after 0 tail form. This form is more powerful the previous form. Naruto has a lot of the qualities of the last form but this makes him looks more like the kyuubi then the previous form. His body is engulfed with chakra that takes the form of a fox. The chakra that engulfs him appears to protect him from damage. That may be true but it also puts constant damage to Naruto body. So he fights while being constantly hurt and constantly healing at the same time. He is able to shoot a chakra hand that extends from the chakra that is surrounding naruto. He is also able to perform Rasengan with the help of the chakra. Naruto is still in control in this form.

Two Tails

Two-Tails Form.

Two-tailed Form

In this form, Naruto has all the same abilities as the last form. But of course, he is more powerful. He looks more monstrous than before. His eyes are widened and the outside of his eyes become black. His teeth become sharper and longer. His mouth becomes black, too. He has two tails in this form. And the Kyuubi is more noticeable in this form. You see more similarities between the two in this form. Naruto still is in control in this form.

Three-tailed Form

Three Tails

Three-tails form.

This form is more powerful then the last and Naruto has the hardest time keeping in control. He could lose control at any moment in this form. In this form the chakra bubbles a lot more then the last ones. He is able to counter a lot of his opponent’s attacks by roaring. In this form he has 3 tails.

Four-tailed Form

Four Tails

Four-Tails form.

This is the latest form we have seen in the Naruto Universe. It is the most powerful out of all the other versions. In this form Naruto body is completely tared off of his body and the Kyuubi Chakra acts like a skin and mixes with naruto blood. In this form it has been stated that he is miniature kyuubi. Naruto has absolute no control in this form. Naruto is able to all the same abilities as the last couple of forms but it appears to be harder for Naruto to move in this form. In this form just a swing of his arm can create destructive effects or a simply roar. He was able to create a ball of chakra and swallow it and fire it with explosive effects. Not only is this form Naruto most powerful it is also his most dangerous to himself form. Apparently this form can shorten Naruto Lifespan. While in this form every one of Naruto cells are being destroyed. But more cells are being created at the same time. The human body has a limit to the amount of cells that they can produce in their lifespan. If Naruto continues to go into this form his lifespan will be shorten.

It has been reviled that Naruto only have the yang(light) side of the Ninetails soul locked away in him. It's unknown where the yin(dark) half of the Ninetails is, it is speculated that that may be the part that the Fourth sealed away when he gave his soul to the Death God.

Six-tailed Form

Six Tails

Six-tails form.

After Pain almost killed Hintata, Naruto turns into a six-tailed mini-kyuubi.This is the most powerful version so far,even more than the four-tailed kyubbi. It looks like the four-tailed kyuubi but it has seemingly bones covering its body in some parts. Unlike the other forms this six tailed Naruto can break the seal used in the First Hokage's necklace. He can also withstand gravital forces and use them to his advantage.

Eight-tailed Form

The Eight-Tailed Transformation is the highest transformation Naruto can make so far. However, he only misses the fur, the ninth tale and the additional powers from the transformation higher than this. Naruto feels intense pain during this transformation and would destroy anything that would hurt him. Its power is intensely unparalleled as it can break Pain's Chibaku Tensei. An image of his father appeared in his mind to stop him from losing total control and to stop the Kyuubi from taking over his mind. However, his father said that it would be the last time that he will repower the seal for Naruto to stop the Kyuubi.

Nine-Tailed Form


Nine-tailed form.

Naruto made a failed attempt to transform into a Nine-tails version of the fox, but this ended in failure. Naruto was attempting to take on this form to use a special attack called the Bijuu Bomb. This can only be performed once the human vessel has bonded the chakra of the Bijuu with their own. While they should appear to be the beast, the user will have complete control and access to the attack. One of the possible explanations for the failure is due to the Nine-tailed Fox's hostility toward Naruto.

The technique was abandoned after it was discovered to be pointless to explore any further. The technique of the Bijuu Bomb is identical to Naruto's Rasengan. He would only have to train to use the Rasengan using the Nine-Tails Chakra Form he obtained while bonding his chakra with the Nine-tails.

Nine-Tails Chakra Form

After much heavy training to bring the Nine-tailed Fox under his control. Naruto was finally able to tame the beast and meld the charka together. He was trained for this by a fellow Jinchuuriki named Killer Bee.

Completed Tailed Beast Mode

The Tailed Beast Mode (尾獣モード, Bijū Mōdo) is a form Naruto gained after he and an unrestrained Kurama melded their chakra together, allowing Naruto to complete the tailed beast transformation. However, rather than becoming a true flesh-replica of the fox, the chakra shroud from the enhanced Nine-Tails Chakra Mode instead enlarged and recreated Kurama's overall form, while retaining the exact same seal that was previously present on Naruto's body. As opposed to the normal nature of the chakra, it no longer burns those who touch it, and as it is also translucent, Naruto can be seen inside the replica's head throughout the transformation.

This state gives Naruto the ability to manipulate the full extent of Kurama's considerable powers. Like most other jinchūriki who can transform into their tailed beasts, Naruto is able to use the Tailed Beast Ball, but he can quickly produce ones that are equal in size to those formed by the power of five tailed beasts combined. However, Naruto is still capable of using his original techniques while in this form, such as the Shadow Clone Technique. Seemingly, the only flaw to this transformation is that the length of time it can be maintained is dependent upon the link between Naruto and Kurama, with Kurama noting that they could only keep the form for five minutes during their first transformation. Naruto could also use this form's tails-like chakra arms to grab several large targets at once.

Other Media


Naruto (2002)

The Naruto anime series is the first series was directed by Hayato Date, music by Toshio Masuda. It is produced by the Studio Pierrot. The first episode originally aired on October 3, 2002. This series latest for 220 episodes, the last of which aired on February 8, 2007. After this the series was retitled to fall in line with the manga time skip.

Naruto Shippuden (2007)

The Naruto Shippuden anime series is the second anime based upon the manga series Naruto, created by the writer and artist Masashi Kishimoto. Much of the same staff to produced the first run of the anime returned for this reboot. The first episode originally aired on February 15, 2007.

Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals (2012)

Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals is the anime adaptation of the spinoff manga Rock Lee's Seishun Full Power Ninden.


Being the titular character in of the Naruto story. Naruto has appeared in some form in ever product based on the series. The period of the movies have been in the younger forms and the second version of the anime, Naruto Shippuden. To date, no live-action adaptation has been attempted.

  • Naruto - Clash in the Land of Snow (2004)
  • Naruto - Legend of the Stone of Gelel (2005)
  • Naruto - Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006)
  • Naruto Shippuden The Movie (2007)
  • Naruto Shippuden 2 - Bonds (2008)
  • Naruto Shippuden 3 - Inheritors of the Will of Fire (2009)
  • Naruto Shippuden 4 - The Lost Tower (2010)


Rock Lee's Seishun Full Power Ninden (2010)

Rock Lee's Seishun Full Power Ninden is a manga spinoff that follows Rock Lee and his team. Naruto makes several guest appearances

Video Games

Naruto has appeared in every one of the Naruto based video games as a playable character. They have ranged in the genre of fighters, minigames, and even some games with exploration and RPG elements. For the first time in a Naruto game, a highly detailed and explorable Hidden Leaf Village was used in the Xbox 360 game, Naruto: Rise of the Ninja(2007). In this game, the player used Naruto to explore the village, train, and take quests form the people to increase your popularity rating with the village.

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