Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu
Toriko the Movie Bishokushin's Special Menu
Directed By Akifumi Zako
Written By Isao Murayama

Toei Animation





Release Date

July 27, 2013


Gekijo-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special is the 2nd film in the Toriko franchise which takes place between Golden Wheat arc and Four Beasts arc. The film is directed by Akifumi Zako and written by Isao Murayama.

International Release

  • Cartoon Network Korea - No date or time given. It was broadcast in Korea.

Plot Summary

Tommyrod and Grinpatch asks Girim on why he is quitting the Gourmet Corps. With the candles in the hall lit, Starjun reminds Girim on why Girim joined the Gourmet Corps to obtain that thing. Starjun refuses to let Girim leave with the insect Infinibee. As Starjun and his group try to attack Girim, Girim blasts the entire castle in order to escape. Girim has Infinibee guide him to his next destination. Under the starry skies, Ayame seems to feel Girim's presence.

Toriko, Rin, and Komatsu visit Sweets Land, an amusement park. Smile is worried that Toriko might eat the whole park after seeing Toriko eating the entire Tea Cup attraction. Over at the go kart racing, Toriko and Komatsu spot Teppei racing. The gang enjoy themselves while Smile suffers. Teppei requests Toriko if he wants to go after one of Acacia's ingredient located in the former 1st Biotope, Acacia's Kitchen. Tom welcomes Toriko's group as they take off towards the 1st Biotope. On Gourmet TV, Tina gets a request from the department chief. After toppling bookshelves, Tina finds an old photo of Setsuno and Ayame. Out in sea, the airplane approaches the Hungry Triangle, one of the 7 Gourmet Wonders in the world. Acacia's Kitchen is located in the center of Hungry Triangle. Tom dodges the Cloudshot and Yamata no Cloud creatures. A lightning hits one of the turbines of the airplane. Heading out of the storm, Tom pulls the plane to scale a high wall and lands in the open sea in front of Acacia's Kitchen. While Tom repairs the Mach Helicopter, Toriko and his group venture towards the island.

When the Infinibee flies into the Acacia's Kitchen walls, Komatsu spots it and leads his group and accidentally finds the hidden tunnel. Teppei mentions the place is made of Orichalcum shell. Toriko's group gaze upon the wonders of Acacia's Kitchen. Meanwhile at Setsuno's shop, Tina asks Setsuno about this old photo. Zonge and his group strolls in Setsuno's shop because most of the shops were expensive. While Toriko's group munch on cabbage, they witness an Electromagnetic Eel attacking a Savannah Dragon. The group stumbles upon on ruins whose writings are similar to the Nitro and the writings at Gourmet Pyramid. On top of the ruins, the group finds a field of Corona Sunflowers. Teppei thinks the Nitro left these Gourmet World ingredients here since none of these ingredients were in the human world.

Suddenly, Ayame on Potchy arrive to warn Komatsu's group not to touch the Corona Sunflowers. When the Infinibee arrives to touch the Corona Sunflower, Girim crashes through the Orichalcum shell and lands near Ayame. Toriko attempts to hit Girim who was about to blast Ayame. When Toriko gets kicked, Rin fires her Fragrance Bazooka only to have it reflected at her. Much to the horror of Ayame, Girim burns the entire field of sunflowers with his Burner Flame. Komatsu manages to save one flower before the blast. Terry and Potchy save their group from being incinerated.

Over at Gourmet Corps' headquarters, Joejoe informs Alfaro their GT Robos are tracking Girim. Later, Komatsu and Ayame tend to Toriko and the rest who are recuperating from the battle with Girim. Ayame hands out servings of her porridge to Komatsu and Toriko. Komatsu tastes the porridge and detects the snow sugar ingredient. He compliments Ayame on her chef skills which Ayame mentions it's first time someone had called her a chef. When Gourmet Beasts are in a panic, Ayame explains that the electricity from the Corona Sunflowers help maintain the ruins' cooling effect. Without them, the temperature will rise. A group of GT Robos attack Toriko's group. Near the ruins, Girim waits patiently for the ruins to assemble and reveal his main goal. During the battle, Komatsu finds himself targeted by GT Robo. In the nick of time, Coco destroys the robot.

In the dunes, Terry, Rin, and Teppei battle against the enemy. When Rin is caught in the fire, Sunny protects his sister. In the forest, Ayame and Komatsu regroup on Potchy. Komatsu finds Ayame reverted to her old self. Coco and Toriko finish off their enemies. Back at Setsuno's shop, Ichiryu, Yosaku, and Jiro visit Setsuno to inform her about Girim.

Ayame explains that Girim was obsessed over making a better Full Course Menu than anyone else which led him to join the Gourmet Corps. After Ayame's group reunites with Rin's group, they spot Girim walking towards the black ooze. Sunny attempts to stop Girim with his hair but fails. Toriko, Sunny, and Coco resort to an all out battle against Girim. Girim easily defeats them and attempts to blast Teppei's group who tried to prevent the thawing of the refrigerator. Then, Grinpatch arrives and attacks Girim much to Toriko's group's confusion. Girim knocks Grinpatch easily, crushing his straw. The ingredients are about to be thawed as it condense and break. The Wolf Fire Dragon wakes up. Teppei mentions the Wolf Fire Dragon was a ravenous beast that wipes out the Death Gores. Before the Wolf Fire Dragon attack Komatsu's group, Zebra arrives to protect them. With all Four Heavenly Kings united, they prepare to take on the beast.

