Kanji ウイス
Rōmaji Uisu
Aliases Wiss
Gender Male
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color White
Occupations Attendant
Martial arts teacher
Film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

A major character in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Whis is the most powerful being in the entire Dragon Ball Z Series, even though his occupation is a God of Destruction's attendant.


Whis is a supporting major character in the film of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. He is made by the original creator and author of the Dragon Ball continuity, Akira Toriyama.

Whis is named by the Dragon Ball Z original creator Akira Toriyama from the word "whiskey" because he thought that Beerus - who is named by Yusuke Watanabe - is named after "beer".



Whis is a peaceful person and always keeps his composure. He likes different types of foods such as sushi, and really loves desserts (he is seen eating a fruit dessert during Goku and Beerus's fight). He is very polite and has manners. He is also a patient kind knowing how hard it is to take care of Bills. He is also pretty fun and easily gets along with other people.

Although Whis is peaceful, some might say he is too peaceful. When Beerus went on a rampage on earth, Whis did nothing to calm him down. Whis did not show any concern when Beerus was about to destroy earth.


Whis has an effeminate looks, pale teal skin and white upright hair. His attire looks similar as Lord Bills', a blue sash, a maroon robe and a black cuirass decorated with diamond-shaped designs.

Story Arcs

In his first appearance he was shown to be a mere overseer of the God of Destruction, but later on near the ending of the movie, Bills stated that Whis is also his teacher and is far more stronger than him.

In the movie, Whis is shown visiting Bills in his temple to wake him up. As bombs explodes and Bills still not waking up, Whis holds a microphone and says that he will sing for Bills to wake up. Bills finally obeyed knowing that Whis is a terrible singer. Later on while in a place that appears to be the dining room, Whis shows Bills Frieza's defeat at the hands of a Super Saiyan known as Kakkarot or Goku. Whis also explained about the genocied of the Saiyans and how the remaining survivors are living now on Earth. They later went to King Kai's planet to find Goku and ask about the Super Saiyan God. After Goku was defeated by Bills, they went to Earth to see Prince Vegeta.

They arrived at the Capsule Corporation where Bulma was having her Birthday party. While Bills is fighting the Z Fighters, Whis is seen eating sushi at a restaurant. Whis also observed the fight between Super Saiyan God Goku and Bills, and asks Goku if he would like to be the next God of Destruction if Bills dies, but was turned down. As Bills was out of stamina, they finally left and the Earth was not destroyed. While eating at their home planet, Whis shares some of his sushi to Bills. Bills after eating some wasabi goes on a rampage, but was then knocked out by Whis with one karate shop. The chop was enough to put Bills to sleep for three years.

Powers and Abilities

Whis is the strongest entity in the Dragon Ball Series. Even though he was not shown any actual battle rather than in the video games, he showed some impressive feats such as traveling in an MFTL speed with his staff, and knocking Bills out. His power exceeds even Lord Bills', who overpowered most of the Z Fighters at their best. Akira Toriyama, the author, also stated in an interview that if Bills is a 10 in terms of power, Super Saiyan God Goku would be a six, and Whis is a 15.

Some of his powers includes:

Superhuman Strength

Whis is considered as the strongest and most powerful character in the Dragon Ball series, although he is only shown fighting in the video games. Whis is known to be Bill's teacher of martial arts and was able to easily knock him out. That's an enough proof of his power in strength.

Superhuman Speed

Being Bill's teacher, it is considered that Whis has superior speed. He was also able to stop a raging Bills when the God of Destruction ate wasabi and traveled hundreds of light years with his staff in minutes.

Energy Manipulation

This is the most basic power in DBZ. This is the ability to weild, harness, sense, control, and project energy/ki either offensively or defensively. Even though Whis is never shown to use any Ki attacks, he was given this ability in the games.

Master Combatant

Whis is Bills' teacher in martial arts and combat and is the strongest character in the Dragon Ball Multiverse yet. Given that, he is implied to have vast amount of knowledge in fighting and has great experience in battles. His extremely long life also adds to his prowess.


  • Flight - Whis can fly using his Ki. He can also use his staff in traveling across space.
  • Ki Blast - one of the basic attacks in the Dragon Ball series. However, it is known that Whis can do this in a greater level than most of the casts, even though he only showed using this in the video games
  • Pressure Point Attacks - he uses this to render his opponents unconscious.
  • Divination - Whis can track anything with his staff. He used it to find Goku and his friends.
  • Image Projection - he is able to project images/past scenes with the use of his staff.
  • Matter Manipulation - he is shown entering a spaceship by creating a gap in the window, and then closing the gap using some sort of matter manipulation.