Welcome to Fairy Hills
Fairy Tail OVA 1 Fairy Tail Hills

A-1 Pictures

Release Date

April 15, 2011

Welcome to Fairy Hills (フェアリーテイル Yōkoso Fairy Hills!) is the first Fairy Tail OVA (OAD) in the franchise.


This is the anime adaptation of one of the Omakes (side stories) created by Hiro Mashima, Welcome to Fairy Hills.

Lucy notices a mysterious hand-written request in which the client is looking for an object located in Fairy Tail's female dormitory, Fairy Hills. To ensure that the job is not a prank, she goes to verify it. Once she reaches the dormitory, she learns that the client is Hilda, the dorm's head, who asks her to find a "shining treasure" while wearing an embarrassing cat outfit.

Plot Summary

Lucy sees an odd request, and the request's conditions are for female applicants only and there is no reward. The request's goal is to help find an object. Mirajane tells Lucy to check the request if it is a prank. The place of the request is at Fairy Hills, a dormitory. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail guys are cleaning the pool while Macao checks out the latest merchandise. He finds out there is no action figure of him. Back at the dormitory, Erza gives the tour of Fairy Hill to Lucy and they visit the following rooms: Levy first, Bisca second, Juvia third Lucky fourth, Evergreen fifth, and Erza last. Meanwhile, Happy also gives the tour of Fairy Hill to Charle and Wendy.

Back at Fairy Tail guild, the guys find a periscope in the pool and investigates it. At the beach, the Fairy Tail girls have a great time and Happy is Charle's waiter. For some reason, Happy starts a class, Baka show?, and this show picks a lady and asks the audience what guy does she lllllikes. Over at the dorms, Lucy has Virgo dig around for the treasure. When Lucy gives up, Hilda gives her a clue and Lucy heads up to the attic. Lucy finds a hole that when she peers, she sees the women bathing. At the same time back at Fairy Tail guild, Natsu, Gray second, and Gajeel last peers into the periscope and sees Makarov who loses his speedo. The three guys are blind and accidentally attacks their friends. In the attic, Lucy sees where the light hits and it hits a map of the dorms which on the ceiling.

Ending and the Secret Truth

With Hilda's clues and the map of the dormitory, Lucy finds the treasure chest in the hole of a tree. Erza finds Lucy with the treasure chest and Lucy asks her if she sees Hilda. Erza who looks sad tells Lucy that Hilda died 6 years ago. Erza and Lucy opens up the treasure chest to find jewels.

Erza's flashback

Erza explains that Hilda did not want her young girls become mages because it is a dangerous jobs. One day, Hilda brought everyone toy jewels, but she did not have enough. Erza decides to let everyone have it instead of her. However, Erza truly wants her first present from Hilda. Hilda approaches Erza and tells that she will give her real jewels when she is older and beautiful. Hilda also mentions a cat princess will give her the jewels. Coincidentally, Lucy is the cat princess.

After Erza's flashback: Lucy finds another request that looks for a bunny princess.

Points of Interest


The DVD is bundled with a limited edition volume 26, the omake bonus manga story, and a Happy collectible strap. It is released on April 15, 2011.

There are three points of interests listed below: Fairy Tail Women Dorms, Fairy Stamp Locations, and Anime and Manga Differences.

Fairy Tail Women Dorms


(In order of appearance)

Themes and Points of Interest
Levy Mcgarden Library and many books

Interests: Levy has Erza's dirty novels

Bisca Mulan Zoo and many animals

Interests: Dormitory does not allow pets.

Juvia Regular room with a doll that resembles Gray Fullbuster

Interests: Juvia still thinks Lucy is her rival for Gray's love, so she put chili in her tea.

Lucky Torture chamber and many instruments of torture such as iron maiden.

Interests: Lucy scratches her knee and in the credits, Lucy is seen with a band aid on that same knee. Erza who is blushing holds something that looks like a chastity belt.

Evergreen Museum and many nude statues of men and flowers.

Interests: The statues may be real men that Evergreen petrifies herself.

Erza Armor gallery and many armors.

Interests: She has five rooms that connects and that makes her rent fives times expensive. (50, 000 jewel) Also, Natsu has given Erza a gift which looks like a dress that has a swan's head coming out of the skirt. Erza does not want it.

Fairy Tail Stamp Location

Throughout the series, the Fairy Tail characters reveal their stamps, but some have them hidden. Since this episode shows a lot of skin for both men and women, many locations are reveal.

Characters Color and Location
Wakaba Yellow and it is on the left side of his chest.
Macao Purple and it is on his right shoulder.
Juvia Light Blue and it is on the front side of her left thigh.
Evergreen Green and it is on her right breast.
Mirajane White and it is on the side of her left thigh.
Makarov Black? and it is on his chest. (Covers the whole chest)

Fairy Tail characters who do not show their stamp: Lucky Ollieta, Bisca Mulan, Levy Mcgarden, Jet, Alzack, Max Alors, Warren Rocko, Charle

Fairy Tail characters who already reveal stamp: Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy, Erza, Wendy, Gajeel, Elfman, Bixlow (on his tongue), Laxus

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Wendy is not in the story.
  • The manga does not include the Fairy Tail guild chores and Happy's tour and his class.
  • The manga does not have the following scenes:
  1. Fairy Tail boys cleaning the pool,
  2. Happy giving Wendy and Carla tour of Fairy Hill,
  3. Evergreen's room,
  4. Lucky Ollieta's room,
  5. Happy's class at the beach,
  6. Virgo helping Lucy,
  7. Fairy Tail boys peeking at Makarov,
  8. Bunny request ending.


  • Manga Chapter: Omake
  • Opening Theme: "Eternal Fellows" by Tetsuya Kakihara
  • Ending Theme: "Daily Hymn ~This Place~" by Aya Hirano