In the skies, Setsuno's group arrive on the Limousine Jellyfish and confronts Grinpatch. Minutes later, Starjun's group arrive on the Braga Dragon. Alfaro has his Nitro army attack Setsuno's group. Meanwhile, Toriko's group attack the Wolf Fire Dragon with all their might. None of their attacks are making dents in the beast. Ayame, Terry, and Potchy attempt their attacks only to be blown away. Using their time to regroup, Coco mentions the shadow of death hasn't left while Zebra states the dragon has an inconsistency in its bodily fluids' flow. The Four Heavenly Kings use their Intimidation to restraint the Wolf Fire Dragon. Zebra fires his Meteor Noise and directs his group's attacks on the weak point which is located on the dragon's forehead.

With the Wolf Fire Dragon weakened, Girim swallows and devours the Wolf Fire Dragon. Joejoe alerts Grinpatch's group about Girim eating Endros. Starjun's group retreats. Girim's Gourmet Cells have evolve to an extent where his body takes on the appearance of a dragon. Girim takes down everyone. The autophagy in Toriko activates as Toriko pushes himself to beat Girim. Ayame tries to talk some sense out of Girim. Assisting her, Komatsu reminds Girim about the sunflower. Girim blasts Komatsu and Ayame. Toriko manages to protect Komatsu with his body. Ayame tells Komatsu that the sunflower will rejuvenate Toriko's Gourmet Cells. Using the power of the sunflower, Toriko defeats Girim.

After the battle is over, Ayame rushes to Girim's side with tears. Miraculously, Girim shows signs of life. Ayame squeezes the sunflower and wring out the last juice. Girim and Ayame's flashback reveals the happy life until Girim leaves Ayame to capture the best ingredient. Girim wakes up and apologizes to Ayame for what he had done. Suddenly, the flower's seeds disperses in the wind. Coco realizes the shadow of death was actually the sunflower's. Zonge and Tina fall out of the Limousine Jellyfish. Reminded by Acacia's menu, Toriko asks Ayame if she knew about it. Komatsu spots the writings on the ruins as the recipe for Acacia's menu and finds out it's the same thing Toriko had said earlier. The wires from the towers converge to make a giant frying barbecue set. Everyone gathers to gather ingredients to make giant shish kabobs.


  • Toriko
  • Komatsu
  • Coco
  • Sunny
  • Zebra
  • Ayame
  • Potchy
  • Girim
  • Tommyrod
  • Grinpatch
  • Starjun
  • Rin
  • Smile
  • Teppei
  • Tom
  • Terry Cloth
  • Setsuno
  • Zonge
  • Tina
  • Kruppoh
  • Joejoe
  • Alfaro
  • Ichiryuu
  • Yosaku
  • Kiss

Points of Interest

  • OP Theme Song: Go Shock My Way!!
  • Moxibustion Knocking is a technique used by Ayame to restore her youth.


[1]Yorozuya*At 00:04:53, the singer, Akira Kushida, and band, FTISLAND, makes a cameo.

  • Around 00:05:05, Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura (Gintama) make a cameo.

Gourmet Beasts

  • Cloudshot
  • Yamata no Cloud
  • Orichalcum Clam (only mentioned by Teppei)
  • Whale Shark Turtle
  • Puffer Whale
  • Barbecue Crab
  • Montyranno
  • Regal Mammoth
  • Savannah Dragon
  • Electromagnetic Eel
  • Beefish
  • Teba Bird
  • Karinhog
  • Wolf Fire Dragon
  • Death Gores (mentioned)
  • Braga Dragon
  • Limousine Jellyfish
  • Salamander Sphinx

Gourmet Plants

  • BB Corn
  • Ozone Cabbage
  • Corona Sunflowers
  • Rainbow Carrot
  • Scarlet Pepper
  • Minced Meat Rock
  • Jewel Meat
  • Big Sweets Acorn


  • Snow Sugar - According to Komatsu, it can cure fatigue.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Character Abilities, Moves, & Items
Toriko Abilities
  • Autophagy


  • Flying Fork
  • 18-Hit Nail Punch
  • Cross Fork Knife
  • Knife
  • Fork
  • Nail Punch
  • Leg Knife
  • 100-Hit Nail Punch
Rin Moves
  • Fragrance Bazookas
  • Blind Smoke
  • Cold Smoke
  • Endorphin Smoke

Items Used

  • Fragrance Gauntlets
Teppei Moves
  • Impact Knocking (Medium, Well Done)

Items Used

  • Iron Lock Seed
Girim Abilities
  • Autophagy


  • Burner Flame
  • Flame Fist
  • Burner Spear
  • Burner Flame Fist
Komatsu Items Used
  • Gourmet Case
Coco Moves
  • Poison Rifle
  • Poison Machine Gun
  • Poison Sword
  • Doku Hou
  • Poison Armor
  • Poison Missile
Sunny Moves
  • Spatula
  • Hair Punch
  • Hair Lock
  • 30-Fold Super Spatula
Ayame Moves
  • Moxibustion Knocking
  • Tefuuen Knocking (Hand Wind Flame Knocking)
Grinpatch Moves
  • Breath Bazooka
Zebra Moves
  • Roar Bullet
  • Thunder Voice
  • Meteor Noise