Welcome everyone, this is the Anime Vice's wiki style guide with changes made to accomodate the Wikia. Since not every page has information on every section, wiki editors can omit a section if needed.

One Important Tip: always back up your data.

Franchise Article

Franchise pages are hub pages to which you can attach movies, anime series and manga series. For example, franchise pages make it easy to find everything about Pokémon in one place.


What kind of franchise is this? Explain how it relates to it's genre, it's time period, the differences between versions of the anime and manga.


Give a plot summary of what the series is generally about.


Write brief descriptions of the characters within the series. Begin with protagonists then work down to the antagonists.


Depending on whether a series had it's beginnings as a manga or anime. You should start with whatever came first. Some series may begin as light-novels, be created into a manga, then into an anime. These should be listed in order of creation.
*In chronological order


Depending on whether a series had it's beginnings as a manga or anime. You should start with whatever came first. Some series may begin as light-novels, be created into a manga, then into an anime. These should be listed in order of creation.
*In chronological order


Include official sound track, toys, figures, video games. This is an optional section.

Other Media

Any video game, comic, or any other adaptations beyond anime, manga and light novel series. This section can report on significant news articles that involves the franchise.

External Links


  • To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia
  • Anime News Network
  • Fandompost



You may add List of OVAs, List of Games (if you want to separate from Merchandise). You may omit tabs if the franchise doesn't currently have anything.

For Manga, Light Novel, and Anime Section, start with the section that began the franchise.

{{Tab Template
|tab2=List of Volumes
|tab3=List of Episodes
|tab4=List of Films
|tab5=List of Merchandise




==Light Novel==



==Other Media==

==External Links==


Character Article

Section titles can be omitted if the character does not have any information to fit under it. But try to add these.


In narrative form please explain the most popular origin story of the character. Do not write a scene-by-scene retelling. This should be a paragraph. BTW, this and the other section titles can be omitted if the character does not have any information to fit under it.


Write about the artists/writers who created this character, or who had a significant impact on the character.

Character Evolution

How has this character changed over the years? Do NOT write plot summaries depicting the story lines of the characters here. This is a section to talk about the character as it applies to our real world.

Major Story Arcs

This is a place to talk about the important story arcs (or over all story lines) that impact this character. You can write a plot summary of the story here, though we would prefer you to write plot summaries on the Story Arc page. This section should really talk about how all the major story arcs relate to each other, and should not be a retelling of the story arcs. See What is a Plot Summary?

Powers & Abilities

This section is optional and mainly used in shōnen series. Please talk about the character's abilities and array of techniques. Do not include feats, fan calculations, or any details that are not officially stated in the author's notes, manga, or anime mediums.

For anime/manga characters from video games as their source material, you could go over their video game powers and abilities on the wiki page without getting too specific.

Other Media

This section is for talking about a character's appearance in other medias, such as anime movies, if not a part of the main story (i.e. all the non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies). Do list every movie the character has been in, but talk about the characters role throughout the series of movies. Talk about a characters appearance in video games.


This section is to document and credit sources in the wiki article. This section is optional but recommended because it makes the wiki pages more credible and easy to track down information when facts needed to be double check.

Note: References were a new element. It was not an element in the old Whiskey Media site, so most of the work from the old site that was transferred over wouldn't have references. Just like for new wiki pages and work, it's not required to add references to our old work compared to the new work as there are too much work involved and most of our editors are gone. Most of the new editors would be unfamliar with the transferred content.

Naming Policy

  • For internal citation notes: Franchise Name (Media) - Episode Y | Volume X or Chapter Z | Story Arc
  • For external citation notes: Name of Site (linked to the URL) - Subsection (if included)


  1. Bleach Episode 226.
  2. One Piece Volume 77.
  3. Hiro Mashima's Twitter.
  4. Akame ga Kill Guidebook - Page 46.

If you can, please fill out the ref as much as you can. It doesn't have to be word for word. As long as it's clear for our readers and wiki editors, it's okay.


<ref name""> 
  • This will not work with apostrophes, other quotation marks, and colons.


{{Tab Template
|tab2= Image Gallery
|tab3= Story Arcs
|tab4= Quotes



==Story Arcs==

==Power & Abilities==

==Other Media==


List of Volumes


Explain the entire manga series as a whole. Do not write a plot summary. Talk about the author and original publication date if available


Create a list of the known international publishers and the region they publish the series in.

Publication History

Talk about the companies that publishes the series, and any notable points in the publications history in Japan and elsewhere.

  • Alterations

- Explain any alterations or localization that was conducted to the original Japanese series for the translations, edits, or censorship.

List of Volumes

Please use the Volume Templates.

List of Anime Series


Please add the producer, director, and licensing/simulcast/localization. Only list plot if there are multiple series within a franchise. It's optional for seasons if needed.

List of Episodes

If you have multiple series within a franchise, please arrange list of episodes by series and then list of seasons if present.


Overview (H2)

Series X (H3)

List of Episodes (H3)

  • Season 1 (H4)
  • Season 2 (H4)

Series Y

Please use the Episode Templates.


This section contains the following things. It's an optional page.

  • DVDs & Blu-Rays
  • Guidebooks & Art books
  • Figures


For the image gallery, please only upload scans that you would use as reference such as character concept art. You don't need to upload every scan. The type of preferred scans are either RAW or official dub scans.

On the list of books, always add a ref to Amazon or other retail sites to ensure the guidebook/art book/data book etc is official.

Art Books

While some art books vary in length, it's up to the editor how much illlustration works he or she wants to showcase. 

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