General Information
Kanji トリコ
Rōmaji Toriko


In the world filled with mysterious and truly delicious foods and ingredients, Restaurant Owners and affluent people hire "hunters" who specialize in the art of obtaining the most exquisite ingredients from the most dangerous environment in the world. These people are known worldwide as "Gourmet Hunters".


Toriko is action shonen series created by writer and illustrator, Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and its tankobon has been released by Shusisha. Toriko was revealed at 2009's Comic Con by Viz Media. Viz had revealed that Toriko was be shown in their Shonen Jump magazine. Toriko would be placed in the magazine the following year, 2010, and he appeared in February's edition of the magazine. In Toriko's first print appearance, Viz decided to place Toriko in a volume format book.

The series has had crossovers with Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.


Toriko, a legendary Gourmet Hunter, has spent his life searching for the most luxurious foods and ingredients in order to perfect his Full-Course Menu. A man with inhuman strength and power, he uses it and his insight and knowledge of the animal kingdom to capture rare and powerful beasts in order to extract the delicious and mouth-watering ingredients that they hold. A young Chef named Komatsu joins him on his epic quest in order to improve his culinary skills and learn all about the new and exotic ingredients that he could only dream of. Along the way they will meet old friends and enemies as well as clash heads with the fearsome Gourmet Corps (Bishokukai), who seek to take control over the entire food supply and network and create a “Gourmet Empire” by finding the most highly sought after ingredient in the world, GOD, first discovered by the famous and legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia who used its power to stop the terrible Gourmet War 500 years before the start of our journey.

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