Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2009
Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2009


Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2009 is an OVA produced by Ufotable.


The OVA was directed by Mitsuru Obunai and written by Masaki Hiramatsu. It was released on April 2010 in DVD format. The OVA adapts chapter 1 and 2. As part of the Jump Super Anime Tour, Toriko, Naruto, and One Piece were included in this special event.

Plot Summary

As Toriko fishes, using a Giant Grasshopper as bait, he lands a catch on a Pincer Fish. A Five-Tailed Giant Eagle swoops in to steal Toriko's catch. Yet, Toriko easily bring it down, capturing two preys. Komatsu is amazed by Toriko's strength and explains the request from his restaurant.

Afterwards, Toriko and Komatsu are on Tom's boat, and their destination is the Baron Archipelago. Komatsu shares why he tagging along, to see the unprocessed ingredients. Once their destination is close, Tom speeds through the treacherous rocky reef to Baron Archipelago. Toriko informs Tom that there is something off with the island after noting the Friday Monkeys are spending time outside instead of being in their caves like usual. In the forest, Komatsu freaks out over a snake toad and a leech. Toriko squeezes some mangrove leaves that causes the leech to get off. After intimidating a Baron Tiger, Toriko comes to the conclusion that a strong predator is forcing the animals off their natural habitat. Once Toriko hears about the 300 year old Gararagator, he looks forward to adding it to his Full Course Menu.

Later that night, Toriko and Komatsu camp out. Despite Toriko eating without any concern, Komatsu is not at ease while the creatures stare at them, waiting for leftovers. Then, Toriko hears something approaching them from the lake nearby. A Swamp Snake emerges and collapse besides them. Toriko notices a gaping bite wound on the snake, and he spots leeches on a closer inspection. When the Gararagator arrives, Toriko unleashes his intimidation. The fight begins. Toriko already dealt the first blow, and he catches the gator's tail after the Gararagator tries to attack him. Toriko notices leeches on his arm and concludes that Gararagator has a ton of leeches in his mouth. The leeches sap blood, giving the scent of blood. This allows the Gararagator to track its prey.

Exerting his bloodlust, Toriko's presence makes Komatsu see a demonic aura. He acknowledges the Gararagator's strength as the king of the archipelago. Komatsu wets himself upon hearing Toriko's speech. During the calm in the storm, Toriko prays and thanks the bounty in the world before finishing off the Gararagator. He dismembers the beast's tail, and he finishes off the beast with his 3-Hit Nail Punch. With the mission over, Toriko thanks for the bounty. Afterwards, Toriko and Komatsu cook the Gararagator to sample the meat. Toriko and Komatsu loses themselves in an eating frenzy until everything is gone. Komatsu is shocked at what they had done as he wonders what to do for the party next week.


  • Toriko - voiced by Takashi Kondo
  • Komatsu - voiced by Daisuke Kishio
  • Tom - voiced by Keiji Fujiwara

Points of Interest

  • Takeshi from "Leader Den Takeshi" makes a cameo as a bird near the ending (before the credits).

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Character Abilities, Moves, & Items
Toriko Abilities Used

Moves Used

  • Knife
  • Fork
  • 3-Hit Nail Punch

Gourmet Beasts

Beasts Capture Level
Giant Grasshopper ?
Pincer Fish 1
Five-Tailed Giant Eagle 2
Striped Salmon <1
Friday Monkey 2
Snake Toad 1
Baron Leech <1
Baron Tiger 3
Gararagator 8
Swamp Snake 5

Gourmet Ingredients

  • Cigar Tree
  • Almond Cabbage
  • Mangrove Leaves